First and desirable rare editions of books with uncoloured illustrations, especially woodcuts and wood-engravings.

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  1. De re militari libri quatuor.
    VEGETIUS RENATUS, Flavius. De re militari libri quatuor.

    Paris : 1553

    Fifth Wechel edition, the fourth illustrated, of the Scriptores rei militaris (The writers of the art of war), which gathers the work of four Roman authors, Vegetius, Frontinus, Aelianus, and Modestus. The superb woodcuts were copied from Heinrich Steiner's 1529 Augsburg edition and first used by Wechel in 1532. This copy carries an appealing ancien... Learn More

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  2. L'Isole Piu Famose Del Mondo.
    PORCACCHI, Thomaso. L'Isole Piu Famose Del Mondo.

    Venice : 1576

    Second and best edition, which contains "much more" (Sabin) than the first edition of 1572, including 17 additional maps. Two of these, Jamaica and Porto Rico, are in the eight-map section on the New World, which also includes a reduced version of Forlani's 1565 map, the first to show America as a single geographical entity, Temistitan (Mexico), Cuba,... Learn More

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  3. Mr. Knife Miss Fork.
    ERNST, Max - CREVEL, René. Mr. Knife Miss Fork.

    Paris : 1931

    First edition, sole printing, number 27 of 50 copies signed by Crevel on the half-title and Ernst on the frontispiece and printed on Hollande paper, from a total edition of 255 copies. This is one of the most celebrated books of the Black Sun Press and a cornerstone of Surrealist literature. This work is a fragment from Crevel's novel Babylone (1927),... Learn More

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  4. The Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club.
    DICKENS, Charles. The Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club.

    London : 1837

    First edition, bound from the original monthly parts, in a very handsome binding by the leading British bookbinders Bayntun-Riviere, and delightfully extra-illustrated with the full suite of Frederick Pailthorpe's 24 additional illustrations which were issued in 1882, retaining the front wrapper of that publication with the publisher's presentation... Learn More

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  5. Pride and Prejudice.
    AUSTEN, Jane. Pride and Prejudice.

    London : 1894

    First fully illustrated edition, known as the "peacock edition" from the exquisite gilt design on the front cover, one of the most striking examples of late-Victorian pictorial cloth. This was the first edition to feature illustrations accompanying the text, as Bentley's 1833 edition and subsequent printings had featured only a frontispiece.

    The... Learn More

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  6. Des maladies mentales considérées sous les rapports médical, hygiénique et médico-légal.
    ESQUIROL, Jean-Étienne Dominique. Des maladies mentales considérées sous les rapports médical, hygiénique et médico-légal.

    Paris : 1838

    First edition of "the first modern textbook of psychiatry" (Norman); this copy of especial interest as including, bound into the first volume, a fine original pencil drawing (dated 1836) of a psychiatric patient, ascribed by a later hand to the engraver Ambroise Tardieu, along with a suite of 19 proof engravings. Tardieu appears to have been responsible... Learn More

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  7. The Ceremonies and Religious Customs of the Various Nations of the Known World:
    PICART, Bernard, & Jean Frederic Bernard. The Ceremonies and Religious Customs of the Various Nations of the Known World:

    London : 1733-39

    First complete edition in English of one of the great books of the 18th century, a beautifully illustrated survey of religious observances around the world, marking "a major turning point in European attitudes toward religious belief" (Hunt, Jacob & Mijnhardt, p. 1).

    Originally published in French at Amsterdam between 1723 and 1737 (Ceremonies... Learn More

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  8. The Early Work.
    BEARDSLEY, Aubrey. The Early Work.

    London : 1899

    First edition, the limited issue, one of 120 copies on Japanese Vellum, of this lavish publication gathering the early works of Aubrey Beardsley, and which was followed by two more volumes, his Late Work (1901) and Uncollected Works (1925). This is a superb copy.

    The present work includes 16 of his illustrations and designs for Wilde's Salome... Learn More

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  9. Stirrings Still.
    BECKETT, Samuel. Stirrings Still.

    New York & London : 1988

    First edition, first printing, number 40 of 226 numbered copies on vélin de Rives paper signed by both Beckett and le Brocquy on the limitation leaf. A superb copy of Beckett's last prose work. Learn More

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  10. Stirrings Still.
    BECKETT, Samuel. Stirrings Still.

    New York & London : 1988

    First edition, first printing, the dedication copy, Hors Commerce copy I/XV, from a total edition of 226 copies on vélin de Rives signed by Beckett and le Brocquy. This is the dedicatee's copy additionally marked "BR" for Barney Rosset, for whom the story was written. An immaculate copy of Beckett's last prose work, together with extra material.

    Loosely... Learn More

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  11. History of British Birds.
    BEWICK, Thomas. History of British Birds.

    Newcastle upon Tyne : 1797-1804 & 1791

    First edition of the Birds, Second edition of the Quadrupeds; an attractive set of Bewick's classic natural history works copiously and characterfully illustrated with studies of the animals by Thomas Bewick.

    It was the General History of Quadrupeds (1790) which ensured "Bewick's national reputation was fully established" (ODNB), and confirmed... Learn More

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  12. Fasciculus medicinae.
    KETHAM, Johannes de. Fasciculus medicinae.

    Venice : 1495

    Second Latin edition. First published in Latin in 1491, Ketham's Fasciculus medicinae was then issued in Italian in 1493 with a new set of woodcuts which quickly became popular and celebrated. These new woodcuts marked an important step forward in medical illustration, the human figures and their anatomy becoming much more representational and realistic.... Learn More

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  13. Pantheon or Heathen Mythology in Cards,
    CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY - INSTRUCTIONAL CARDS. Pantheon or Heathen Mythology in Cards,

    [London? : c.1790?]

    A set of the Pantheon cards, retaining the original card box, designed to introduce children to Greek and Roman mythology, each card with a depiction of a deity, hero or memorable event selected from the myths of antiquity, with explanatory details below.

    The terminal card is captioned, under a depiction of Mount Olympus, "Sold only at Willerton's... Learn More

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  14. Ehrenpforte. Arc triomphal de l'empereur Maximilien I. (The Triumphal Arch of Maximilian I.)
    DÜRER, Albrecht. Ehrenpforte. Arc triomphal de l'empereur Maximilien I. (The Triumphal Arch of Maximilian I.)

    [Vienna : 1799]

    Fourth impression of Dürer's Ehrenpforte, one of the great giant woodcuts of the Renaissance, printed from the original 16th-century blocks under the supervision of Adam Bartsch. The blocks are now preserved at the Albertina Museum, Vienna.

    The work was intended for assembly as a gigantic wall print measuring approximately 3.5 x 3 metres (11... Learn More

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  15. A Comedy of Terence called Andria.
    TERENCE. A Comedy of Terence called Andria.

    Verona : 1971

    First Bodoni edition, one of ten copies for presentation, with the printed presentation "This copy has been printed for David Earl of Crawford"; a further 160 numbered copies were also issued.

    David Lindsay, 28th Earl of Crawford and 11th Earl of Balcarres (1900-1975) served as chairman of the National Trust from 1945 to 1965, alongside serving... Learn More

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  16. Woodcut proofs for Wuthering Heights.
    BRONTË, Emily; EICHENBERG, Fritz (illus.) Woodcut proofs for Wuthering Heights.

    [New York] : [1943]

    A selection of nine woodcut proofs, from the library of the artist, each signed by the artist in pencil, done for Eichenberg's edition of Wuthering Heights (New York, 1943). These proofs were printed in a limited, unnumbered, run of 10 or fewer by Eichenberg in 1943. In 1980 at the Hampshire Typothetae Harold McGrath issued a signed limited reprint... Learn More

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  17. Illustrations of The Book of Job.
    BLAKE, William. Illustrations of The Book of Job.

    London : 1825 [1826]

    First edition, one of 65 sets on French paper, the rarest of the three forms of the original issue of the last series that Blake fully completed. "The modest size of the central panels does not prevent them from ranking with the supreme masterpieces of graphic art" (Ray, The Illustrator and the Book in England, 17901914, no. 8).

    In c.1805-06... Learn More

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  18. Pain's British Palladio: or, The Builder's General Assistant.
    PAIN, William & James. Pain's British Palladio: or, The Builder's General Assistant.

    London : 1804

    New edition, first published in 1786, this the sixth edition overall: one of the standard architectural books of the Georgian period.

    William Pain co-authored the work with his son James, giving designs for country and town houses, chimney pieces, and ceilings in the Adam style, working drawings of the orders, and for the carpentry of roofs and... Learn More

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  19. The Decameron.
    BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. The Decameron.

    London : 1886

    First Payne edition, number 340 of 750 copies on Holland paper, in the rare jackets, an unrecorded variant in which the imprint on the title pages do not state that it was printed "for the Villon Society". "A landmark in the history of the Decameron in English, and the very first complete and unexpurgated version" (Armstrong, p. 259).

    A linguistic... Learn More

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  20. Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, Mount Libanon [sic], and Cyprus, in the Year 1814.
    LIGHT, Henry. Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, Mount Libanon [sic], and Cyprus, in the Year 1814.

    London : 1818

    First and sole edition. Sir Henry Light (1783-1870), later governor of British Guiana (1838-48), was a captain with the Royal Artillery stationed at Malta when, in 1814, he "obtained leave to travel in the countries he describes" (preface).

    Continuing in the third person, Light remarks that "curiosity and amusement were his object: he kept a... Learn More

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  21. The Golden Cockerel Mabinogion.
    GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS: JONES, Gwyn & Thomas (trans.) The Golden Cockerel Mabinogion.

    London : 1948

    First Golden Cockerel edition, number 440 of 550 copies printed (the first 75 copies being specially bound), presenting a new translation of the ancient Welsh epic The Mabinogion (first fully brought into modern English by Lady Charlotte Guest between 1838 and 1845) alongside illustrations by Dorothea Braby. The Mabinogion encompasses Arthurian legend... Learn More

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  22. 147470
    BLAKE, William. Illustrations of Dante.

    Clairvaux : 1978

    First edition thus, number 33 of 376 copies so bound, from a total edition of 440 copies, all on Lana rag paper.

    This Trianon Press edition is the first accurate reproduction of Blake's seven engravings for Dante's Divine Comedy, which were first published in 1838. The facsimile was made from a proof set in the collection of Sir Geoffrey Keynes,... Learn More

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  23. Ars Moriendi ex.
    ARS MORIENDI. Ars Moriendi ex.

    Nuremberg : [1510]

    First of three Latin editions printed by Weissenburger. The book derives from the Tractatus (or Speculum) artis bene moriendi, composed in 1415 by an anonymous Dominican friar, probably at the request of the Council of Constance. Owing to its popularity, a shorter version of Ars Moriendi was taken from the second chapter, dealing with the five temptations... Learn More

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  24. Orlando Furioso.
    DORÉ, Gustave (illus.); ARIOSTO, Ludovico. Orlando Furioso.

    Milan : 1881

    First Italian edition of the last of the great Doré folios devised by Hachette, this copy presented in a most imposing binding, with a gift dedication on the front cover "Al Caro Carlo Tito"; it was preceded by the Paris edition of 1879, and unusually there was no edition in English.

    Ariosto's "sprawling poetic epic relating the intricate... Learn More

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  25. Hommage A Rimbaud.
    RIMBAUD, Arthur; VIEILLARD, Roger (illus.) Hommage A Rimbaud.

    Paris : 1945

    First edition, first printing, inscribed in pencil "à Ralph Kirkpatrick pour 'les possibilités harmoniques' Roger Vieillard amicalement" inside the first blank, including two musical drawings, further drawings on the title page with the caption "pour Ralph Kirkparick" signed with Vieillard's "RV" monogram and dated "1942-1971-1982". This copy number... Learn More

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  26. Antiquités etrusques grecs et romaines.
    HANCARVILLE, David. Antiquités etrusques grecs et romaines.

    Paris : 1785

    Volumes one and two (of five) of the second edition, the first with plates by Francois-Anne David (1724-1824), first printed in Naples in 1766-67 in a folio edition of 500 copies. The work had a profound influence on Josiah Wedgwood, and was one of the earliest influences in the neo-classical revival that swept England and the continent in the 18th... Learn More

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  27. Umbrellas and Their History.
    SANGSTER, William. Umbrellas and Their History.

    London : [c.1870]

    A handsomely bound early extra-illustrated edition of Sangster's Umbrellas and Their History, which was first published in 1855. Learn More

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  28. Ireland: Its Scenery, Character, &c.
    HALL, Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Ireland: Its Scenery, Character, &c.

    London : [c.1850]

    A handsome set of this important and comprehensive travelogue of Ireland; scarce in a contemporary binding.

    Samuel Carter Hall (1800-1889) and Anna Maria Fielding (1800-1881) were both born in Ireland but moved to London to be married in 1824. Hall was a prominent journalist who edited various literary magazines, most notably the prestigious... Learn More

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  29. Letters on India.
    GRAHAM, Maria. Letters on India.

    London : 1814

    First edition of this attractive supplement to Graham's Journal of a Residence in India (1812), similarly based around her own travels, and "extending her account of the culture" of India (Robinson). A pretty copy of a surprisingly uncommon work, less than a dozen locations on WorldCat.

    "Written solely with the design of being useful to such... Learn More

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  30. Our Indian Empire and the adjacent countries of Afghanistan, Beloochistan, Persia, etc. Depicted and described by Pen and Pencil.
    MARTIN, Robert Montgomery. Our Indian Empire and the adjacent countries of Afghanistan, Beloochistan, Persia, etc. Depicted and described by Pen and Pencil.

    London : 1879-81

    First edition thus, based on Martin's The Indian Empire (1858-61), but with a new introduction taking in recent developments in the Great Game, volume III closing with the conclusion of the Second Afghan War (1878-80) and General Roberts's entry into Kandahar.

    The Dublin-born writer and civil servant Robert Montgomery Martin (c.1802-1868), wrote... Learn More

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  31. The Seven Lamps of Architecture.
    RUSKIN, John. The Seven Lamps of Architecture.

    London : 1849

    First edition of the first of Ruskin's works to carry his name and the first to be illustrated. This copy is extra-illustrated with a later portrait of Ruskin as frontispiece.

    His purpose was to "both secularize and make protestant the movement of the Gothic revival, drawing it away from the Roman Catholic influence of August Wegin Pugin" (ODNB).... Learn More

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  32. Nos héros.
    WORLD WAR I - JOU, Louis. Nos héros.


    First and sole edition, number 4 of 100 copies, each plate signed and numbered in pencil by the artist (also numbered on the mount) and with nine additional plates in a different state, a number annotated by Jou. A superb series of deeply affecting but little known prints, and a major contribution to the iconography of the Great War.

    Louis Jou... Learn More

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  33. Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite.
    GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS: LUCAS, F. L. (trans.) Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite.

    [London] : 1948

    First edition thus, copy 26 of 100 deluxe copies bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe and signed by the translator F. L. Lucas, from a total edition of 750 copies. This Golden Cockerel Press edition exhibits the ancient Greek poetic hymns to Aphrodite, goddess of love, with both the Greek text and Lucas's translation, alongside woodcut illustrations by Belgian... Learn More

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  34. Mort de l'Amour.
    BARNEY, Natalie Clifford (her copy); ROUVEYRE, André (illus.) Mort de l'Amour.

    Paris : 1911

    First and only edition, inscribed on the half-title to the Amazon of Paris "à Natalie Clifford Barney, imperturbable, André Rouveyre"; number 928 of 1000 copies on papier d'Arches, from an edition limited to 1010 copies only. Rouveyre seems to have been liberal with his inscriptions, but this is a superb Parisian association.

    The Paris-based... Learn More

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  35. The Thousand and One Nights;
    BRANGWYN, Frank (illus.); LANE, Edward William (trans.) The Thousand and One Nights;

    London & Philadelphia : 1896

    First Brangwyn edition, signed limited edition, number 55 of 100 large paper sets, with an extra suite of Brangwyn's 36 plates, numbered 3 of 100 sets of proofs on Japan vellum, signed by the publisher on the limitation page of the portfolio and the first volume. We were unable to trace another set including the suite of proofs. Learn More

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  36. The Fairy Family.
    BURNE-JONES, Edward (illus.); MacLAREN, Archibald. The Fairy Family.

    London : 1857

    First edition, in an attractive custom binding in notably bright condition. This work features Edward Burne-Jones's first book illustrations, done while still at Oxford and published anonymously at his own request. This copy appears to have been bound for the liberal politician and medieval scholar Allan Heywood Bright (1862-1941) with his and his brother's... Learn More

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  37. Salomé.
    WILDE, Oscar; BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (illus.) Salomé.

    London : 1894

    First edition in English, one of 100 large paper copies. This edition was the first to feature Beardsley's striking illustrations, however, some of his designs were withheld from publication and not issued until 1907. "If Le Morte Darthur 1893 made Beardsley known, his designs for the first edition in English of Wilde's Salomé made him notorious, and... Learn More

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  38. Picturesque Europe.
    TAYLOR, Bayard (ed.) Picturesque Europe.

    London : 1875-79

    First issue in book form, originally published in 60 parts from 1875 to 1879. A very handsome production, the first two volumes on the British Isles, the latter three on the rest of Europe; the lavish illustrations depict natural wonders alongside notable and rustic architecture, often highly romanticised. Learn More

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  39. A Book of Nonsense by Derry Down Derry.
    LEAR, Edward. A Book of Nonsense by Derry Down Derry.

    [London : 1856?]

    Second edition, rare - "virtually unfindable" according to Ray - and here preserving the original boards, judiciously restored. The second edition contains three illustrations not present in the trade edition, and which have never appeared since. This copy with an interesting provenance.

    The book was presented to the novelist Amy Dillwyn (18451935)... Learn More

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  40. Ode a Priape.
    COLLOT, André (illus.); M. Piron. Ode a Priape.

    Paris : 1927

    First edition thus, number 29 of 325 copies on Rives, from a total edition of 350, of this clandestine erotic publication featuring an early appearance (uncredited) of etchings by André Collot (1897-1976), who would go on to be prolific for such work in the 1930s and beyond. The images are outrageous and fantastical, from priapic penis-worship to bestiality.... Learn More

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  41. Mémoires de la Régence de S. A. R. Mgr. le duc d'Orléans, durant la minorité de Louis XV, Roi de France.
    LAW, John; PIOSSENS, Chevalier de. Mémoires de la Régence de S. A. R. Mgr. le duc d'Orléans, durant la minorité de Louis XV, Roi de France.

    Amsterdam : 1729

    First edition of a history of the regency in France during the minority of Louis XV, charting all the political and financial upheavals of the duc d'Orléans regency, with much information on John Law and his system between 1715 and 1723. It was published simultaneously at The Hague.

    Learn More

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  42. Douze eaux-fortes.
    DEVAMBEZ, André. Douze eaux-fortes.

    Paris : 1915

    First and sole edition, number 116 of 150 copies only, title page and each plate signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Inevitably highly uncommon, this quite superb suite of plates can trace its lineage to those more famous series on a similar theme by Jacques Callot and Goya.

    André Devambez (1867-1944) originally studied with his father... Learn More

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  43. The Life and Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha.
    CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. The Life and Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

    London : 1820

    First Westall-illustrated edition. Richard Westall (1765-1836) was "a significant and innovative figure in the development of the English watercolour, his elegant and precise book illustrations set new standards in that field, and his portraits and historical and religious paintings have deservedly received more scholarly attention recently than hitherto"... Learn More

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  44. Fables.
    BLAKE, William (engr.); GAY, John. Fables.

    London : 1793

    First edition thus, large paper copy, with 12 plates engraved by William Blake, based largely on designs from earlier editions, particularly those of John Wootton and William Kent for the first edition of 1727. Keynes notes that the first Blake plate, "The Shepherd and the Philosopher", is the most characteristically Blakean of the illustrations.

    Gay's... Learn More

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  45. Americans.
    GIBSON, Charles Dana. Americans.

    New York : 1902

    Early printing, following the first of 1900; a collection of Gibson's satirical yet elegant drawings of high class American life, with several drawings representing the attractive, well-dressed, and independent ladies since called the "Gibson Girl".

    "One of the best and most influential illustrators of American life, Gibson's drawings helped... Learn More

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  46. The Poetical Works.
    DARWIN, Erasmus. The Poetical Works.

    London : 1806

    First edition of this posthumous collection placing Darwin's exuberant and eccentric inquiry into the Linnaean system in rhyming couplets alongside his poetic speculations on evolution, the whole much enlivened by numerous plates including a number by Blake and Fuseli. A wide-margined, large paper copy in a handsome Regency binding from the library... Learn More

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  47. Mister Tootleoo One & Two.
    DARWIN, Bernard & Elinor. Mister Tootleoo One & Two.

    London : 1932

    First edition, first impression, of the first joint appearance of the first two Tootleoo books. The author, the grandson of the naturalist Charles Darwin, collaborated with his wife on children's books, with Bernard providing the text and Elinor the illustrations. Learn More

    Stock Code: 130310

  48. Drawings faithfully copied from Nature at Naples
    HAMILTON, Lady Emma - REHBERG, Frederick. Drawings faithfully copied from Nature at Naples

    [Rome] : 1794

    First edition, scarce, of Rehberg's record of Emma Hamilton's "attitudes". Perhaps based on her experiences as the "living illustration" of Hygæa at Dr. Graham's infamous "Temple of Health", or perhaps developed as an exhibition of neo-classical culture for her husband, Sir William Hamilton, whatever the truth, the reputation of these postures spread... Learn More

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  49. The Life and Epistles of St. Paul.
    DULEEP SINGH - CONYBEARE, W. J., & J. S. Howson. The Life and Epistles of St. Paul.

    London : 1855

    Inscribed on the first blank of volume I; "To the Revd. G. J. Colinson sic with the best wishes of Duleep Singh, Roehampton June 18 1856". This suitably soberly bound set of an early edition of a handsomely illustrated popular biographical study of the Apostle, perhaps the greatest Christian conversion narrative, may seem an apposite choice for this... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142745

  50. Theatrum Machinarum Universale;
    VAN DER HORST, Tileman, & Jacob Polley (part II). Theatrum Machinarum Universale;

    Amsterdam : 1757 [part II dated 1737]

    A handsome publication illustrating the technology behind the Dutch waterways, their canals, windmills, bridges and boats. The first part was first issued in 1736, the second in 1737, here a secondary issue with a title page of 1757 (the second part keeping a date of 1737), presented in the original trade binding of quarter sheep. Learn More

    Stock Code: 143528

  51. Le Thé du Capitaine Sogoub.
    KESSEL, J. Le Thé du Capitaine Sogoub.

    Paris : 1926

    First edition, number 701 of 1,000 copies printed on Annonay vellum, from a total edition of 1,260 there were also 20 printed on velin cuve for friends of the publishers, 60 on japon and 180 on van Gelder. An undisclosed number were also printed but reserved from commerce. Joseph Kessel was a French novelist and member of the Académie française from... Learn More

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  52. Opera.
    HORACE. Opera.

    London : 1733-37 [i.e. 1757]

    First edition of Pine's Horace, second printing of 1757 from the same plates. A tour-de-force of bookmaking, Pine's Horace is entirely engraved, both text and illustration, and liberally supplied with initials, head- and tailpieces and vignettes. "Pine's complete command of his craft makes this the most elegant of English eighteenth-century books in... Learn More

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  53. Workes of Armorie,
    BOSSEWELL, John. Workes of Armorie,

    London : 1572

    First edition, contemporary hand-colouring throughout. The numerous woodcut crests and other illustrations throughout Bossewell's Armorie were published with the colours indicated by key letters ("V" for vert, green; "A" for argent, silver, etc). In this copy, all the crests, initials and illustrations have been finely illuminated throughout in colour... Learn More

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  54. Designs for Mr. R. Bentley for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray.
    GRAY, Thomas. Designs for Mr. R. Bentley for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray.

    London : 1765

    Fourth edition overall, expanded from the three editions of 1753 with further Odes, of this large, elaborately illustrated publication of the best-known works of the poet Gray, including the Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. A presentation copy of H. A. J. Munro's translation of the Elegy into Latin (c. 1873) is tipped-in at the rear endpapers.

    "This... Learn More

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  55. A Practical Treatise on Painting.
    BURNET. John. A Practical Treatise on Painting.

    London : 1827

    First collected edition of "highly respected writer on art" (ODNB)Burnet's best-known works, comprising Practical Hints on Composition (first published in 1822), Practical Hints on Light and Shade (1826), and Practical Hints on Colour (1827). Learn More

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  56. Histoires extraordinaires; Nouvelles histoires extraordinaires.
    POE, Edgar Allan, & Charles Baudelaire (trans.) Histoires extraordinaires; Nouvelles histoires extraordinaires.

    Paris : 1884

    First editions thus, each number 66 of 100 copies on Japon paper, of Poe's classic tales, extra-illustrated and and with an original watercolour in both volumes by noted Swiss artist Evert van Muyden (1853-1922), who left Rome to study at Geneva's Beaux-Arts around 1884. Van Muyden is best known for his illustrations of plants and animals inspired by... Learn More

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  57. [Title from binding:] Portraits of Celebrated Persons.
    EGERTON, William, first Baron Egerton, of Tatton Park. [Title from binding:] Portraits of Celebrated Persons.


    Highly appealing exemplar of a mid-nineteenth century portrait album, assembled with discernment and a great deal of care by William Egerton, first Baron Egerton of Tatton (1806-1883), carrying in each volume his ownership inscription to the front free endpaper verso and fine armorial bookplate to volume I (the Egerton arms impaled with those of Loftus,... Learn More

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  58. Negro Drawings.
    COVARRUBIAS, Miguel. Negro Drawings.

    New York : 1927

    First and limited edition, number 82 of 100 specially bound copies, each with an original signed artwork by Covarrubias, in this case a sketch based on "Chorus Girl" (plate 29). Negro Drawings was an early work from the Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias (1904-1957), following his move to New York in 1924 and subsequent immersion in the Harlem Renaissance.... Learn More

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  59. Narrative of a Journey to the Falls of the Cavery;
    JERVIS, Humphrey. Narrative of a Journey to the Falls of the Cavery;

    London : 1834

    First edition of this uncommon and attractively illustrated work: three copies traced at auction, eight in UK libraries, and two world-wide; the list of subscribers records 256 copies printed.

    Jervis was an officer in the 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot, which was deployed to India in 1830 and was initially garrisoned at Bangalore, helping... Learn More

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  60. France, Piedmont, Italy, Lombardy, the Tyrol and Bavaria.
    BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. France, Piedmont, Italy, Lombardy, the Tyrol and Bavaria.

    London : 1848

    First edition of the second part of Buckingham's typically informative travelogue based on his extensive European tour 1846-8, the greater part of which is inevitably taken up with his time in Italy. Well preserved in the attractive publisher's cloth, engraved Fasque bookplates of the Gladstone family to both pastedowns: Fasque was "the Scottish house... Learn More

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