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    Typed letter signed concerning the Hollywood film The Beginning or the End (1947), a docudrama about the development of the atomic bomb.

    Addressed to Loew’s Incorporated (the distribution arm of MGM), based in Culver City, CA.
    The great Italian-American physicist gives permission for his depiction in the 1947 MGM docudrama The Beginning or the End: "Gentlemen: In connection with the motion picture you are about to produce concerning the atomic bomb project and its ramifications, tentatively called The Beginning or the End, I now authorise you to depict me by name as a character in this motion picture and to use my name in connection therewith, my impersonation to be by an actor selected by you. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 10-Apr-46

    Published: Chigago?

    Stock Code: 114629

    Signed: Yes


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