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  1. 125327
    HOWLETT, John. An Examination of Dr. Price's Essay on the Population of England and Wales;

    Maidstone : 1781

    First edition. The statistician and economist John Howlett (1731-1804) published the present work in response to the demographer Richard Price's essay of 1780, which claimed that the population of England and Wales was in decline. Howlett instead argued, correctly, that the population was in fact increasing, and at a quickening pace. He calculated that... Learn More

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  2. 129256
    HOWLETT, John. An Enquiry Concerning the Influence of Tithes upon Agriculture,

    London : 1801

    First edition of this essay by the economist John Howlett (1731-1804). "Most of Howlett's writings concentrated on the well-being of the poor, an issue for which he was well equipped as an able statistician and demographer, and inclined to see in a broader compass than many of his contemporaries" (ODNB). Howlett correctly stated the population to be... Learn More

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  3. The Guv'nor.
    HOWLETT, John. The Guv'nor.

    London : 1973

    First edition. Howlett (1883-1976) was born in Grantham, the child of a carpenter and wheelwright. He apprenticed as a lathe operator, and found work on shaping machines in a car factory and repair shop. Later dabbled as a model aero-engine maker and trainee balloon pilot before, on the eve of the First World War, becoming the general manager of a garage... Learn More

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