Where Great Minds Meet: There Will Be Blood


Bram Stoker, Dracula, 1897, first edition


Born in Clontarf and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, Bram Stoker had a busy career in London as business manager to Sir Henry Irving at the Lyceum Theatre. But he also created one of the great figures of modern horror. Quite as Irish as he is Transylvanian, Stoker’s Count Dracula has the Celtic ability to “shape shift”—becoming a wolf, bat, rat, or swirling mist as the occasion demands. Stoker wrote other supernatural novels, but nothing with the sustained power of Dracula.











Wise Blood first edition

Flannery O’Connor- Wise Blood, first edition, 1952

Wise Blood first UK edition

First UK edition, 1955


Born in Savannah, Georgia, Flannery O’Connor was a devout Catholic living in the Protestant “Bible Belt”. Her Southern Gothic is nothing like Stoker’s: her first and most enduring novel, Wise Blood, was built up from four separate short stories into a work of “low comedy and high seriousness” with enduring if disturbing religious themes. The book was filmed in 1979 by John Huston, starring Brad Dourif as Hazel Motes and John Huston himself as the evangelist grandfather.  We have two copies in stock: the original American first and the attractive English version, issued three years later, when her reputation had crept quietly across the Atlantic.