FREUD, Sigmund.

FREUD, Sigmund.

Rare books by Sigmund Freud, including first editions, signed and finely bound copies of The Interpretation of Dreams, and sets of his collected works.

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  1. Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewussten.
    FREUD, Sigmund. Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewussten.

    Leipzig and Wien : 1905

    First edition, first impression. In Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious, Freud distinguishes between jokes, the comic, and humour, arguing that the formation of jokes like dreams can be traced to the unconscious.

    Divided into three parts, the investigation psychoanalyses the technique of jokes, the motives behind them, and the relationship... Learn More

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  2. Über den Traum.
    FREUD, Sigmund. Über den Traum.

    Wiesbaden : 1911

    Second edition of the popularised and enlarged version of Freud's greatest single work, The Interpretation of Dreams. Die Traumdeutung was first published in 1899, and the first popularised edition appeared in 1901.

    "On February 1, 1900, Freud wrote that he had promised a condensed version of the 'Interpretation of Dreams' for Loewenfeld's series... Learn More

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  3. The Interpretation of Dreams.
    FREUD, Sigmund. The Interpretation of Dreams.

    London : 1913

    First edition in English. This is the translation that introduced Freud to the English-speaking world. It was published simultaneously in the UK and the USA immediately establishing Freud as an international heavyweight. Perhaps no other work of the century did more to affect the minds of Westerners than this. Learn More

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  4. Signed photograph.
    FREUD, Sigmund. Signed photograph.

    [London : 1938]

    Freud reads the manuscript of Moses and Monotheism. A superb signed photograph of Freud at work taken by the Austrian-British psychoanalyst Wilhelm Hoffer (1897-1967), depicting Freud seated at his desk in London.

    Freud had begun working on his Moses book in 1934 and partly published it in German in 1937. He arrived in London on 6 June 1938,... Learn More

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