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MOIVRE, Abraham de.

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  1. 134899
    MOIVRE, Abraham de. De Mensura sortis, seu, de Probabilitate Eventuum in Ludis a Casu Fortuito Pendentibus.

    London : 1712.

    First edition of de Moivre's first paper on probability, a 52-page memoir in Latin contributed to the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.
    "Nearly all of De Mensura Sortis was later incorporated into de Moivre's book The Doctrine of Chances (1718, 1738, 1756), which was the most important textbook on probability theory until the publication... Learn More

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  2. 135358
    MOIVRE, Abraham de. Annuities upon Lives: or, the Valuation of Annuities upon any Number of Lives; as also, of Reversions. To which is added, an Appendix concerning the Expectations of Life, and Probabilities of Survivorship.

    London : 1725

    First edition, the dedication copy, with 4-page printed dedication to Thomas Parker, first earl of Macclesfield. Along with Halley, de Moivre may be considered the founder of actuarial science and a master of probability theory. He was perhaps the first to develop probability theory extensively and the first to use probability theory to write a comprehensive... Learn More

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