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BEKEN, Frank


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From the Beken archive, printed digitally in Sepia-brown. Frank Beken was born in Canterbury, England in 1880. His father Alfred was a chemist and photographer. In 1888 the family moved to the Isle of Wight. The company “Beken & Son Ltd.” was born and Frank was soon seen afloat in a dinghy, photographing the fine vessels that sailed the local waters. He quickly designed his own camera, which was more suited to take photographs at sea: it was made to withstand sea-water and was held in both hands, the shutter being fired by biting a rubber ball gripped tightly between the teeth. The beauty and splendour of sail has been captured by the lenses of the Beken family since those early days.

Digitally printed. Sepia-brown toned. Fine condition. Size: 54 x 65 cm. (21 x 25 inches)

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