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  1. Journal kept during the Russian War:

    Journal kept during the Russian War:

    From the Departure of the Army from England in April, 1854, to the Fall of Sebastopol.
    First edition. Elusive and highly desirable narrative of the Crimean War by the wife of Paymaster Henry Duberly of the 8th Hussars, part of the legendary light brigade. "Although she missed the battle of the Alma and saw only the aftermath of the battle of Inkerman, she witnessed the cavalry charges at Balaklava and the assault on Malakhov, experienced the winter privations, and rode into Sevastopol soon after it fell. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1855

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 385635


  2. 116656

    The Heart of the Antarctic.

    Being the story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907–1909. With an Introduction by Hugh Robert Mill, D.Sc. An Account of the First Journey to the South Magnetic Pole by Professor T. W. Edgeworth David, F.R.S.
    First US edition, first printing; a superior copy: the attractive original cloth bindings very bright. Shackleton's account of the British Antarctic Expedition of 1907–9 (Nimrod) was reviewed on publication by the Manchester Guardian as "the best book of Polar travel which has ever been written". The sledge expedition "to the south magnetic pole was one of the three foremost achievements of this expedition. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1909

    Published: Philadelphia

    Stock Code: 116656


  3. 116593


    First published in the Cornhill Magazine 1862-3, Eliot's novel of Renaissance Florence became a popular souvenir for late "Grand Tourists" when presented thus. This copy has the ownership inscription of "Mary H. Chapman, London", dated Florence 1901 to the first blank. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1898

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116593


  4. 116592

    Saishin Manshu shaschincho. The latest Manchuria Photograph Album.

    Fourth annual printing of this extremely uncommon photographic propaganda piece extolling the attractions, and rapid development of Manchuria, issued in the year before the declaration of the Japanese puppet state of Manchuokou. No copies located in OCLC, a copy of the 1932 issue in BnF, a 1938 issue at Princeton, and a 1943 version at Harvard). The "narrative" of the album opens with views of the port at Dailian, the docking of Osaka Shosen Steamships, views around the city, the South Manchurian Railway Company headquarters, electric trolley-buses, bustling street scenes, the Manchurian Railway Company Hospital, and numerous Russo-Japanese memorials and battlefields. Learn More

    Date of Publication: [1931]

    Published: [Dailian, (Dairen, Port Arthur), China]

    Stock Code: 116592


  5. 116543comp

    Revolt in the Desert.

    Presentation copy of the third impression, inscribed "To Brendy, Feb. 22. 1927, from Eric H. Kennington" on the front free endpaper, with an original sketch by Kennington of a baby's face with a halo and angel wings. With a laid-in slip of Kennington's Holly Copse (Goring Heath, Oxon) notepaper inscribed by his wife Celandine "To dear Brendy with ever-growing love & gratitude from Eric & Celandine Ap[ril] 1927", and Celandine's transcription of Lawrence's dedicatory poem to the complete edition Seven Pillars of Wisdom, "To S. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1927

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116543

    Signed: Yes


  6. 116540

    Pictures from Italy.

    With Vignette Illustrations on Wood, by Samuel Palmer.
    First edition of Dickens's second travel book. Dickens toured Italy between 1844 and 1845. "Clarkson Stanfield had agreed to illustrate the text for Dickens but, when he read those passages of the narrative in which Dickens satirises the excesses of Catholic devotion, he resigned from the project. Stanfield was himself a prominent English Catholic, after all, as Dickens knew, and he could scarcely be connected with a publication which treats his Church's ritual as little more than a parade of mummers … As usual, [Dickens] went at once into action in order to find a substitute; fortunately and curiously, he chose a young artist who then had no real reputation, Samuel Palmer, whose wonderful illustrations are not the least of the merits of Pictures from Italy in its final state" (Peter Ackroyd, Dickens, 1990, pp. Learn More

    Date of Publication: 1846

    Published: London

    Stock Code: 116540