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CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham.

[Americas] Carte tres curieux de la Mer du Sud.

Published: Amsterdam, 1719

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One of the most beautiful and elaborately engraved maps of the Americas ever published, Châtelain’s famous map shows North and South America, the Pacific Ocean, the west coast of Europe and Africa, and the known coast of Australasia. California is shown as an island. The many inset plans, views, portraits and scenes make this a visual encyclopaedia of the discovery and exploration of the Americas. A vignette of the Niagara Falls has beavers in the foreground walking on their hind legs, clutching bundles of sticks; other vignettes show native American weddings and funerals, and panning for gold in the River Plate. There are numerous inset maps of different ports such as the Cape of Good Hope, and islands mainly in South America; and nine portraits of explorers in medallions at the top edge with text of their exploits on ribbons attached. The borders of the inset maps and illustrations are decorated with animals and plants. There are several short paragraphs of text on the map, giving information about the features, government and people of different countries, the tides and winds.

Size: 1400 x 810 mm Framed size: 1620 x 1040 mm. Copperplate engraving. Elaborately engraved wall-map in four sheets joined. In excellent condition, a very clear, crisp impression.

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