BULGAKOV, Mikhail.

First editions and rare books by Mikhail Bulgakov. Regularly stocked works by Bulgakov include the first Glenny edition.

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  1. Dyavoliada. Rasskazy (Devildom: Short Stories).
    BULGAKOV, Mikhail. Dyavoliada. Rasskazy (Devildom: Short Stories).

    Moscow : 1925

    First edition, first impression, of Bulgakov's first book and the only one printed in the Soviet Union in his lifetime. As well as "Devildom", the stories include "The Fatal Eggs", "13. The house of Elpit Pabkomunna", "Chinese story" and "Chichikov's adventures" (a satire on Gogol's Dead Souls, where the characters from the original novel are placed... Learn More

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  2. [The Master and Margarita.]
    BULGAKOV, Mikhail. [The Master and Margarita.]

    Paris : 1967

    First edition in book form of the Master and Margarita, following publication in two issues of the Russian periodical Moskva in 1966 and 1967; rare in such nice condition. Although the novel had been completed in 1938, in common with most of Bulgakov's prose it was not published until long after his death in 1940.

    Bulgakov published a number... Learn More

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  3. Sobach'e serdtse.
    BULGAKOV, Mikhail. Sobach'e serdtse.

    Paris : 1969

    First separate edition in Russian of Bulgakov's suppressed satirical masterpiece, originally written in 1925 and not published in the Soviet Union until 1987. The text had only been printed in Russian in clandestine samizdat editions, and in two European magazine editions in 1968, the Frankfurt journal Grani, and the London journal Student. Learn More

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