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JAMES, William.

Rare books by William James, including first editions, signed ephemera, and finely bound sets of the Naval History of Great Britain.

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  1. A Reply to A Brief Statement
    JAMES, William. A Reply to A Brief Statement

    London : 1824

    First edition. The third volume of James's great naval history had been published in 1823. Lord William Fitzroy, outraged at James's account of his actions as commander of HMS Aeolus in 1805, and at James's condemnation of Fitzroy's decision not to engage with the French frigate Didon, published a bitter rebuttal. This is James's equally bitter counter... Learn More

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  2. Human Immortality.
    JAMES, William. Human Immortality.

    Boston : 1898

    First edition of James's thought-provoking essay on the nature of human immortality with reference to both modern science and mysticism. It first appeared as a lecture of the same name which James delivered as his Ingersoll Lecture on Immortality at Harvard the previous year. Houghton Mifflin published the lectures annually from 1896 to 1912; James... Learn More

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  3. Pragmatism.
    JAMES, William. Pragmatism.

    London : 1907

    First edition, UK issue from the American sheets (published the same year). "Like many of his other texts, James's Pragmatism... contains both a manifest and a latent image. On the surface level, it is a 'method only'. James describes it as a corridor with various topics leading to different rooms by our asking 'What difference does it make?' if a given... Learn More

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  4. Some Problems of Philosophy.
    JAMES, William. Some Problems of Philosophy.

    London : 1911

    First UK edition, first impression, of James's last book, published posthumously. The US edition was published the same year. "For years he had talked of rounding out his philosophical work with a treatise on metaphysics. Characteristically, he chose to do so in the form of an introduction to the problems of philosophy, because writing for beginners... Learn More

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  5. Memories and Studies.
    JAMES, William. Memories and Studies.

    New York : 1911

    First edition, first printing, of a collection of the American philosopher and psychologist's speeches and essays, most notably "The Moral Equivalent of War", which was first published here in book form. His son, Henry James Jr., provides the preface: "Professor William James formed the intention shortly before his death of republishing a number of... Learn More

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  6. Essays in Radical Empiricism.
    JAMES, William. Essays in Radical Empiricism.

    London : 1912

    First UK edition, first impression, published the same year as the first US edition. Review copy, with the publisher's slip loosely inserted, and with the contemporary ownership signature of A. Barnatt Brown on the front free endpaper, with a note identifying him as having reviewed the book in the journal British Friend.
    James originally assembled... Learn More

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6 Items

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