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A wide selection of rare first editions, signed and inscribed copies, deluxe and collectible editions of books, pamphlets, and ephemera relating to history, archaeology, anthropology, folklore, occult, and religion.

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  1. 143959
    MEREDITH, William. Historical Remarks on the Taxation of Free states, in a Series of Letters to a Friend.

    London : 1778

    First edition of this rejection, during the American Revolutionary War, of the British taxation of the American colonies, based on the precedent of antiquity.

    The book offers "'An answer to a tract by W. Baron entitled: 'An History of the Colonization of the Free States of Antiquity'. The point labored at in the latter was to show that Great... Learn More

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  2. The Whole workes of... three worthy Martyrs,
    TYNDALE, William; John Frith; Robert Barnes. The Whole workes of... three worthy Martyrs,

    London : 1573

    First edition, edited by the martyrologist John Foxe. Foxe had established his reputation as the leading chronicler of the English reformation with his first two editions of Acts and Monuments (Foxe's Book of Martyrs) in 1563 and 1570. In the latter he had promised that he would edit a collection of the works of William Tyndale, John Frith, and Robert... Learn More

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  3. Self-Interpreting Bible:
    (BIBLE, English.) BROWN, Rev. John. Self-Interpreting Bible:

    Edinburgh : [c.1890]

    An elaborately bound late nineteenth-century family Bible with chromolithographic illustrations. Learn More

    Stock Code: 111929

  4. Mysteries and Refinements of Modern Roguery.
    (CRIME) Mysteries and Refinements of Modern Roguery.

    London : 1886

    First and only edition. Extraordinary little volume offering practical advice against the thieves and tricksters plaguing the streets of London. The first half of the text is a spotter's guide on pickpockets "Who they are, and what they are like". With explanations of their methods, the distraction of the "stall", the techniques of the "wire", given... Learn More

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  5. Workes of Armorie,
    BOSSEWELL, John. Workes of Armorie,

    London : 1572

    First edition, contemporary hand-colouring throughout. The numerous woodcut crests and other illustrations throughout Bossewell's Armorie were published with the colours indicated by key letters ("V" for vert, green; "A" for argent, silver, etc). In this copy, all the crests, initials and illustrations have been finely illuminated throughout in colour... Learn More

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  6. The Workwoman's Guide,
    WILSON, Maria. The Workwoman's Guide,

    London & Birmingham : 1838

    First edition of one of the most important needlework manuals of the nineteenth century. Early editions are uncommon, with just four copies of the first on Library Hub, together with four of the second edition of 1840; only two copies traced at auction. An excellent copy of this elusive and highly desirable guidebook, offered here in publisher's attractive... Learn More

    Stock Code: 108261

  7. Alcorani textus universus.
    QUR'AN; Arabic & Latin; MARRICCI, Ludovico (ed.) Alcorani textus universus.

    Padua : 1698

    First edition of Marracci's Qur'an, "the greatest pre-modern European work of Qur'anic scholarship" (Burman). The second volume, "Refutatio Alcorani", comprises the second obtainable edition of the original Arabic, a Latin translation considered "by far and away the best translation of the Qur'an to date" (Hamilton), and an analysis and refutation of... Learn More

    Stock Code: 115141

  8. Researches on the Jeynes and Boodhists;
    FRANCKLIN, William. Researches on the Jeynes and Boodhists;

    London : 1827

    First edition of a key book in the formation of the Victorian discourse about Buddhism and Brahmanism, which also includes include a discussion of serpent worship in various parts of the world.

    Francklin (1763-1839) was the son of the classical scholar and dramatist Thomas Francklin. He enjoyed a considerable reputation as an oriental scholar,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 96923

  9. Police Register from Olympia City, state capital of Washington.
    (POLICING.) Police Register from Olympia City, state capital of Washington.

    Olympia, WA : 1895-1912

    A wonderful survival that pulls back the curtain on crime and police procedure in turn-of-the-century America: a substantial police register or desk sergeant's ledger from Olympia, Washington, giving a record of lawbreaking that spans nearly two decades (there is a break between 1898 and 1904 when presumably another ledger was in use). Olympia is situated... Learn More

    Stock Code: 113387

  10. The Cambrian Popular Antiquities;
    ROBERTS, Peter. The Cambrian Popular Antiquities;

    London : 1815

    First edition of this study of Welsh customs and superstitions. Roberts (1760-1819) was a Church of England clergyman and antiquarian and wrote three books on Wales of which this is the third. Cambrian Popular Antiquities collected numerous folk stories, including Arthurian legend, and records ancient traditions still enacted such as various funeral... Learn More

    Stock Code: 90606

  11. The Angami Nagas.
    HUTTON, John Henry. The Angami Nagas.

    London : 1921

    First edition, first impression. John Henry Hutton (1885-1968) was an English anthropologist who "became a member of the Indian Civil Service in 1909 and spent most of his administrative career in Assam, on the border between India and Burma, particularly in the Naga hills. From 1917 to 1919 he was political officer with responsibility for the Kuki... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134203

  12. La vie de Francois, seigneur de La Nouë, dit Bras-de-fer.
    AMYRAUT, Moïse. La vie de Francois, seigneur de La Nouë, dit Bras-de-fer.

    Leiden : 1661

    First edition of the first significant - and conspicuously scarce - biography of the "Huguenot paladin" François de La Noue (1531-1591), one of the great Protestant captains of the 16th-century Wars of Religion, described by the distinguished American historian John Lothrop Motley as "not only one of the most experienced soldiers, but one of the most... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116711

  13. Life Studies of the Great Army.
    FORBES, Edwin. Life Studies of the Great Army.

    New York : 1876

    First edition of one of the finest graphic representations of the American Civil War; this copy from the library of a Union army veteran: bookplate of William Bush Blackwell (1837-1922), who served as a first lieutenant and quarter master with the 26th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry (the "2nd Oneida Regiment") and was later a member of the Military... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114470

  14. Vejledning til det Islandske eller gamle Nordiske Sprog.
    RASK, Rasmus Kristian. Vejledning til det Islandske eller gamle Nordiske Sprog.

    Copenhagen : 1811

    First edition, a rare interleaved copy owned by Swedish philologist Sven Hylander (1797-1825) with his comments and additions to the work. Hylander was lecturer at the University of Lund and studied Icelandic manuscripts. The famous Swedish poet Esaias Tegner, who was a lecturer in Greek at Lund, wrote an elegy for Hylander on his early death in 1825,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 112682

  15. Mémoires critiques et historiques sur plusieurs points d'antiquités militaires
    GUISCHARDT, Karl Gottlieb. Mémoires critiques et historiques sur plusieurs points d'antiquités militaires

    Berlin : 1773

    True first edition, predating the Paris edition by a year. Guiscahrdt was born in Magdeburg in 1724, the son of Huguenot refugees he was intended for the church, "and at Leiden actually preached a sermon as a candidate for the pastorate. But he abandoned theology for more secular studies, especially that of ancient history" (Britannica, 1911). He served... Learn More

    Stock Code: 104149

  16. Documents d'Ethnographie Navale.
    POUJADE, Jean. Documents d'Ethnographie Navale.

    Paris : 1946-8

    First editions, all published. Uncommon. An excellent set of these important works of naval ethnography, forming a series on boat construction around the world. The series was planned as a supplement to Admiral François-Edmond Paris' famous Souvenirs de Marine Conservés , first published in 1877, the Fascicule Introductif including an index to Paris'... Learn More

    Stock Code: 94734

  17. History of the Greek Revolution.
    FINLAY, George. History of the Greek Revolution.

    Edinburgh and London : 1861

    First edition. "Inspired by philhellenism as a law student, George Finlay (1799-1875) took part in the Greek war of independence alongside Lord Byron. While later researching the history and archaeology of the country, Finlay also sought improvements to the administration and economic development of the independent Greek state. Published in 1861, this... Learn More

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  18. In Dickens's London.
    DICKENS, Charles - SMITH, F. Hopkinson. In Dickens's London.

    New York : 1914

    First edition. One of a limited edition of 150 numbered sets, each signed on the limitation leaf by the artist and the publisher. Additionally signed by Smith on the print "Coffee-Room, George Inn". Learn More

    Stock Code: 75760

  19. Abraham Lincoln.
    BEVERIDGE, Albert J. Abraham Lincoln.

    London : 1928

    First UK edition, first impression. Highly uncommon in this condition. Beveridge retired from politics in 1922 having unsuccessfully attempted to regain a seat in the Senate and dedicated his last few years to writing. "His great Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1858 (posthumously published in 1928) was so thorough and professionalized a biography that he might... Learn More

    Stock Code: 106658

  20. The Island Race.
    CHURCHILL, Winston S. The Island Race.

    London : 1964

    First edition thus, an abridgement by Timothy Baker of the four volumes of Churchill's History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Learn More

    Stock Code: 111644

  21. The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K.B. From His Lordship's Manuscripts.
    CLARKE, James Stanier, & John McArthur. The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K.B. From His Lordship's Manuscripts.

    London : 1809

    First edition of "one of the main foundation stones of the Nelson legend" (Cannadine, p. 99); Lowndes notes that "1200 copies were subscribed for", this a handsome copy with an appealing maritime provenance. Clarke and McArthur's book is fittingly handsome, being printed by Thomas Bensley, one of the best printers of the day, on superior quality paper.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 46705

  22. [New Testament, in Greek.]
    (BASKERVILLE, John.) [New Testament, in Greek.]

    Oxford : 1763

    First edition of the preferred quarto, the octavo edition was published in the same year. The only book to be printed in the Greek type designed and cut by Baskerville himself; "The press made one purchase from Baskerville Savile's Greek types had become unfashionable. Baskerville had been cutting types for just five years but was sufficiently convincing... Learn More

    Stock Code: 113574

  23. The Bible: that is the Holy Scriptures conteined in the Old and New Testament.
    (BIBLE; English; Geneva version.) The Bible: that is the Holy Scriptures conteined in the Old and New Testament.

    London : 1615

    A most attractive Jacobean Bible in the Geneva version, the version still used by Oliver Cromwell in the middle of the 17th century. Herbert describes this 1615 printing as "the last roman type quarto edition of this version printed by Barker". Learn More

    Stock Code: 110558

  24. Appeal of One Half the Human Race, Women, Against the Pretensions of the Other Half, Men,
    [WHEELER, Anna, &] THOMPSON, William. Appeal of One Half the Human Race, Women, Against the Pretensions of the Other Half, Men,

    London : 1825

    First edition of one of the most important works in the history of feminism and "one of the classics of early nineteenth-century feminist literature" (ODNB). "No book published before his time on this subject, even the famous work of Mary Wollstonecraft, is at once so broad and comprehensive and so direct and practical as Thompson's Appeal" (Richard... Learn More

    Stock Code: 102519

  25. Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, Esq., F.R. and A.S.S. [&] Appendix to the Memoirs …
    (HOLLIS, Thomas.) BLACKBURNE, Francis. Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, Esq., F.R. and A.S.S. [&] Appendix to the Memoirs …

    London : 1780

    First edition, large paper copy, a handsome copy of this biographical memoir of the notable 18th-century "political propagandist" (ODNB). Hollis (1720-1774) "believed citizenship should be active: individuals had an important role to play in public life. He partly fulfilled this responsibility by charitable work as a governor of Guy's and St Thomas's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 117415

  26. A Short Treatise on Horticulture.
    PRINCE, William. A Short Treatise on Horticulture.

    New York : 1828

    First and sole edition. Despite Prince's objective being to simply "give a few brief remarks as to the Culture of Fruit Trees, &c. by throwing together some of the leading rules, whose adoption has proved most successful" (Preface), A Short Treatise on Horticulture was immensely popular and influential, becoming one of the most important early... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116896

  27. A Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Plants.
    STRONG, W. C. A Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Plants.

    Boston : 1867

    First edition thus. A 24-page descriptive catalogue was printed in 1863. By 1867 William Chamberlain Strong was a well-established nurseryman and an authoritative author on these topics. His Culture of the Grape had been published the previous year, and was considered "a valuable manual" written by the "prophet" of agriculture and chemistry... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116898

  28. Report from the Secretary of the Treasury... in relation to grants of land made to French emigrants, to encourage the cultivation of the vine and olive.
    WINE. Report from the Secretary of the Treasury... in relation to grants of land made to French emigrants, to encourage the cultivation of the vine and olive.

    Washington : 1827

    An important historical document regarding viticulture practices and the early wine industry in America. It concerns the progress of Alabama's Vine and Olive Colony, named thus after the land agreement made between the US Congress and refugee settlers in 1817 (some, but certainly not all, of whom were French). Attracted by the prospect of establishing... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116911

  29. Set of five pamphlets recording speeches given at Pilgrim Society occasions.
    THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY. Set of five pamphlets recording speeches given at Pilgrim Society occasions.

    [London] : 1925-1952

    First editions, first impressions. This collection of pamphlets dates from 30 January 1925 to 14 October 1952, preserving speeches from Pilgrims Society events held at the Savoy or Hotel Victoria in London. Established in 1902, the objective of the Pilgrims Societies of Great Britain and the United States was, and remains, to encourage and preserve... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116863

  30. Photographs of America.
    FEE, James. Photographs of America.

    Gardena, CA : 1994

    First edition, first printing. Signed by the photographer on the front flyleaf. One of 1,000 copies printed. Learn More

    Stock Code: 116320

  31. Camera, Take the Stand!
    HERZOG, Asa S., & A. J. Ezickson. Camera, Take the Stand!

    New York : 1940

    First edition, first printing. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author, "To A. G. Corley - Who can transmit congeniality & friendship at all times - A. J. Ezickson". "Modern crime fighters have discovered science to be their firmest ally... This book tells the story of that little magic black box and the part it plays in fighting the criminal" (Preface).... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116419

  32. The Whispering Buddha.
    COWLES, John Clifford. The Whispering Buddha.

    Los Angeles : 1932

    First edition, first printing. John Clifford Cowles (1861-1951) was an American artist, and this was only work of fiction. A review on rear of dust jacket states "Read It Once, You Will Read It Twice" - a claim somewhat undermined by the uncut pages of this copy. Learn More

    Stock Code: 116470

  33. Memoirs of Count Grammont.
    SCOTT, Sir Walter (ed.) - HAMILTON, Anthony. Memoirs of Count Grammont.

    London : 1889

    Deluxe limited edition, number 107 of 780. The first Scott edition was published in 1811; the first English translation from the French appeared almost a century earlier in 1714. An account of Hamilton's brother-in-law, Count de Gramont, and the intrigues of the Restoration court, it is "written with such brilliancy and vivacity that it must always... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116237

  34. Dog Soldiers; [with:] A Hall of Mirrors.
    STONE, Robert. Dog Soldiers; [with:] A Hall of Mirrors.

    New York : 1975

    First Ballantine Books editions, first printings. Presentation copies, inscribed by the author on the title pages, "For Dink Bruce, with thanks and best wishes, Bob Stone". The recipient was Benjamin "Dink" Bruce, a cult figure in Key West, Florida. Dink's father Telly Otto Bruce ("Toby") originally moved to Key West at the behest of his Arkansas friend... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116247

  35. Problems of Greater Britain.
    DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth. Problems of Greater Britain.

    London : 1890

    First edition, an interesting association copy, with the engraved bookplate of Pandeli Ralli (1845-1928), Liberal member of parliament (for Bridport, 1875-80, then Wallingford until 1885), member of the famous Greek merchant family, and longtime confidant of Lord Kitchener, to the front pastedowns. Dilke's essay on imperial defence predicted the threat... Learn More

    Stock Code: 115748

  36. All Religions are One.
    BLAKE, William. All Religions are One.

    Clairvaux : 1970

    First edition thus, publisher Arnold Fawcus's copy, copy A of 26 lettered copies reserved for the Trustees of the William Blake Trust and the Publishers, in full morocco with a set of proofs showing the progressive states of the collotype process, from a total edition of 662 copies on Arches pure rag paper made to match the paper used by Blake. This... Learn More

    Stock Code: 115045

  37. La Cité antique.
    COULANGES, Fustel de. La Cité antique.

    Paris : 1864

    First edition of the author's best known work, published at a time of renewed interest in religious history. "Its fundamental idea is that the beliefs of man are the determinants, and even the creators, of his institutions. In the preface to La Cité antique Coulanges wrote: 'The past never completely dies for men. Man may forget it, but he keeps it... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114886

  38. Ueber Toleranz und Gewissensfreyheit, nach den Grundsätzen des allgemeinen und protestantischen Kirchenrechts.
    DÖDERLEIN, Christian Albrecht. Ueber Toleranz und Gewissensfreyheit, nach den Grundsätzen des allgemeinen und protestantischen Kirchenrechts.

    Berlin : 1777

    First edition of two works discussing tolerance and freedom of conscience, according to the principles of general and Protestant church law, written in reply to Lüdke's 1774 work on the same subject. Learn More

    Stock Code: 114655

  39. Meiji Japan as Western Women Saw it: A Bibliographical Companion.
    KLEIN, Ronald D. Meiji Japan as Western Women Saw it: A Bibliographical Companion.

    Tokyo : 2016

    First edition, a new publication, "the result of a long-term project to identify, collect and annotate the more than 250 works published by western women during the Meiji era (1868-1912)" (General Introduction), with an index of authors. The work is divided into four chapters, covering Tourists and Travelers, Missionaries, Sojourners, and Writers.

    Published... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114202

  40. Conjectural Observations on the Origin and Progress of Alphabetic Writing.
    DAVY, Charles. Conjectural Observations on the Origin and Progress of Alphabetic Writing.

    London : 1772

    First edition, in which Davy discusses the Chinese, Hebrew, and Greek writing systems, as well as the "symbolic writing" of the Egyptians. The folding tables show Greek, Hebrew, Samaritan, Syriac, Persian, Arabic, and Coptic letters. Davy's observations on the origin of writing are "conjectural" because he argues that, besides the account of God giving... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114068

  41. Les Formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse.
    DURKHEIM, Émile. Les Formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse.

    Paris : 1912

    First edition, first impression, of one of the author's most influential works, his sociological study of religion. "In his last great work, The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life, Durkheim gave his most compelling demonstration of the structuralist method, tracing relationships between social organization, religious beliefs, and such fundamental... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114093

  42. The Works [together with] The Private Correspondence.
    WEBSTER, Daniel. The Works [together with] The Private Correspondence.

    Boston : 1858

    Eleventh edition. Daniel Webster (1782-1852), US Senator and Secretary of State, was one of the most important figures in US politics in the first half of the 19th century. An attractively bound set preserving speeches, legal arguments, diplomatic papers touching on and influencing all the important events of the first half of the 19th century. Learn More

    Stock Code: 114126

  43. Essays and Reviews.
    TEMPLE, Frederick, et al. Essays and Reviews.

    London : 1860

    First edition of this groundbreaking collection of theological essays, the first assault on Biblical literalism from within the ranks of British theologians. The edifice of literalism had been crumbling for several decades, under assault from the science of Lyell and Darwin and the new Biblical criticism of Baur and Strauss at the University of Tübingen.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114187

  44. The Summary Jurisdiction (Married Women) Act, 1895.
    LUSHINGTON, S. G. & Guy. The Summary Jurisdiction (Married Women) Act, 1895.

    London : 1896

    First edition of this landmark in British legislation for the rights of women, protecting married women against physical abuse and neglect, and allowing custody of children to deserted wives. Consolidating the 1878 Matrimonial Causes Act and the 1886 Married Women (Maintenance in the Case of Desertion) Act, it extended the power of magistrates in cases... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114011

  45. Daily Bread.
    PARES, Ethel "Bip". Daily Bread.

    Hampstead, London : 1935

    Unique "book" by Pares, made for and dedicated to the man who was to become her second husband, Robert Christopher Bradby. Comprises a series of well-finished whimsically satirical sketches, broadly on the themes of women's work, fashions, and domestic life; the frontispiece showing the artist pavement-sketching - a pint of beer! - beneath signs, declaring... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114035

  46. Human Wolves:
    REED, Lear B. Human Wolves:

    Kansas City, MO : 1941

    First edition, this copy inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "To Bill Rogers, sincerely Lear B. Reed". Remarkable memoir by a former FBI agent detailing his years struggling against corrupt politicians and the mob, fighting prostitution, drug trafficking, and political subversion; "Mr. Reed combined in his person the formidable characteristics... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114049

  47. Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875-1881.
    GILLETT, James B., Capt. Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875-1881.

    New Haven : 1925

    First Yale University Press edition, which was revised and updated by Gillett and the editor, to include additional historical photos which did not appear in the 1921 privately-printed first. Gillett's memoir is widely considered to be one of the best personal accounts of the Texas Rangers ever written. Decidedly uncommon in the original dust jacket.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114050

  48. Muscling In.
    PASLEY, Fred D. Muscling In.

    [New York] : 1931

    First edition of this stark exposé of the impact of the Mob at the onset of the Great Depression. " 'There is scarcely a commodity exposed for sale today that does not cost more because of the racket ' Col. Robert Isham Randolph, President, the Chicago Association of Commerce" (epigraph). The author details how the Mob made its moves into legitimate... Learn More

    Stock Code: 114051

  49. Râdjataranginî.
    [KALHANA.] Râdjataranginî.

    Paris : 1840-1852

    First edition in any European language, and the first procurable edition of the original Sanskrit, of the work identified by Sir Aurel Stein as "practically the sole extent product of Sanskrit literature possessing the character of a true chronicle" (cited after Mirsky, Sir Aurel Stein: Archaeological Explorer, p. 23). The 12-year interval between the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 113705

  50. The Underworld:
    ASHTON-WOLFE, H. The Underworld:

    London : [1926]

    First edition, first impression. Nine true crimes stories described by the Daily Graphic (and trumpeted proudly on the front of the jacket) as "staggering secrets of the sleuth-hound". Harry Ashton-Wolfe (1861-1959) is described by Andrew Lycett, in his biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as "one of Conan Doyle's more colourful friends in the criminological... Learn More

    Stock Code: 113408

  51. The Nazarene Gospel Restored.
    GRAVES, Robert, & Joshua Podro. The Nazarene Gospel Restored.

    New York : 1954

    First US edition, first printing. Originally published in the UK the preceding year. Scarce. Learn More

    Stock Code: 112782

  52. Long Day's Journey into Night.
    O'NEILL, Eugene. Long Day's Journey into Night.

    New Haven, CT : 1956

    First edition, first printing, of O'Neill's masterpiece and one of the great plays of the 20th century. Learn More

    Stock Code: 112576

  53. Rider's British Merlin: For the Year of Our Lord God 1778.
    SAUNDERS, Richard, as Cardanus Rider. Rider's British Merlin: For the Year of Our Lord God 1778.

    London : 1778

    A handsome Georgian-era almanac, in a highly attractive contemporary binding. Cardanus Rider is now believed to have been the pseudonym of physician and astronomer Richard Saunders (1613-1675). He was a member of the circle of William Lilly, whose own Merlin was first published in 1644; Rider's British Merlin was first published in in 1653, and was... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111954

  54. The Life and Correspondence of Major-General Sir John Malcolm;
    KAYE, John William. The Life and Correspondence of Major-General Sir John Malcolm;

    London : 1856

    First edition. Sir John William Kaye (1814-1876) had himself served in the Bengal Artillery before joining the civil service of the East India Company; he wrote extensively on India, his best known work being the valuable The History of the Sepoy War in India, 1857-8 (3 volumes, 1864-76). This remains the primary source of information on Sir John Malcolm... Learn More

    Stock Code: 112004

  55. The Praise of Paris:
    WESTON, Stephen. The Praise of Paris:

    London : 1803

    First edition. Weston (1747-1830) was an antiquarian and classical scholar who wrote some fifty books, including various editions of Persian poetry, commentaries on Shakespeare, and several studies of classical architecture; notably he produced the first English translation of the Rosetta Stone, presented verbally at a Society of Antiquaries meeting... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111913

  56. An Essay concerning Humane Understanding.
    LOCKE, John. An Essay concerning Humane Understanding.

    London : 1690

    First edition, the Holt issue, traditionally considered the first. Locke worked for nearly two decades on his investigation of "the certainty and the adequacy of human knowledge" (PMM), and the resulting landmark work influenced many Enlightenment philosophers. The marginal annotations in this copy are proof of early and intelligent commentary,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111580

  57. A Child's History of England.
    DICKENS, Charles. A Child's History of England.

    London : 1852-4 [1851-3]

    First editions in book form. Dickens's history of England for children, "intensely anti-aristocratic and anti-monarchical" (ODNB), originally appeared anonymously in Household Words between January 1851 and December 1853, with the volumes published in book-form in the December of those years, post-dated to the following years. In style, subject... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111255

  58. Chronographiae libri quatuor;
    GÉNÉBRARD, Gilbert. Chronographiae libri quatuor;

    Paris : 1585

    From the library of St Albans School, Hertfordshire, one of the oldest schools in the world. The school was founded within St Albans Abbey by Abbot Wulsin in 948 and was the first school in the world to accept lay students not intending to join a religious order.

    The bookplate here has the school motto Mediocra firma, used between the 16th and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111377

  59. The Cook's Own Book:
    [LEE, N. K. M.] The Cook's Own Book:

    Boston : 1832

    First edition, first issue, of "the first alphabetically arranged culinary encyclopaedia to appear in the United States" (Oxford Companion to Food, p. 17), and one of the most popular American cookbooks of the 19th century (Michigan State University introduction, online). The author's sources are mainly British. The first issue lacks the later 37-page... Learn More

    Stock Code: 110873

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