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JEVONS, W. Stanley.

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  1. 114514
    JEVONS, W. S. Pure Logic or the Logic of Quality apart from Quantity: with remarks on Boole's System and on the Relation of Logic and Mathematics.

    London : 1864

    First edition of Jevons's first work on logic, one of two pamphlets (the other was The Substitution of Similars, 1869) in which he developed the calculus presented by Boole in An investigation of the laws of thought (1854). Jevons had already consulted Boole before sending him a copy; in a letter of 1863 he recorded,"I have written on the subject to... Learn More

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  2. 122828
    JEVONS, William Stanley. The Substitution of Similars, The True Principle of Reasoning, Derived from a Modification of Aristotle's Dictum.

    London : 1869

    First edition of the economist, logician, and philosopher's most popular and accessible work. "At the end of 1866 Jevons had begun 'thinking about logic again seriously' and considered grafting some developments on to the modified version of Boole's system that he had published in 1863. In the next two months the idea that 'the great and universal principle... Learn More

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  3. 119905
    JEVONS, W. Stanley. The Theory of Political Economy.

    London : 1871

    First edition of Jevons's foremost contribution to the history of economic thought. "Comparatively short and lucidly written, it sharply attacked the classical theory of value of the 'Ricardo-Mill school', and offered in its place the challenging view that 'value depends entirely upon utility', asserting boldly that 'Economy, if it is to be a science... Learn More

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  4. 114481
    JEVONS, W. Stanley. Studies in Deductive Logic.

    London : 1880

    First edition, with the publisher's ads to rear dated February 1881. Learn More

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