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  1. East Africa Royal Commission Report 1953-1955.
    (FRIEDMAN, Milton.) (GREAT BRITAIN: ROYAL COMMISSION). East Africa Royal Commission Report 1953-1955.

    London : 1955

    First edition, from the library of Nobel Prize-winning American economist Milton Friedman. The commission's important examination of the economic development, living conditions, industrial activities, agricultural advances, and social issues across British East AfricaKenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika (now part of modern day Tanzania)was completed in two... Learn More

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  2. 131457
    FRIEDMAN, Milton. A Theory of the Consumption Function.

    Princeton : 1957

    First edition, first printing, of what is perhaps Friedman's most significant academic work, in which he argued against the Keynesian use of government policy to regulate the economy. This work resolved several paradoxes regarding the relationship between the wealth and spending habits of consumers and it remains a foundational work in economics. Learn More

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  3. 134856
    FRIEDMAN, Milton. A Program for Monetary Stability.

    New York : 1960

    First edition, a slightly revised and expanded version of the Moorhouse I. X. Millar Lectures given by Friedman at Fordham University in 1959. Friedman notes that "the suggestions for monetary reform it contains, and even more, the evidence adduced in support of them, are largely a by-product of my recent research in the field of money: a large-scale... Learn More

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