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Kennedy, John F. The David Powers Collection. c1945 1963.

Presented by Adam Douglas, Senior Rare Book Specialist at Peter Harrington.

The David Powers collection of John F. Kennedy’s speeches and manuscripts spans the statesman’s political career up to the presidency, from his first primary race in the 11th District in 1946 to the eve of nomination as president in the summer of 1960, encompassing three Congressional campaigns, two runs for the Senate, and a bid for the vice presidency.

David Francis Powers (19121998) grew up in Charlestown, Mass., the son of Irish immigrants. He served in every one of Kennedy’s political campaigns from 1946 to 1960 as one of his most important political operatives. In the White House, as Special Assistant, his duties included preparing briefings and ushering distinguished guests into the Oval office. He was Kennedy’s most intimate friend, advisor, and personal “fixer”. Kenneth O’Donnell, top aide to both JFK and Lyndon Johnson, once remarked “Outside of Bobby, President Kennedy had one really close friend and that was Dave Powers.”

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