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MOLL, Herman.

A New and Exact map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on the Continent of North America.

containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina. According to the Newest and most Exact Observations By Herman Moll Geographer.

Published: London. 1731

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Born in Germany, Herman Moll emigrated to London in 1680. His cartographic works enjoy a high reputation and are well known for their accuracy and their style. This map of the British dominions in North America is perhaps his most famous work, widely known by its nickname the “beaver map” after the beautiful large cartouche depicting an assembly line of Canadian beavers, seen working industriously and harmoniously cutting down trees, and subsequently damming a river in order to make their lodges, a richly symbolic message for the emerging North American nation. The beavers suggest that, by controlling their environment and by working as a team, wealth and its associated benefits can be achieved for all. It is also worth noting that beaver pelts, and the fur trade in general, were important early components in the economy of North America. The cartouche itself is derived from the earlier works of Hennepin (c. 1697) and de Fer (1713). Moll’s map was hugely important from the historical standpoint of depicting and highlighting long running Anglo-French border disputes. All territory south of the St. Lawrence River, and territory east of the Great Lakes was deemed to be British. This tremendous map by Moll is one of the first large scale maps showing British developments in North America and, in addition, also shows for the first time American postal routes. There are four large and impressive insets highlighting British interests, and a delightful decorative map dedication to the Hon Walter Dowglass, captain general and chief governor of the Leeward Islands in America. The map also contains a wealth of comment and information concerning Native American tribes, colonial claims, settlements, and such like. This map is an important rendering of early British colonialism and as such is highly prized and sought after.

2 sheets joined. Size: 1335 x 625 mm. Copperplate engraving, with original outline colour. Some skilful paper restoration to map folds and to worm holes. Excellent overall condition.

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