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Colour plate & aquatint

First and rare editions of books illustrated with hand-coloured plates, especially aquatints and chromolithographs.

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  1. 139127
    MANSFIELD, Katherine. The Garden Party.

    London : 1939

    First illustrated edition, limited edition, number 708 of 1,200 copies designed by Hans Mardersteig of the Officina Bodoni. The Garden Party and other Stories was first published in February 1922 and "brought Mansfield great and deserved acclaim" (ODNB). This edition is beautifully illustrated by the important Parisian Cubist artist... Learn More

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  2. 139201
    (DULAC, Edmund.) FITZGERALD, Edward. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    London : [1909]

    First Dulac trade edition, first impression. Learn More

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  3. Tableaux du système métrique accompagnés d'un livret explicatif.
    TARNIER, Étienne Auguste. Tableaux du système métrique accompagnés d'un livret explicatif.

    Paris : 1865

    First edition of this striking exposition of the metric system, with the colour tables illustrating the system's measuring instruments, and the units of measurements of surface, volume, liquids, and weight, its application for measuring grain and other dry matter, and finally the metric system of coinage, illustrated with the coins of Napoleon III.... Learn More

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  4. A House of Pomegranates.
    (KING, Jessie M.) WILDE, Oscar. A House of Pomegranates.

    London : 1915

    First King edition, first impression, of Wilde's collection of fairy tales. Jessie Marion King (18751949) was the most important Scottish illustrator of the twentieth century. "Influenced by a Gaelic-speaking nursemaid with a fund of folklore, Jessie believed herself gifted with 'second sight' and her art was inspired by fantasy, while its minuteness... Learn More

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  5. The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.
    (RACKHAM, Arthur.) GRIMM, [Jakob & Wilhelm]. The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

    London : 1909

    First Rackham edition thus, signed limited issue, number 505 of 750 copies signed by the illustrator. Rackham's first version of Grimm's Fairy Tales, published in 1900, had no signed limited edition. This is a revised and enlarged edition with some new illustrations, as well as others redrawn and coloured.
    The translator, Mrs Edgar Lucas,... Learn More

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  6. Tales of Passed Times.
    PERRAULT, Charles. Tales of Passed Times.

    London : 1922

    First Austen edition, first impression, of Perrault's tales, including the beloved "Little Red Riding Hood", "Blue Beard", "The Sleeping Beauty", "Puss in Boots", "Cinderella", and others. Learn More

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  7. 105236
    SOLVYNS, François Baltazar. The Costume of Hindostan

    London : [plates watermarked] 1832

    Later issue. Originally published in parts in 1804-5, and first published in book form in 1807, Martin Hardie remarks on the book's "somewhat interesting history". A professional artist, Solvyns was born in Antwerp in 1760, trained at the Academy there, and embarked on a career as a marine artist. Around 1790 he "went to India to seek his fortune,... Learn More

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  8. 138906
    (BRANGWYN, Frank.) FITZGERALD, Edward. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    London & Edinburgh : 1919

    Deluxe edition, limited to 350 unnumbered copies. Rubáiyáts with Brangwyn's illustrations were published from 1906 onwards; this edition, the most comprehensive and elaborate, includes seven illustrations by the artist hitherto unpublished. The text is that of the first edition of 1859. Learn More

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  9. 138864
    (BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES.) Eccentric Biography;

    London : 1801

    First edition of this collection of biographies of historical and contemporary eccentrics, here an issue with the stipple engraved plates printed in colour, not known in other copies. Eccentrics vary from Bamfylde Moore Carew, king of the beggars, to various historical figures including Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great,... Learn More

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  10. 138810
    (NIELSEN, Kay.) East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

    London : [1914]

    First Nielsen edition, trade issue. The richness of the Danish artist Nielsen's colour images for this lavish illustrated book of Norse pagan mythology was achieved by a four-colour process, in contrast to many of the illustrations prepared by his contemporaries, such as Rackham and Dulac, which characteristically utilized a traditional three-colour... Learn More

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  11. 138803comp
    (RACKHAM, Arthur.) [BARHAM, Richard Harris.] The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels By Thomas Ingoldsby Esqre.

    London : 1907

    Signed limited edition, number 377 of 560 copies signed by Rackham, one of 500 for sale in England. Rackham's previous illustrated edition of The Ingoldsby Legends, published in 1898, had no deluxe signed issue. For this edition, it was revised and largely redrawn, so that "greater prominence could be given to the illustrations by better and larger... Learn More

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  12. 138801
    (NIELSEN, Kay.) ANDERSEN, Hans. Fairy Tales.

    London : [1924]

    First trade edition, first impression, of one of the most beautiful editions of Andersen's fairy tales, work for which Nielsen had begun in 1912. "Though Dulac only indirectly used Art Nouveau, Kay Nielsen, the Danish artist, combined the bizarre side of the movement and its exquisite motifs, as used by Beardsley, with oriental influences in pattern... Learn More

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  13. 138799comp
    (RACKHAM, Arthur.) SHAKESPEARE, William. The Tempest.

    London : [1926]

    First Rackham edition, signed limited issue, number 70 of 520 copies numbered and signed by Rackham; in the scarce dust jacket. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138799

  14. 87219
    WILLIAMSON, Thomas. Oriental Field Sports;

    London : 1819

    Second edition, first published 1807-8. "The most beautiful book on Indian sport in existence" (Schwerdt). Howitt "is first recorded as having a property at Chigwell, in Essex, and living as a gentleman of meansa keen sportsman, hunter, rider, and angler. A self-taught artist, he turned professional when financial difficulties forced him to earn a living.... Learn More

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  15. A Voyage Round the World;
    DIXON, George. A Voyage Round the World;

    London : 1789

    First edition, second and preferred issue; one of a small number of copies printed on thick paper, some of the plates with the original hand-colouring. This work provides Dixon's narrative of the voyage undertaken with Nathaniel Portlock; the principal and successful object of which was to open the fur trade in Northwest America. Portlock and Dixon's... Learn More

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  16. Dessins sur les danses de Vaslav Nijinsky.
    (NIJINSKY.) BARBIER, Georges, & Francis de Miomandre. Dessins sur les danses de Vaslav Nijinsky.

    Paris : 1913

    First edition, number 260 of 340 copies on wove paper, from an edition of 390. Barbier's first book was inspired by the impact of the Ballets Russes' first seasons in Paris, and of their phenomenal male lead in particular. "We have our despair, our sadness, our violated love and this thing, the most dread of all - the passing of the days between our... Learn More

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  17. 114091
    ATKINSON, George Francklin. The Campaign in India, 1857-58.

    London : 1859

    First and only edition of this superb, but notoriously fragile, pictorial record of the Mutiny. The illustrations, genuinely spirited and exhibiting an eye for the telling detail, are based on the very accomplished sketches made by Atkinson (1822-1859) while he was serving as a captain with the Bengal Engineers (Ambala Division). He is better known... Learn More

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  18. 75337
    DUNLOP, John. Mooltan, during and after the Siege.

    London : 1849

    First edition. Uncommon plate book recording the five month siege of Mooltan, now Multan in Punjab, Pakistan. The attempt of the British to impose a new ruler on the city led to the defiance of Dewan Mulraj, and to the siege which precipitated the Second Sikh War. The plates include images of the city itself, the participants including "Moolraj" and... Learn More

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  19. (Nihon Kokon Meika Zukai.) Short Biographies of Emineni [sic] Japanese in Ancient and Modern Times.
    MIKI, Teicki [Teiichi]; TAKAHASHI, Goro; KONISHI, Toyonosuke (ed.). (Nihon Kokon Meika Zukai.) Short Biographies of Emineni [sic] Japanese in Ancient and Modern Times.

    Tokyo : Meiji 20 [1887]

    First edition, volume 1, of the biographical instalment of a trilingual publication project celebrating the beautiful land and remarkable people of Japan. The present edition is in English, with a colophon in Japanese.
    The editor planned on publishing two works of ten volumes each, in a style similar to each other, each containing ten illustrations.... Learn More

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  20. Images de la Vie des Prisonniers de Guerre.
    BOUCHER, Lucien. Images de la Vie des Prisonniers de Guerre.

    Paris : 1920

    First and only edition, number 72 of 175 copies "sur papier de luxe". An extremely delicately produced piece, with each leaf mounted on a thin paper stub, unsurprisingly just five copies on OCLC - BnF, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Münster, Dartmouth College, Yale, and NLA - and no copies traced at auction. A superb eyewitness record, in words... Learn More

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  21. 135277comp
    (RACKHAM, Arthur.) STEPHENS, James. Irish Fairy Tales.

    London : 1920

    Signed limited edition of 520 unnumbered copies signed by the artist. Learn More

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  22. An Historical Account of the Campaign in the Netherlands,
    MUDFORD, William. An Historical Account of the Campaign in the Netherlands,

    London : 1817

    First edition, a superior copy in an elegant period binding, beautifully hand-coloured, with pre-publication watermarks (William Balston 1814 or Whatman; Abbey's copy bearing those of J. Whatman 1816).

    A superb visual record of the field of Waterloo after the battle, illustrating scenes at Mont St Jean, La Haye Sainte, La Belle Alliance, Hougoumont,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130174

  23. Voyage of His Majesty's Ship Alceste, along the Coast of Corea, to the Island of Lewchew;
    McLEOD, John. Voyage of His Majesty's Ship Alceste, along the Coast of Corea, to the Island of Lewchew;

    London : 1818

    Second Edition, first published the previous year. McLeod was the Surgeon of the Alceste which carried Lord Amherst on his embassy to China. The ship was wrecked in the Strait of Gaspar, all hands survived to be menaced by Malay pirates but eventually rescued by the East-Indiaman Ternate. The narrative concludes with their brief stop... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129164

  24. Historical Record of The Fifteenth, or The King's Regiment of Light Dragoons, Hussars:
    CANNON, Richard. Historical Record of The Fifteenth, or The King's Regiment of Light Dragoons, Hussars:

    London : 1841

    First edition. "Reputedly, William IV proposed that a series of regimental histories should be compiled, whereby the general public could be apprised of the distinguished services rendered by the regiments of the British army the work of compilation was entrusted by royal warrant to Cannon. He started immediately and the first volume to be published... Learn More

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  25. Dans les Flandres britanniques.
    LABOUREUR, Jean-Émile & Xavier Marcel Boulestin. Dans les Flandres britanniques.

    Paris : 1916

    First and only edition limited to 350 copies "dont 300 sur papier vélin numérotés de 51 à 350; 50 sur papier de hollande avec deux suites, dont une en couleurs, des illustrations, numérotés de l à 50", this being numbered 4. "Laboureur had studied at the Sorbonne and had come to know Toulouse-Lautrec during his years in Paris During the war... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122349

  26. Historic, Military, and Naval Anecdotes,
    ORME, Edward (publ.) Historic, Military, and Naval Anecdotes,

    London : 1819

    First edition, early state, plates watermarked 1812, 1815 or 1816, text 1806 or 1812; the plates have printed issue dates between 1815 and 1818, and were first assembled in book form in 1819. Abbey and Tooley are at variance on the status of differing issues, but Abbey concludes, "it would appear reasonable to assume that the early state of the book... Learn More

    Stock Code: 120634

  27. 120028
    DANIELL, Thomas & William. A Picturesque Voyage to India; by the way of China.

    London : 1810

    First edition, text and plates watermarked 1808. Originally issued in ten parts, this is one of the most famous books on the scenery of China and India to come out of the Golden Age of British aquatint. In 1784, Thomas Daniell (1749-1840) "received permission from the East India Company to travel as 'engraver' to India with his nephew William Daniell... Learn More

    Stock Code: 120028

  28. Egypt & Nubia,
    ROBERTS, David. Egypt & Nubia,

    London : 1846-49

    First edition, in the preferred deluxe coloured format, of "one of the most important and elaborate ventures of 19th-century publishing... the apotheosis of the tinted lithograph" (Abbey Travel). No publication before this had presented so comprehensive a series of views of the monuments, landscape, and people of the Near East. Representing the completion... Learn More

    Stock Code: 119585

  29. Reconnoitring in Abyssinia.
    WILKINS, H[enry] St Clair. Reconnoitring in Abyssinia.

    London : 1870

    First and only edition, uncommon: nine copies traced in UK libraries, just five other complete copies traced in commerce in the last 50 years, this a remarkably clean and fresh copy from the celebrated travel library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching, with his pencilled initials to the front free endpaper. Wilkins "commanded the Royal Engineers throughout... Learn More

    Stock Code: 119294

  30. Wanderings of a Pilgrim, in Search of the Picturesque,
    PARKS, Fanny. Wanderings of a Pilgrim, in Search of the Picturesque,

    London : 1850

    First edition. Uncommon, and highly sought after, particularly in the cloth. "Fanny and Charles Parks sailed for Calcutta in June 1822, finally leaving India in August 1845. Her account of her years in India, Wanderings of a Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque, largely based on the journal which she kept for her mother, was published in 1850. The focus... Learn More

    Stock Code: 95111

  31. 74622
    RATHBONE, Augusta, & Juliet Thompson. French Riviera Villages.

    New York : 1938

    First edition, first printing. Scarce in the original box. Learn More

    Stock Code: 74622

  32. Liber Nauticus, and Instructor in the Art of Marine Drawing.
    SERRES, Dominick, & John Thomas. Liber Nauticus, and Instructor in the Art of Marine Drawing.

    London : 1805-6

    First edition. An excellent copy of probably the grandest English naval aquatint book, eight of the plates here being coloured, in Abbey's copy only plate XVII was coloured. Dominick and John Thomas Serres were father and son. The father was born at Auch in Gascony, and educated at the famous Benedictine academy in Douai, being intended for the clergy.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 63304

  33. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte,
    (NAPOLEON.) IRELAND, William Henry, & George Cruikshank. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte,

    London : 1823-8

    First edition, first issue with all required points where visible. Originally issued in 64 parts, the first 48 being issued by Fairburn, "the publication was then taken over by Cumberland, who issued 16 more parts" (Tooley). Abbey remarks that the "Fairburn venture must have been unsuccessful, for sets carrying his imprints are very unusual, and examples... Learn More

    Stock Code: 128967

  34. Reichenbachia, Orchids illustrated and described.
    SANDER, Henry Frederick Conrad. Reichenbachia, Orchids illustrated and described.

    London & St Albans : 1888-94 [1895]

    Imperial edition, copy 51 of 100 copies signed by Sander. Published during the heyday of the late Victorian orchid mania, Sander was the foremost authority on the Orchidaceae, as well as the largest grower, maintaining nurseries in England, Belgium, and the United States. He had agents gathering plants worldwide, often dangerous work, and he reports... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122509

  35. 137737
    (VATICAN MAPS.) The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican.

    Modena : 1994

    A handsome, comprehensive publication of the maps and associated items housed in the Vatican collections. With parallel Italian and English text. Learn More

    Stock Code: 137737

  36. A Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains.
    GOULD, John. A Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains.

    London : 1832

    First edition of Gould's first book, the rare issue with the backgrounds coloured; in a letter to Lord Derby, Gould wrote "You will probably recollect that in my first work... neither the plants or sic Backgrounds were coloured; In order to render the Series of my Publications complete... I have had those parts coloured in the few copies I have left"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134609

  37. Histoire naturelle des perroquets.
    LEVAILLANT, François. Histoire naturelle des perroquets.

    Paris : 1801-05

    First edition in the preferred folio format of this celebrated work, which stands in the front rank of ornithological books; a quarto version was issued at the same time. The very fine colour plates are by Jacques Barraband, "a superlative bird artist" (Buchanan, p. 97-8), which, apart from their undoubted beauty, display a scientific accuracy that... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137037

  38. North American Indians.
    CATLIN, George. North American Indians.

    Edinburgh : 1926

    A young lawyer turned portraitist, Catlin set out in 1830 from his home in Pennsylvania to record on canvas the indigenous tribes of North America and their way of life. His eight years among the major tribes of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains resulted in his "Indian Gallery," an enormous collection of artefacts as well as more than four hundred... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126141

  39. A Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes,
    ACKERMANN, Rudolph (publisher). A Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes,

    London : 1821

    First edition, possibly one of 100 large-paper copies (similar to Abbey's copy measuring 14 by 11 inches) from a total print-run of 850, originally issued in 12 monthly parts; all watermarks pre-publication (the plates 1818 and 1820, the text 1818). Ackermann's intention was to combine the "most striking features of the various kinds of scenery of... Learn More

    Stock Code: 115759

  40. A Midsummer Night's Dream.
    (RACKHAM, Arthur) SHAKESPEARE, William. A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    London : 1908

    First Rackham edition, trade issue. With an original ink drawing of Bottom to the half-title signed "Arthur Rackham Xmas 08." Learn More

    Stock Code: 135382

  41. Flore portugaise ou description de toutes les plantes qui croissent naturellement en Portugal.
    HOFFMANNSEGG, Johann Centurius Graf von, & Heinrich Friedrich Link. Flore portugaise ou description de toutes les plantes qui croissent naturellement en Portugal.

    Berlin : 1809-[1840]

    First edition, the grandest Portuguese flower book ever published, and among the finest flower books of the 19th century. The delicate illustrations - based on Johann Hoffmannsegg (1766-1849) travels through Portugal between 1797 and 1801 - are executed in the manner of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, yet as a record of newly discovered and previously undescribed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137002

  42. The Microcosm of London.
    ACKERMANN, Rudolph. The Microcosm of London.

    London : [1808-10]

    First edition, early issue with a number of the plates in their first state. "Ackermann's The Microcosm of London... is a book of major importance. The architectural drawings were by Augustus Charles Pugin, a French refugee who came to London in about 1798, 'driven from his country either by the horrors of the French Revolution or by private reasons... Learn More

    Stock Code: 62650

  43. A Picturesque Tour Along the Rhine, from Mentz to Cologne:
    (ACKERMANN, Rudolph, publ.) GERNING, Johann Isaac von. A Picturesque Tour Along the Rhine, from Mentz to Cologne:

    London : 1820

    First illustrated edition, with plates watermarked 1816-20. By 1820, Rudolph Ackermann (17641834) had established himself as one of the premium publishers of colour plate books in Britain, largely thanks to a number of works on English topography starting with The Microcosm of London in 1808. A Picturesque Tour Along the Rhine was... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136164

  44. Tales of Mystery and Imagination.
    (CLARKE, Harry.) POE, Edgar Allan. Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

    New York : 1933

    First Tudor edition in the publisher's box. The first version of Harry Clarke's illustrations of Tales of Mystery and Imagination (without colour plates) was published in the UK in 1919, followed by an edition with colour plates in 1923. Learn More

    Stock Code: 107047

  45. 137274
    ANSON, W. S. W. (ed.) The Christmas Book of Carols and Songs.

    London : [1905]

    First edition of this attractive Christmas gift book. This illustrated collection of Christmas music was published as part of the Routledge's Photogravure and Colour Series and "made itself special by its thick, imitation-vellum pages and a typeface similar to Morris' Golden" (Gertzman, p. 77). This collection predominantly features the work of poet... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137274

  46. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.
    (DULAC, Edmund.) OMAR KHAYYÁM; Edward Fitzgerald (trans.) Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    London : [1909]

    First Dulac edition, first impression. Learn More

    Stock Code: 132279

  47. Grains de Poivre.
    TOUSSAINT, Franz. Grains de Poivre.

    Paris : 1927

    First and only edition, number 420 of 400 copies on Vélin du Marais au filigrane, from a total edition of 450 only.
    A fine copy of this work, a classic of the art déco style, by French writer and orientalist Franz Toussaint, and illustrated by Janine Aghion, who worked with art déco forerunner Paul Poiret. Learn More

    Stock Code: 136268

  48. Kate Greenaway Pictures.
    GREENAWAY, Kate. Kate Greenaway Pictures.

    London : 1921

    First edition, first impression.
    A press cutting from 1972 with book catalogue for Baltman & Co, listing the present work, loosely inserted. Learn More

    Stock Code: 135969

  49. La Ménagerie Royale,
    (ZOOLOGY.) La Ménagerie Royale,

    Paris : 1814

    First edition published under this title, second overall. This work was first published in 1812, under Napoleon's reign as emperor, as "La Ménagerie Impériale." Napoleon abdicated in 1814, to be succeeded by King Louis XVIII, and so the menagerie was reclassified as "royale," prompting Saintin to reissue the book from the same sheets with a suitably... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134214

  50. Prométhée.
    (MOORE, Henry.) GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von, & André Gide (trans.) Prométhée.

    Paris : 1950-51

    First and limited edition of Moore's first lithographic portfolio, this copy marked "H.C." (hors de commerce) and initialled by the publisher P. A. Nicaise, perhaps one of the copies réservées à des collaborateurs (reserved for collaborators); the edition was limited to 183 copies on vélin de chiffon à la forme des Papeteries du Marais.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135517

  51. Songs of Innocence.
    BLAKE, William. Songs of Innocence.

    Clairvaux, Jura, France : 1954

    First edition thus, deluxe issue in full morocco, number 56 of 1,600 copies on Arches pure rag paper made to match that used by Blake, watermarked with his monogram. Of the 1,600 copies, 800 went to the UK and US respectively, this being part of the former issue; a further 26 were retained by the publisher. This colour facsimile, painstakingly produced... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136953

  52. Emergency Mouse.
    (STEADMAN, Ralph.) STONE, Bernard. Emergency Mouse.

    London : 1978

    First edition, first impression, inscribed "For Bernard's Joan, from Bernard Stone", and " with love from Ralph Steadman" on the title page, with an original drawing in black biro and red felt-tip pen by Steadman: a portrait captioned "I'm a critic actually..." on the verso of the front free endpaper. Learn More

    Stock Code: 135197

  53. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.
    DICKENS, Charles. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.

    London : 1931

    First edition illustrated by Charles Edmund Brock, handsomely bound for the luxury purveyors Asprey. Learn More

    Stock Code: 134824

  54. Sleeping Beauty.
    (CARTER, Angela, trans.) (FOREMAN, Michael, illus.) Sleeping Beauty.

    London : 1982

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy signed on the half-title by Carter, additionally inscribed by Michael Foreman "Dear Jo, I promise never to use blue again" next to an original drawing of a begging character. There are four other indecipherable signatures, one of them adds "Angela's book", perhaps people involved with the production... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135480

  55. Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens
    (RACKHAM, Arthur.) BARRIE, J. M. Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens

    London : 1906

    First Rackham edition. Barrie asked Rackham to illustrate not the play Peter Pan (which remained unpublished until 1928) but make a new book from those chapters from The Little White Bird (1902) that had first introduced the character. Learn More

    Stock Code: 121585

  56. 118960
    (BAKST, Léon, & others.) PROPERT, W. A. The Russian Ballet in Western Europe, 1909-1920.

    London : 1921

    First and limited edition, number 234 of 500 copies for sale in Great Britain. The plates represent the work of all of the major contributors to the early productions of the Ballets Russes - including many of the key artists of the period: Picasso, Derain, Matisse, Sert and, on the Russian side, Bakst, Goncharova, Benois, Fedorovskiy, Golovin, Larionov,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 118960

  57. Gedenktage aus dem Jahre 1809. Eine Errinenrung. Den Damen Wiens gewidmet vom Ballkomittee der Stadt Wien.
    GEYLING, Remigius. Gedenktage aus dem Jahre 1809. Eine Errinenrung. Den Damen Wiens gewidmet vom Ballkomittee der Stadt Wien.

    Vienna : 1909

    Superb Vienna Secessionist-style souvenir for the 1909 City Ball, a celebration of the centenary of the Battle of Aspern-Essling, in which the Archduke Charles denied Napoleon's attempt to cross the Danube, in the process inflicting massive casualties, and delivering Napoleon's first personal defeat in over ten years. The elegant plates are by Remigius... Learn More

    Stock Code: 113719

  58. Parallèlement.
    (CHIMOT, Édouard, illus.) VERLAINE, Paul. Parallèlement.

    Paris : 1931

    First edition thus, artist's copy number G of 15 copies on different types of paper reserved to the collaborators and signed by Chimot on the justification page.
    Édouard Chimot (1880-1959) was a French artist, illustrator and editor whose career reached its peak in the 1920s in Paris, through the publication of fine quality art-printed books. His... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132689

  59. Apollinaire.
    (MATISSE, Henri.) ROUVEYRE, André. Apollinaire.

    Paris : 1952

    First edition thus, first printing, number 233 of 300 on vélin d'arches, from a total edition of 350, with the chemise and slipcase in unusually nice condition.
    The friendship between the caricaturist and writer André Rouveyre (1879-1962) and the artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954) left a trail of art works and a correspondence of over 1 100 letters.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132731

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