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Rare first editions, signed and inscribed copies, deluxe and collectible editions of books, pamphlets, and ephemera relating to books written for children or juveniles.

First editions of children's classics, including Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter, J. K. Rowling, A. A. Milne and J. M. Barrie.

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  1. The Phantom Tollbooth.
    JUSTER, Norton. The Phantom Tollbooth.

    London : 1962

    First UK edition, first printing, first published the previous year in New York. Learn More

    Stock Code: 89944

  2. Puppies for Keeps.
    LATHROP, Dorothy. Puppies for Keeps.

    New York : 1943

    First edition, first printing. Bookplate of Julia F. Carter to front pastedown. With a collection of 4 christmas cards/notes from the author to Julia F. Carter. Julia F. Carter, was the first full time children's librarian at the New York Public Library. Miss Carter was also the first national president of the Division of Library Work with Children... Learn More

    Stock Code: 92611

  3. Muggins.
    BRADBURY, Bianca. Muggins.

    Boston : 1944

    First edition, first prinitng. Adventures of a curious little kitten. Illustrated throughout by Diana Thorne, who is a noted animal artist, especially her works featuring canines. Learn More

    Stock Code: 92920

  4. Leif The Lucky.
    PARIN D'AULAIRE, Ingri and Edgar. Leif The Lucky.

    Garden City, : 1941

    First edition, first printing. Laid in is a hand written letter on the authors' stationery to Miss Julia Carter thanking her for her hospitality when they visited her in Cincinnati. Julia F. Carter, was the first full time children's librarian at the New York Public Library. Miss Carter was also the first national president of the Division of Library... Learn More

    Stock Code: 93510

  5. Number The Stars.
    LOWRY, Lois. Number The Stars.

    Boston : 1989

    First edition, first printing. Inscribed by Lowry to M. M. Kimmel on the title page, "For Maggie, with thanks once again, Lois Lowry '95." Margaret Mary Kimmel is a professor emerita in the School of Library and Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. She has served on many important library councils including, the Carnegie 100 (an advisory... Learn More

    Stock Code: 95803

  6. Ralph S. Mouse.
    CLEARY, Beverly. Ralph S. Mouse.

    New York : 1982

    First edition, first printing. Sequel to the popular The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Learn More

    Stock Code: 95856

  7. When We Were Very Young.
    MILNE, A. A. When We Were Very Young.

    London : July 1925

    Tenth impression, second deluxe edition. When We Were Very Young was first published on 6 November 1924. Copies of the seventh and tenth impressions were later issued in deluxe bindings. Milne had no particular ambition to write for children, but in 1922 a glimpse of his two-year-old son Christopher being taught to pray by his nanny inspired him to... Learn More

    Stock Code: 96008

  8. A Single Shard.
    PARK, Linda Sue. A Single Shard.

    New York : 2001

    First edition, first printing. Winner of the 2002 Newbery Medal. This copy with the Caldecott and Newbery Awards banquet program and the acceptances speeches on cassette tape. A young adult novel set in 12th century Korea. A scarce title in the Newbery collecting field. Learn More

    Stock Code: 96016

  9. The City Under the Back Steps.
    LAMPMAN, Evelyn Sibley; VALINTCOURT, Honoré (illus.) The City Under the Back Steps.

    Garden City, NY : 1960

    First edition, first printing. Inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper: "For Alice, Jane and David who are going to live in the house with a city under the back steps. With best wishes from Ruth Smith. And additional good wishes from Evelyn Sibley Lampman, 1972." A source book for the film Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Learn More

    Stock Code: 98037

  10. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories.
    STEVENSON, Robert Louis. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories.

    London : 1992

    A handsome leather bound volume of this classic novel which was first published in 1886. Learn More

    Stock Code: 98367

  11. Tinker and Tanker.
    SCARRY, Richard. Tinker and Tanker.

    Garden City, NY : 1960

    First edition, first printing. Learn More

    Stock Code: 98722

  12. The Iron Man. A Story in Five Nights.
    HUGHES, Ted. The Iron Man. A Story in Five Nights.

    London : 1968

    First edition, first impression. 6000 copies printed according to the Sagar & Tabor bibliography. The majority we have seen have come from school libraries and this title is probably the scarcest of Hughes trade editions. Learn More

    Stock Code: 99583

  13. Rhyme Stew.
    DAHL, Roald. Rhyme Stew.

    London : 1989

    First edition, first impression. Inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "Sonia, love, Roald Dahl". A quirky collection of poetry. Learn More

    Stock Code: 99770

  14. The Seven Lady Godivas.
    SEUSS, Dr. The Seven Lady Godivas.

    New York : 1939

    First edition, advance review copy. One of Seuss's few books written for adults. Advance review material for Dr. Seuss titles is very uncommon. Learn More

    Stock Code: 101690

  15. The False Flamingoes.
    STEADMAN, Ralph, & Mischa Damjan. The False Flamingoes.

    New York : 1970

    First US edition, first printing. An early title illustrated by Steadman; it was first published in the UK in 1968, and was originally published in Germany under the title Die falschen Flamingos in 1967. Learn More

    Stock Code: 103764

  16. Little.com — galley proof.
    STEADMAN, Ralph. Little.com — galley proof.


    Galley proofs for the book published in 2000 by Anderson Press, with annotations in the author's hand. Learn More

    Stock Code: 104085

  17. The Dwindling Party.
    GOREY, Edward. The Dwindling Party.

    New York : 1982

    First edition, first printing. A rare piece of Goreyana. Learn More

    Stock Code: 104684

  18. Ettie Lou Stooper Does a Tinsel Dance.
    GOREY, Edward. Ettie Lou Stooper Does a Tinsel Dance.

    New York : 1981

    First edition, first printing. Limited to 450 copies of which none were issued for sale. Card was used as the publisher's holiday greeting. Learn More

    Stock Code: 104686

  19. Bill The Minder.
    ROBINSON, W. Heath. Bill The Minder.

    London : 1912

    Signed limited edition, one of 380 copies, of which this number 167 signed by the artist. Learn More

    Stock Code: 18290

  20. East of the Sun and West of the Moon.
    NIELSEN, Kay (illus.); East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

    London : [1914]

    Deluxe edition, number 85 of 500 copies signed by the artist. With the single-leaf printed advertisement for the exhibition of the original watercolours in November and December 1914 at the Leicester Galleries laid in. Learn More

    Stock Code: 47331

  21. Brains & Bravery.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); Brains & Bravery.


    First edition, first impression. Learn More

    Stock Code: 49732

  22. The Ingoldsby Legends.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); INGOLDSBY, Thomas, pseud. of Richard Harris Barham. The Ingoldsby Legends.

    London : 1907

    First edition thus, Rackham's illustrated edition of Barham's Ingoldsby Legends, revised and largely redrawn from the original 1898 edition, so that "greater prominence could be given to the illustrations by better and larger reproductions, including a greater number of illustrations in colour" (Rackham's Prefatory Note). A very handsome copy. Learn More

    Stock Code: 66753

  23. The Child's Christmas.
    ROBINSON, Charles (illus.); SHARP, Evelyn. The Child's Christmas.

    London : [1906]

    First edition, first impression. Learn More

    Stock Code: 105837

  24. Autograph letter signed.
    BAUM, L. Frank - Ruth Plumly Thompson Autograph letter signed.


    A very warm and chatty letter from the then current writer of the Oz stories, Ruth Plumly Thompson, who was the next writer of the series after L. Frank Baum. The letter discusses all things current in Oz, including the new titles. Thompson shares her thoughts on the plays and films: "The Wizard of Oz is being made into a musical and while I suppose... Learn More

    Stock Code: 106424

  25. Dream Days.
    GRAHAME, Kenneth. Dream Days.

    London and New York, : 1902

    First illustrated edition, first published in 1898. A sequel to Grahame's Golden Age. Dream Days is best noted for it's inclusion of the story, The Reluctant Dragon, which served as the basis for the 1941 Walt Disney animated film of the same name. Learn More

    Stock Code: 107336

  26. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.
    BAUM, L. Frank. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.

    Indianapolis : 1902

    First edition, first printing. Baum is best known for the Wizard of Oz books, in two of which Santa Claus features as a guest of Oz. Learn More

    Stock Code: 107961

  27. The Nursery Alice.
    CARROLL, Lewis. The Nursery Alice.

    London : 1890

    Second edition (the first published in the UK), first issue. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the half-title, to "Ada Paine, from the Author. Mar. 25, 1890." Ada (Adelaide) Paine met Dodgson at Margate; the two exchanged correspondence, and Dodgson even consented to send her his portrait, averse though he was to publicity. In the accompanying... Learn More

    Stock Code: 108909

  28. Syzygies and Lanrick. A Word Puzzle and a Game for Two Players.
    CARROLL, Lewis. Syzygies and Lanrick. A Word Puzzle and a Game for Two Players.

    London : 1893

    First combined edition, published in an edition of 250 copies. Syzgies was first published, and reprinted separately, in 1891; Lanrick was first published in December 1880 in the Monthly Packet; this is the fourth and final edition of the rules for the game. Scarce. Dodgson at Auction 1893-1999 records only the author's own copy selling at auction (George... Learn More

    Stock Code: 108924

  29. Sister Anne.
    POTTER, Beatrix. Sister Anne.

    Philadelphia : 1932

    First edition, second issue. With the frontispiece opposite the title page (it was first published incorrectly opposite p. 7). Learn More

    Stock Code: 109191

  30. The Tailor of Gloucester.
    POTTER, Beatrix. The Tailor of Gloucester.

    London : 1903

    First trade edition, first impression, with a single-page pictorial endpaper occurring four times, which was replaced with doublepage endpapers in later impressions. Eleven of the illustrations are repeated from the privately-printed edition and 16 are entirely new for this edition. This trade edition was published in October 1903. Learn More

    Stock Code: 109247

  31. Bambi.
    DISNEY, Walt. Bambi.

    New York : 1941

    First edition thus, first printing. Presentation copy inscribed "To Janet with best wishes Walt Disney" on the half title. Walt Disney acquired the rights for Bambi in 1937 from a producer and director of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer after the project was deemed too difficult. Indeed, the technical challenge of rendering a realistic animation of a deer delayed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 109256

  32. The Tale of Tom Kitten.
    POTTER, Beatrix. The Tale of Tom Kitten.

    London : 1907

    First edition, deluxe issue. One of the scarcest deluxe editions, with just one copy of this first issue appearing at auction since 1975. Later issues have later endpapers. Learn More

    Stock Code: 109481

  33. The Magic Finger.
    DAHL, Roald. The Magic Finger.

    London : 1968

    First UK edition, first impression. Dahl had originally begun work on it in 1962, under its original title of The Almost Ducks. In the story, an eight-year-old girl, who hates to see animals killed for fun, develops a special power, similar to that of Matilda. The book was part of a project in which a group of writers were asked to create a story for... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111986

  34. Mittens.
    NEWBERRY, Clare Turlay. Mittens.

    New York : 1936

    First edition, first printing. A picture book of a kitten. Newberry was a prolific artist specialising in all things feline. Learn More

    Stock Code: 112043

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