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  1. Nicoll's Birds of Egypt.

    Nicoll's Birds of Egypt.

    First edition, first impression. Michael Nicoll was assistant director of the Zoological Gardens at Giza from 1906 until his retirement in 1924. When posted to Cairo as chief intelligence officer to the Egyptian expeditionary force, Meinertzhagen sought Nicoll out and the pair became friends. Nicoll died in 1925 and Meinertzhagen, who had resigned from the army the same year, was approached by his widow to turn his copious notes into a book. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1930

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 112553


  2. The first six books of The Elements of Euclid

    The first six books of The Elements of Euclid

    in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners.
    First edition of this celebrated book, the most interesting and inventive attempt to revisualise the classic ur-text of geometry by printing the diagrams in various colours, a method which stretched the printers' skills to their utmost. Oliver Byrne (c.1810-c.1890) is described on the title page as "Surveyor of Her Majesty's Settlements in the Falkland Islands and Author of Numerous Mathematical Works". Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1847

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 112526


  3. A Mathematical Compendium;

    A Mathematical Compendium;

    or, Useful Practices in Arithmetick, Geometry, and Astronomy, Geography and Navigation, Embattelling, and Quartering of Armies, Fortification and Gunnery, Gauging and Dyalling. Explaining the Logarithms, with new Indices; Nepair's [sic] Rods or Bones; making of Movements, and the Application of Pendulums; with the Projection of the Sphere for an Universal Dyal, &c. The Second Edition, with many large Additions.
    Second edition. Moore had been involved with the management of the Royal Mathematical School at Christ's Hospital; his notes were edited by his Ordnance second clerk, Nicholas Stephenson, to form this popular pocket-book, first published 1674. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1705

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 112517


  4. Select Orchidaceous Plants.

    Select Orchidaceous Plants.

    With Notes on Culture By Benjamin S. Williams
    First edition of the first series of Warner and Williams's richly illustrated large-format work on orchid species, one of "the most glorious iconographic orchid books produced during the height of orchid collecting in the nineteenth century" (Long, Flora Illustrata, p.8). The Florist and Pomologist was particularly pleased with Warner's work, noting that it constituted "a very handsome volume…in every way suitable to be laid on any drawing-room table" of any lover of flowers (Hogg, 1867) and the success of the first series led to the publication of a second (1865-75) as well as a third series (1877-91). Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1862

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 112387


  5. Modern Power Generators, Steam, Electric, and Internal Combustion,

    Modern Power Generators, Steam, Electric, and Internal Combustion,

    and their Application to Present-day Requirements. With many Diagrams and Pictorial Illustrations and a Series of Composite Sectional Models.
    First edition of this spectacularly illustrated set relating to the industrial developments of the late 19th to early 20th centuries, focusing on the production of steam, electric, and gas power. Includes sections on steam generators, steam engines, steam locomotives, which include overlay "models" of a Babcock & Wilcox Water-tube boiler, Steam Engine, Steam Turbine, Locomotive, and Westinghouse Quick-Acting Compressed-Air Brake; as well as covering electrical motors, and gas engines, accompanied by plates of a Continuous Current motor, Squirrel Cage Three-phase Induction motor, Otto gas engine, Priestman Oil Engine, Diesel engine, and an Automobile, the final section being concerned with steam and electric cars. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1908

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 112338


  6. 112168

    Essais sur Les Isles Fortunes et L Antique Atlantide,

    ou Précis de l’Histoire générale de l’Archipel des Canaries.
    First edition, an unusually fresh complete copy in handsome contemporary tree calf, of this survey of the Atlantic Islands by French naturalist Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent (1778-1846). The Isles Fortunees, the Blessed Isles, of the Atlantic, now understood to be the Canary Islands, were thought in classical antiquity to have been the abode of mythological heroes and beasts, the site of some of Herculess adventures, as well as the possible location of Atlantis. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1803

    Published: Paris:

    Stock Code: 112168


  7. An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry.

    An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry.

    First edition, first impression, an excellent association copy of Russell's first published book of philosophy, with the pencilled ownership inscription of noted Cambridge philosopher R. B. Braithwaite, dated 1923, to the front free endpaper. Braithwaite (1900-1990), then a scholar at King's College, originally studied mathematics before switching to the moral sciences tripos for his final year, the year of the inscription. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1897

    Published: Cambridge

    Stock Code: 112003

    Signed: Yes


  8. A Practical Treatise on Rail-Roads,

    A Practical Treatise on Rail-Roads,

    and interior communications in general; with original experiments, and tables of the comparative value of canals and rail-roads.
    First edition of this foundation work on railways, scarce in the original boards and in such exemplary condition. Nicholas Wood (1795-1865) was a civil and mining engineer who was a colliery manager at Killingworth, Northumberland, when his book was published, which coincided with the opening of the Stockton and Darlington railway. "George Stephenson was also at Killingworth at that time. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1825

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 111980


  9. Principia Mathematica.

    Principia Mathematica.

    Volume I.
    First edition, first impression, one of 750 copies printed, of the first volume of Whitehead and Russell's hugely ambitious attempt to construct "the whole body of mathematical doctrine by logical deduction from the basis of a small number of primitive ideas and a small number of primitive principles of logical inference" (DSB, XII, p. 14). The belief that mathematics can be derived from logic is not only one of the principal philosophical theories of the foundation of mathematics, it has also provided some of the most important results in the formal analysis of mathematical concepts (cf. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1910

    Published: Cambridge

    Stock Code: 111914

    Signed: Yes


  10. The Blue and Brown Books.

    The Blue and Brown Books.

    Preliminary studies for the “Philosophical investigations”.
    First edition, first impression. Wittgenstein dictated the "Blue Book" (though he did not call it that) to his class in Cambridge during the session 1933-34, and had stencilled copies made - these came to be known as the "Blue Book", taken from the colour of the wrappers; the "Brown Book" was dictated to two pupils between 1934 and 1935, and three typed copies bound in brown wrappers were produced. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1958

    Published: Oxford

    Stock Code: 111911


  11. 111764

    Traité des exhumations juridiques,

    et considérations sur les changemens physiques que les cadavres éprouvent en se pourrissant dans la terre, dans l’eau, dans les fosses d’aisance et dans le fumier.
    First edition of "the first book to be devoted solely to the subject of exhumation and decomposition" (Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body at US National Library of Medicine online). "Orfila [1787-1853], pioneer toxicologist, was the leading medico-legal expert of his time. He was born in Minorca, studied at Valencia Barcelona, and Paris, and was one of the founders of the Académie de Médicine. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1831

    Published: Paris

    Stock Code: 111764


  12. Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.

    Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.

    Editio ultima cui accedit analysis per quantitatum series, fluxiones ac differentias cum enumeratione linearum tertii ordinis.
    First edition to combine the Principia with the Analysis per Quantitatum Series, Fluxiones ac Differentias (1711), Newton's first independent treatise on mathematics, containing his important developments of calculus - here with a separate title page, pagination, and index; second Amsterdam edition of the Principia, with the plates and diagrams re-engraved. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1723

    Published: Amsterdam

    Stock Code: 111756


  13. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,

    On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,

    or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. Fifth thousand.
    Second edition of "the most important biological book ever written" (Freeman), one of 3,000 copies printed, the issue most commonly met with, bearing 1860 on the title page (a very few copies bear 1859). The second edition "can be recognised immediately by the date, by the words ‘fifth thousand', and the correct spelling of ‘Linnean' on the title page … The misprint ‘speceies' is corrected and the whale-bear story diluted, an alteration which Darwin later regretted, although he never restored the full text. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1860

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 111613


  14. Matter and Motion.

    Matter and Motion.

    First edition of Maxwell's textbook on dynamics. In the modest guise of a brief introduction to Newtonian mechanics, Matter and Motion, one of the finest elementary scientific treatises ever written, anticipates problems with distant synchronization that led, via its influence on Henri Poincaré, to Einstein's special theory of relativity. "A masterpiece of natural philosophy, notable especially for introducing into physics the term relativity in a passage that combines strenuous scientific insight with a mystical awareness" (Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, p. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1876

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 111557


  15. My Life and Work.

    My Life and Work.

    First US edition, first printing, and a superb copy in the scarce jacket, of this autobiographical memoir of Henry Ford. An edition was published in London by Heinemann in the same year. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1922

    Published: New York

    Stock Code: 111425


  16. Nouvelles Illustrations de Zoologie  New Illustrations of Zoology,

    Nouvelles Illustrations de Zoologie New Illustrations of Zoology,

    Containing Fifty Coloured Plates Of New, Curious, And Non-Descript Birds, With A Few Quadrupeds, Reptiles And Insects. Together with a short and scientific description of the same.
    First edition. This is a very well coloured copy of a book which often suffers from indifferent colouring. Peter Brown (fl. 1758-1799), thought to be Danish, was court painter to the Prince of Wales. It is not certain if he studied as a pupil of Georg Ehret (1708-1770), the famous botanical artist from Germany, but he was most certainly influenced by his work. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1776

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 111330


  17. Our Wandering Continents.

    Our Wandering Continents.

    An Hypothesis of Continental Drifting.
    First edition, first impression of "one of the most important geological books of the twentieth century" (Nisbet, Living Earth, p. 147). Du Toit, a South African geologist, presented firm evidence from palaeontology, sedimentology, glaciation and rock types in order to develop Alfred Wegener's still-controversial theory of continental drift, originally proposed in 1912. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1937

    Published: Edinburgh

    Stock Code: 111284


  18. A Victorian novelty card with a lace paperwork border.

    A Victorian novelty card with a lace paperwork border.

    A charming piece of Victorian ephemera, a card with an illustration of a reader with his nose stuck in a work of natural history. When the book is folded back, he is revealed with a huge grin and luxuriant beard. Learn More

    Date of Publication: c.1880s]

    Published: [No place,

    Stock Code: 111247


  19. Darwin Memorial.

    Darwin Memorial.

    This printed letter, signed by T. G. Bonney and P. Edward Dove as Honorary Secretaries of the Royal Society, invites the recipient to the unveiling of the marble statue of Charles Darwin by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, in the Great Hall of the Natural History Museum, Brompton Road, London, the unveiling to take place on 9 June 1885. The recipient is requested to confirm his intention of attending, so that a ticket of admission may be sent. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1885

    Published: [London:]

    Stock Code: 111237


  20. Notes of a Naturalist in South America.

    Notes of a Naturalist in South America.

    First edition, presentation copy to the author's college, Christ's College, Cambridge, with the presentation bookplate to the front pastedown. The Dublin-born John Ball (1818-1889) was a politician, naturalist, and Alpine traveller. After leaving Cambridge he travelled in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, contributing papers on botany and the Swiss glaciers to scientific periodicals. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1887

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 111224


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