Where Great Minds Meet: Aspects of Love

The Cautious Amorist

The Cautious Amorist, Norman Lindsay, first edition, New York 1932, with the dust jacket.





A journalist and cynic, an energetic young stoker and a nervous Reverend are shipwrecked with a voluptuous young woman on a deserted island in the darkly comic The Cautious Amorist. Not so concerned with romance as with the inevitable conflict, this realistic and good-natured novel  charts the discord through uproariously satirical waters.







The Sonnets

The Sonnets, William Shakespeare. Royal Shakespeare Theatre Edition, 1974, signed by Peggy Ashcroft.




The leading literary figure of Elizabethan England and the most famous private letters in the English language are collected in Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Published in 1609  – five years before his death, and possibly without his permission – these celebrated classics depict what he considered the incomparable human emotion of love, bequeathed by him upon the ‘dark lady’ and the ‘fair youth’.

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