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  1. Three-volume Manuscript Course Book.

    Three-volume Manuscript Course Book.

    I. Navigation & Algebra; II. Arithmetic; III. Gauging and Land Surveying.
    Highly attractive, and well-executed examples of these manuscript course/exercise books, covering a technical syllabus typical of those designed for boys destined for nautical or clerical careers. They were produced by a pupil at Joseph Saul's exceptional Green Row Academy, near Silloth in Cumbria. Saul was the son of a Quaker minister from Beckfoot a few miles down the coast from Silloth, who began his career as a tutor in 1783, with two just pupils, a number which by 1811 had grown to 135. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1816

    Published: Silloth, Cumbria

    Stock Code: 96097

    Signed: Yes


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