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Rare first editions, signed and inscribed copies, deluxe and collectible editions of books, pamphlets, and ephemera relating to books written for children or juveniles.

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  1. 117007

    Five Fall into Adventure.

    First edition, first impression. This is the ninth adventure of the Famous Five. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1950

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 117007


  2. 116997comp

    The Twits.

    First edition, first impression, inscribed by the author in blue Sharpie to front free endpaper, "Magnus, Love Roald Dahl". Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1980

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116997

    Signed: Yes


  3. 116975

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The Magical Car.

    Adventures Number One, Two, and Three.
    First editions, first impressions of the complete set of Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stories. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1964

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116975


  4. 116947

    The Water Babies.

    A later reprint, in the scarce jacket. The book was first published with these illustrations in the US by Dodd, Mead & Co. in 1916. "The large, lavish drawings Jessie Willcox Smith produced as colour plates for The Water-Babies in 1916 are among her most loved and admired works. She apparently thought highly of them as well because upon her death in 1935 she bequeathed all twelve to the Cabinet of American Illustration, a special collection of almost four thousand original drawings by the nation's most influential illustrators, preserved within the Prints and Photographs Division" (Library of Congress online, The Water-Babies: Illustrations by Jessie Willcox Smith exhibition June-September 1999). Learn More

    Date of Publication: [c.1929]

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116947


  5. 116927

    Crocodile Tears.

    Illustrated by Andr Franois.
    First edition in English, first impression of this amusing crocodile tale. It was first published in French in 1953, and followed by a bilingual French and English version in 1955. Crocodile Tears won the US Best Childrens' Book Award in 1956 and has now been published in 14 different languages. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1956

    Published: Paris

    Stock Code: 116927


  6. 116870

    An Almanac of twelve Sports.

    Words by Rudyard Kipling.
    First edition, the Library Edition issue, postdated 1898. There was also a smaller edition of handcoloured prints signed by the artist, and a popular edition bound in cloth. In this edition, which was published before Christmas 1897, the 12 lithographs in colour are printed from the original woodcut blocks by Nicholson on Japanese vellum. The twelve sports represented are: Hunting (January), Coursing (February), Racing (March), Boating (April), Fishing (May), Cricket (June), Archery (July), Coaching (August), Shooting (September), Golf (October), Boxing (November) and Skating (December). Learn More

    Date of Publication: [1897]

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116870


  7. 116771


    First edition, in the very scarce dust jacket. This gorgeously illustrated Rubaiyat, decadent, faintly erotic, and distinctly Beardsley-esque, is the only major publication of artist Ronald S. Balfour (18961941). Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1920

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116771

    Signed: Yes


  8. 116763

    The Perhappsy Chaps.

    First edition, first printing. This is Thompson's first children's book; three years later she would publish the first of her novels placed in L. Frank Baum's Oz for which she became famous. Volland were distinguished for their children's literature, and this edition is part of their "Happy Children Books" series. It is likely that card boxes were discarded by young readers, which makes a complete set such as this more desirable. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1918

    Published: Chicago

    Stock Code: 116763


  9. 116762

    When We Were Very Young Note Paper.

    Writing set with excerpts from When We Were Very Young and illustrations by E. H. Shepard on each sheet. The design to the front of the printed box matches the dust jacket for the first US trade edition published in 1924. Learn More

    Date of Publication: [c.1924]

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116762


  10. 116719comp

    From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

    [Two first editions, including a presentation copy.]
    First editions, first printings. The presentation copy is inscribed by the author to title page, "For the readers of Suttons Bay Library, E. L. Konigsburg". This young adult novel won the Newbery Award in 1968, making Konigsburg is one of only six authors to have won two separate Newbery Awards. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1967

    Published: New York

    Stock Code: 116719

    Signed: Yes


  11. 116713

    The Fables.

    Translated into English Verse by Walter Thornbury. With Illustrations by Gustave Doré.
    An early edition of Thornbury's first English translation of La Fontaine's fables, with illustrations from "one of the most popular" and "greatest of all illustrators" (Ray, 327-28). During the period of this book's publication, Doré went from being "virtually unknown in England to being the most famous illustrator in the world" (Malan, 67), with books such as this bringing Doré to an international audience. Learn More

    Date of Publication: [c.1870]

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116713


  12. 116705

    Forty Drawings.

    First edition, first impression of Searle's first published work, a collection of drawings from his time as a Japanese prisoner of war between 1942 and 1945. Searle was captured in February 1942 whilst stationed in Singapore and set to work on the Siam-Burma Death Railway. He returned to England in October 1945 with the final defeat of the Japanese and an exhibition was held that December at the Cambridge School of Art, displaying more than 300 of Searle's drawings from the camp; 40 of these were selected from the exhibition and published here. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1946

    Published: Cambridge

    Stock Code: 116705


  13. 116702

    Just So Stories For Little Children.

    With illustrations by the author.
    First edition, first impression, in the second issue binding, of Kipling's famous collection of 12 stories and 12 poems including "How the Camel Got His Hump" and "How the Leopard Got His Spots." The white blocking to the spine and boards famously failed to adhere on the first issue binding, with the result that most copies now lack significant portions of it; the paint formula was changed for the second issue. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1902

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116702


  14. 116697

    The Witches.

    First edition, first impression. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1983

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116697


  15. 116680

    The Complete Angler.

    Edited by "Ephemera["], of "Bell's Life in London."
    Second National Illustrated Library edition (first 1853). First published in 1653, The Complete Angler is presented here edited by Edward Fitzgibbon, who used the pseudonym "Ephemera" and regularly contributed to sporting paper Bell's Life in London on the subject of angling. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1859

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116680


  16. 116642comp

    The Starlit Mire.

    With ten drawings by Austin Osman Spare.
    First edition, first impression, presentation copy inscribed, To A. Mavrocordato, with best wishes from one of the authors, Russell F. Wilkinson, March 1911. This collection of blasphemous aphorisms, authored by two doctors and printed in a small edition of 350 copies, is superbly illustrated by occult artist Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956). Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1911

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116642

    Signed: Yes


  17. 116641

    A Documentary Life.

    First edition, first impression. The known information about Shakespeare's life and the documents associated with it are the focus of this profusely illustrated book. Where possible, the facsimiles included are reproduced full size. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1975

    Published: New York

    Stock Code: 116641


  18. 116638

    An Alphabet.

    First edition, the Library Edition issue, postdated 1898. There was also a deluxe edition of approximately 50 copies with illustrations coloured by hand, and a popular edition bound in cloth. Two of the plates differ from those in the deluxe edition: ''E is for Executioner'' and ''T is for Toper'' have changed to ''E is for Earl'' and ''T for Trumpeter'', thus becoming more appropriate for a younger readership. Learn More

    Date of Publication: [1897]

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116638


  19. 116623