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KANT, Immanuel.

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  1. Critik der practischen Vernunft.
    KANT, Immanuel. Critik der practischen Vernunft.

    Riga : 1788

    First editions of Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and On a Discovery in a pleasing contemporary binding. The former work established Kant's moral thinking as a cardinal reference in the successive development of ethics; the latter, comparatively little-known, is Kant's defence of his own philosophy against attacks made by Johann... Learn More

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  2. Ueber eine Entdeckung nach der alle neue Critik der reinen Vernunft durch eine ältere entbehrlich gemacht werden soll.
    KANT, Immanuel. Ueber eine Entdeckung nach der alle neue Critik der reinen Vernunft durch eine ältere entbehrlich gemacht werden soll.

    Königsberg : 1790

    First edition of this relatively little-known work, published in the same year as the Kritik der Urtheilskraft. The German philosopher Johann Augustus Eberhard (1739-1809), a leading Wolffian, joined with other critics of Kant to found the Philosophisches Magazin, the main goal of which was to challenge Kant's philosophy. The Magazin... Learn More

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  3. Critik der Urtheilskraft.
    KANT, Immanuel. Critik der Urtheilskraft.

    Berlin and Libau : 1790

    First edition of the Critique of Judgement, Kant's third most important work after the critiques of Pure and Practical Reason, and the scarcest of the three. "The work consists of two main parts, the first dealing with the aesthetic judgment, the second with the teleological judgment or judgment of the purposiveness in Nature; and it is of considerable... Learn More

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  4. 141222
    KANT, Immanuel. Kleine Schriften.

    Neuwied : 1793

    First collected edition of any of Kant's writings, comprising seven articles first published in the periodicals Berlinische Monatsschrift and Teutscher Merkur from 1784 to 1791, here extracted and published without his permission. These include "Beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklärung?" (first 1784, his famous definition of Enlightenment... Learn More

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  5. Zum ewigen Frieden.
    KANT, Immanuel. Zum ewigen Frieden.

    Königsberg : 1795

    First edition, first issue, of Kant's celebrated essay Perpetual Peace. "The basis of practical pacifism is contained in Zum ewigen Frieden, 1795, which contains an outline of a world league of nations" (PMM). "It is unique among Kant's writings in that it was written for a wide public, and that its publication can be regarded... Learn More

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  6. Frühere noch nicht gesammelte kleine Schriften.
    KANT, Immanuel. Frühere noch nicht gesammelte kleine Schriften.

    Linz : 1795 [& 1792]

    First collected edition of the first work, and first edition in book form of the second, following publication in April that year in the Berlinischen Monatsschrift. The Frühere noch nicht gesammelte kleine Schriften collects together five of Kant's essays, first published from 1746 to 1795; it includes De Mundi Sensibilis, his inaugural... Learn More

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  7. Anthropologie in pragmatischer Hinsicht.
    KANT, Immanuel. Anthropologie in pragmatischer Hinsicht.

    Königsberg : 1798

    First edition of Kant's important contribution to the newly emerging discipline of anthropology, an introductory manual to a popular university course which the philosopher had taught for almost twenty-five years at the point of publication. Kant's Anthropologie is also noted for his classification of mental illnesses and his discussion of... Learn More

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  8. Sammlung einiger bisher unbekannt gebliebener kleiner Schriften.
    KANT, Immanuel. Sammlung einiger bisher unbekannt gebliebener kleiner Schriften.

    Königsberg : 1800

    First collected edition, reprinting five of Kant's early writings as published from 1759 to 1768, difficult to acquire in their originals both for the student of 1800 and now; their republication here represents Kant's continued popularity and ascendancy in German philosophy. The five items are:
    I. Neuer Lehrbegriff der Verwegung und Ruhe, und der... Learn More

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  9. Metaphysical Works.
    KANT, Immanuel. Metaphysical Works.

    London : 1836

    First editions in English, collected together and issued in 1836, marking the first publication of the Enquiry into the Proofs for the Existence of God. All three parts were printed in 1819 with their titles bearing that date, but only Logic and Prolegomena to Future Metaphysics were issued that year; in 1836 the remaining... Learn More

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  10. Kritika chistago razuma.
    KANT, Immanuel. Kritika chistago razuma.

    St Petersburg : 1867

    First edition in Russian of the Critique of Pure Reason, translated by the Russian professor of philosophy M. I. Vladislavlev. Genuinely scarce, OCLC locating just six copies in institutional holdings worldwide (3 in the US, 2 in Canada, 1 in Poland), and appearing just twice in auction records across the past 25 years.
    "Unquestionably one of, if... Learn More

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