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  1. The Works of William Blake.
    (BLAKE, William.) ELLIS, Edwin John, & W. B. Yeats. The Works of William Blake.

    London : 1893

    First edition, one of 150 large paper copies in the deluxe binding; there were also 500 copies in cloth. Yeats had "marked down William Blake as a master early on, and with Edwin Ellis produced a large-scale commentary on Blake's prophetic writings in 1893. While often erratic and idiosyncratic, it helped establish the importance of Blake's esoteric... Learn More

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  2. Celtic Wonder-Tales.
    (GONNE, Maud, illus.) YOUNG, Ella. Celtic Wonder-Tales.

    Dublin : 1910

    First edition, first impression, signed by the illustrator on the title page, and with an original initialled drawing in black ink on the front free endpaper (and expanded version of the ornament printed on p. 20.) Edith Maud Gonne (1866-1953) was one of the boldest figures of the Irish Literary Revival; a suffragette and artist, she remains best known... Learn More

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  3. Creeps by Night: Chills and Thrills.
    (HAMMETT, Dashiell, ed.) H. P. LOVECRAFT, et al. Creeps by Night: Chills and Thrills.

    New York : 1931

    First edition, first printing, in the rare dust jacket; preceding the UK edition published by Gollancz as Modern Tales of Horror in 1932. Bleiler comments that "the circumstances of the following anthology are not known, but Hammett was a very well-read man, and it is entirely possible that he assembled it". Recent research reveals that Arkham House... Learn More

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  4. Promĕna. (Metamorphosis.)
    (KAFKA, Franz.) COESTER, Otto. Promĕna. (Metamorphosis.)

    Moravia : April 1929

    Suite of illustrations for the first Czech edition, number 97 of 120 copies only, signed by the illustrator on the half-title in pencil and printed by the Graphic Union in Prague under the supervision of Josef Čapek. The illustrations were drawn by Coester in 1927 and are the first to be created for Kafka's masterpiece. The illustration of The... Learn More

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  5. Two books from Lovecraft's classical reference library,
    (LOVECRAFT, H. P.) Two books from Lovecraft's classical reference library,

    New York : 1898-9 and 1896

    H. P. Lovecraft's own classical reference copies from his library, each volume with his ink ownership inscription to the front free endpaper: Greek Civilization with "H. P. Lovecraft, Providence, R.I.", and the Latin Literature volumes with his name and fastidious manuscript shelf marks "16:46 / 525:1" and "16:46 / 525:2". There is also an additional... Learn More

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  6. ["Dagon", in] The Vagrant.
    (LOVECRAFT, H. P.) ["Dagon", in] The Vagrant.

    [Athol, MA] : November 1919

    First appearance in print of Dagon, the first of Lovecraft's tales to introduce a Cthulhu Mythos element by way of the sea deity Dagon. The Vagrant was an amateur press magazine specialising in the supernatural produced by William Paul Cook between 1915 and 1927, with a total of 15 issues. This issue also contains Cook's critical review... Learn More

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  7. Voyage à Visbecq.
    (OPIUM FANTASY.) [LIGNE, Charles-Joseph de?] Voyage à Visbecq.

    [Brussells? : ca.1794]

    Original manuscript of an extraordinary dreamlike fantasy which describes an opium-induced journey to the centre of the earth. The existence of the novel remained unknown for more than 200 years until it was discovered in a Parisian bookshop and published in 2007 with a long essay by Éric Lysøe (see below).

    The text is written in the first... Learn More

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  8. Shirley Hall Asylum: or, the Memoirs of a Monomaniac.
    (ROSSETTI, William Michael.) [GILBERT, William.] Shirley Hall Asylum: or, the Memoirs of a Monomaniac.

    London : 1863

    First edition, William Michael Rossetti's copy, with his ownership inscription dated 1865, of this very scarce imaginary study of hypothetical psychoses. At once a gothic-fantastical Victorian novel and a serious psychiatric investigation, Shirley Hall Asylum tells the stories of various inmates of a lunatic asylum from the point of view of an escapee... Learn More

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  9. Utopia.
    (WELLS, H. G.) MORE, Sir Thomas. Utopia.

    London : September 1908

    First edition of More's Utopia with Wells's introduction, this copy inscribed by Wells incorporating one of his "picshuas", a sketch of a baby-faced flower denominated (somewhat in the manner of Edward Lear's nonsense botany), "To sketch Utopiana Grandiflora, from H. G. Wells". This edition appeared as part Blackie & Son's Red Letter Library... Learn More

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  10. Argonautica

    Florence : 1496

    Editio princeps of the most important Greek epic of the 3rd century BCE, the definitive telling of the story of Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece. The Argonautica is the only epic before Virgil's Aeneid that can be compared with Homer in subject and extent and it is the first epic to give a prominent place to love. With the... Learn More

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  11. The Stars, Like Dust.
    ASIMOV, Isaac. The Stars, Like Dust.

    New York : 1951

    First edition, first printing. Inscribed by the author on the title page, "To David Hartwell with best wishes Isaac Asimov". This is a wonderful association: the noted science fiction and fantasy editor David Hartwell (1941-2016) was "perhaps the single most influential book editor of the past forty years in the American science fiction publishing world";... Learn More

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  12. The Drowned World.
    BALLARD, J. G. The Drowned World.

    London : 1962

    Rare proof copy, signed by the author on the title page, with the trial dust jacket (priced 0/0). The first UK edition was the first in hardback and is preferred to the US paperback that preceded it earlier in the same year. A seminal climate change science fiction novel, The Drowned World depicts the year 2145, where global warming has left... Learn More

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  13. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
    BAUM, L. Frank. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Chicago : 1900

    First edition, in the rare and desirable first state of both text and binding. The text has the following points: on p. 2, the publisher's advertisement has a box; on p. 14, line 1 has the misprint "low wail on the wind"; p. 81, line 4 from bottom has "peices" uncorrected; p. 227, line 1 begins: "While Tin Woodman"; the colophon is in 11 lines within... Learn More

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  14. [Vathek.] An Arabian Tale, from an unpublished manuscript:
    BECKFORD, William. [Vathek.] An Arabian Tale, from an unpublished manuscript:

    London : 1786

    First edition. Beckford's Gothic oriental novel Vathek, was written in French between January and May 1782. This English translation by the literary scholar Samuel Henley was published first in June 1786, despite Beckford's express wish that the French edition should precede it. The latter was published in Lausanne in December 1786 (postdated... Learn More

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  15. Looking Backward 2000-1887. [Together with:] Equality.
    BELLAMY, Edward. Looking Backward 2000-1887. [Together with:] Equality.

    Boston : 1888 & 1897

    First editions, first printings, of Bellamy's enormously popular Looking Backward 2000-1887 and its sequel Equality. First issue of Looking Backward with the misprint "wore" in line 8 on page 210 and the J. J. Arakelyan slug on the copyright page; Equality in the rare first-issue dust jacket. Looking Backward... Learn More

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  16. The Hampdenshire Wonder.
    BERESFORD, J. D. The Hampdenshire Wonder.

    London : 1911

    First edition, first impression, signed by the author facing the title page. The author's first book and a significant work in early science fiction, Beresford's novel was among the first to include a "Wunderkind", a child prodigy enhanced through scientific meddling. Bleiler considers it to be "the first important novel about a superman, and in many... Learn More

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  17. The Demolished Man.
    BESTER, Alfred. The Demolished Man.

    Chicago : [1953]

    First edition, first printing, signed by the author on the front free endpaper. The Demolished Man has the distinction of winning the first Hugo award. Learn More

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  18. The Listener and Other Stories.
    BLACKWOOD, Algernon. The Listener and Other Stories.

    London : 1907

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front pastedown, "S.E.P. from A.B. Nov. 1907". The Listener is Blackwood's second collection of supernatural fiction and focuses on stories of haunted houses. The collection includes the classic story "The Willows", considered "one of the classics of supernatural... Learn More

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  19. Shocks!
    BLACKWOOD, Algernon. Shocks!

    London : 1935

    First edition, first impression, of Blackwood's "last full-scale original collection" (Ashley, p. 370), a gathering of 15 short stories of the supernatural by one of the masters of the genre. Bleiler singles out "A Threefold Cord", "Chemical", and "The Land of Green Ginger" as the best of the group and remarks that "Blackwood seems to have been obsessed... Learn More

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  20. La Planète des singes.
    BOULLE, Pierre. La Planète des singes.

    [Paris] : 1963

    First edition, first impression, number 172 of an unspecified limitation (there were also a small number of large paper copies in wrappers.) A seminal work of 20th-century science fiction, La Planète des singes was the inspiration for the Planet of the Apes film series. Learn More

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  21. Original autograph manuscript poem, [published as "Why Viking Lander, Why the Planet Mars?"]
    BRADBURY, Ray. Original autograph manuscript poem, [published as "Why Viking Lander, Why the Planet Mars?"]

    Hollywood, CA : [c. 19] June 1976

    A wonderful original manuscript poem by Ray Bradbury, showing one of the great imaginations of American science fiction engaging directly and in real time with a major event in space exploration.

    In mid-June 1976, Ray Bradbury, author of the Martian Chronicles (1950), was invited to the Disney projection room in Hollywood to witness... Learn More

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  22. The Watcher by the Threshold.
    BUCHAN, John. The Watcher by the Threshold.

    Edinburgh and London : 1902

    First edition, first impression, first issue, with the publisher's catalogue dated 2/02; publishers' presentation copy, with their compliments stamp to the head of the title page. This early collection of Buchan's stories, the majority of which were first published in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, is hard to find in collectible condition.... Learn More

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  23. The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come:
    BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come:

    London : 1682

    A rare lifetime edition, the eighth overall and one of the earliest obtainable, of "one of the most widely read texts in the English language" (Stableford, p. 56), first published in 1678. Often shared between readers, copies were read repeatedly; few survive and all lifetime editions are rare. Harrison calculated there are 38 known copies of the seven... Learn More

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  24. The Warlord of Mars
    BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice The Warlord of Mars

    Chicago : 1919

    First edition, first printing, of the third book in Burroughs's Mars series. With an attractive example of the illustrated dust jacket, especially scarce surviving without restoration. Learn More

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  25. The Land that Time Forgot.
    BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice. The Land that Time Forgot.

    Chicago : June 1924

    First edition, first printing, and an exceptional example in an unrestored dust jacket. This fantasy adventure, the first in Burrough's Caspak trilogy, follows an errant First World War U-boat in its discovery of a lost world, a tropical crater-lake existing in a different evolutionary time-frame and filled with dinosaurs. Learn More

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  26. At the Earth's Core.
    BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice. At the Earth's Core.

    Chicago : 1922

    First edition, first printing, an exceptional example in the dust jacket. At the Earth's Core is the first novel in the Pellucidar series, a classic adventure in a long American tradition of hollow earth stories, uniting Burroughs's trademark jungle adventure with the pseudo scientific flair of Doyle's Professor Challenger and The Lost World.... Learn More

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  27. Továrna na absolutno. (The Absolute at Large.)
    ČAPEK, Karel. Továrna na absolutno. (The Absolute at Large.)

    Brno : 1922

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by the author on the first blank to the young actress Táňa Čuprová (b.1900) and dated in the year of publication. The recipient is noted in the Czech National Theatre archives as having started work there in this year, going on to become art director from 1945. It was at the Prague National Theatre that Čapek's... Learn More

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  28. Krakatit.
    ČAPEK, Karel. Krakatit.

    London : 1925

    First edition in English, first impression, publisher's presentation copy with tipped-in slip before the half-title reading "with Mr Geoffrey Bles's Compliments". Capek's science fiction novel, first published in Prague in 1924, centres on the invention of a catastrophically potent explosive, named to echo the devastating volcanic eruption of Krakatoa.... Learn More

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  29. Phantasmagoria.
    CARROLL, Lewis. Phantasmagoria.

    London : 1869

    First edition, first issue. One of 28 presentation copies sent out by Dodgson on 7 Januray 1869, inscribed by the author in brown ink on the half-title: "T. Heaphy, Esq. with the Author's Kind regards. Jan. 1869". The recipient was Thomas Frank Heaphy the Younger (1813-1873), a well regarded portrait and narrative painter whose name figures heavily... Learn More

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  30. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
    CARROLL, Lewis. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    London : 1866

    First published edition, with the earlier pale blue endpapers (rather than the more usual dark green).

    The book was originally printed in Oxford at the Clarendon Press in June 1865, but Dodgson heard that the book's illustrator John Tenniel was dissatisfied with its quality, so he suppressed the whole edition of 2,000 copies. The book was entirely... Learn More

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  31. The King in Yellow.
    CHAMBERS, Robert W. The King in Yellow.

    Chicago & New York : 1895

    First edition of this collection of short stories, the second book from American author Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933). Bleiler called The King in Yellow "a mind destroying book" (Bleiler) and "one of the most important works of supernatural horror between Edgar Allan Poe and modern horror fiction" (Bleiler, Supernatural Fiction Writers, p.... Learn More

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  32. Against the Fall of Night.
    CLARKE, Arthur C. Against the Fall of Night.

    [Hicksville, NY] : 1953

    First edition in book form, first printing, inscribed by the author on the title page "To Timothy Maclaren from Arthur C. Clarke". Clarke's pioneering work of science fiction originally appeared as a novella in the November 1948 issue of the magazine Startling Stories. In 1951 Clarke revised and expanded the text, for publication in the present... Learn More

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  33. The Inheritors:
    CONRAD, Joseph, & Ford M. Hueffer. The Inheritors:

    New York : 1901

    First edition, first printing. Signed boldly by Joseph Conrad on the half-title. Although The Inheritors is "generally regarded as a science fiction tale of a group of people from another, apparently parallel, world who call themselves The Dimensionists" (Locke) it is also related to Heart of Darkness (serialised 1899, published in book form 1902) in... Learn More

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  34. Swastika Night.
    CONSTANTINE, Murray. Swastika Night.

    London : 1937

    First edition, first impression. Written under the pseudonym Murray Constantine by British writer Katharine Burdekin, the novel takes place in a fascist dystopia where the Nazis and the Empire of Japan have conquered the world, described by John Clute as "a scathing feminist anatomy of war, sexism and power". Burdekin's pseudonym, adopted from 1934,... Learn More

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  35. A Translation of the Inferno, in English Verse.
    DANTE ALIGHIERI. A Translation of the Inferno, in English Verse.

    Dublin : 1785

    First edition, rare, of the first appearance of Boyd's translation of Dante, considered superior to the blank verse translation of 1782 by Charles Rogers, and preceding by 17 years Boyd's own completion of the Divine Comedy (1802), which would be the first published completion in English. This Dublin edition is the true first, preceding the London edition... Learn More

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  36. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.
    DE QUINCEY, Thomas. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.

    London : 1822

    First edition in book form of the author's iconic first book. First published in the London Magazine, September-October 1821, Confessions was a groundbreaking and influential text, presenting an account of the author's hallucinations, ecstasies, and torments as a result of taking opium. It was the first book in English to deal in detail... Learn More

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  37. The Collected Stories.
    DICK, Philip K. The Collected Stories.

    Los Angeles, CA, Columbia, PA : 1987

    First edition, first impression, signed limited issue. An unnumbered "presentation copy", with the author's signature mounted to the limitation leaf of Volume 1, from a total run of 100 signed copies. A further 400 unsigned copies were also released. This posthumous collection of Dick's works include a preface by the author adapted from a letter written... Learn More

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  38. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.
    DICK, Philip K. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.

    New York : 1965

    First edition, first printing, of this novel nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1965. This copy has the bookplate of major Australian sci-fi collector Ronald E. Graham (1908-1979), illustrated by Virgil Finlay. Learn More

    Stock Code: 131740

  39. Gloriana;
    DIXIE, Florence. Gloriana;

    London : 1890

    First edition of this quite remarkable feminist utopian novel from the twilight of Victoria's reign, the title recalling Edmund Spenser's soubriquet for Elizabeth I. "In Dixie's Gloriana (1890), the heroine's transformation from New Woman, to cross-dressing Prime Minister, and, finally, to rational-dresser and feminist icon of the future, functions... Learn More

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  40. The Lost World.
    DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan. The Lost World.

    London : [1912]

    First edition in book form, first impression, of Conan Doyle's classic prehistoric adventure novel, following its serialization in the Strand Magazine earlier that year. "His sense of the glory and nonsense of scientific advance found happy resolution in The Lost World (1912), where academic vendetta at its most ludicrous continually punctuates... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138994

  41. A Hornbook for Witches: Poems of Fantasy.
    DRAKE, Leah Bodine. A Hornbook for Witches: Poems of Fantasy.

    Sauk City, Wisconsin : 1950

    First edition, first printing, of the first book of American poet Leah Bodine Drake (1904-1964), a contributor to Weird Tales. Of the edition of 553 copies, 300 were given to the author and 253 for the trade, the small issue making it one of the scarcer of the Arkham House publications, here in exemplary condition. An audiobook by the same... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138972

  42. Tales of Three Hemispheres.
    DUNSANY, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Lord. Tales of Three Hemispheres.

    London : 1920

    First UK edition, first impression, using the sheets of the American edition (published by Luce in Boston in 1919); most uncommon in the jacket, whose blurb describes this as "a collection of twelve fantastic stories, nearly all Oriental, or semi-Oriental". Dunsany (1878-1957) was "unquestionably one of the most important writers of heroic fantasy of... Learn More

    Stock Code: 106480

  43. Selections from the Writings.
    DUNSANY, Lord. Selections from the Writings.

    Dundrum : 1912

    First edition thus, first impression, one of 250 copies. Lord Dunsany, "unquestionably one of the most important writers of heroic fantasy of the century" was a friend of W. B. Yeats's through their mutual involvement in the Abbey Theatre, where Dunsany's first contribution to the to the Irish theatre movement, The Glittering Gate, was performed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139300

  44. The Blessing of Pan.
    DUNSANY, Lord. The Blessing of Pan.

    London : 1927

    First edition, first impression. Lord Dunsany was "unquestionably one of the most important writers of heroic fantasy of the century; a writer of great originality and charm" (Bleiler). The Blessing of Pan, "one of a great number of modern fantasies that champion paganism against Christianity" is "light and ironic in tone" and describes the gradual... Learn More

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  45. Alraune.
    EWERS, Hanns Heinz. Alraune.

    New York : 1929

    First edition in English, first printing, inscribed by the illustrator with an original signed drawing in pencil and green pen to the second half-title, signed "for Dunninger, Mahlon Blaine 1936", depicting a demon pulling a mandrake-like woman from a hat.

    The recipient Joseph Dunninger (1892-1975) was one of the foremost magicians and mentalists... Learn More

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  46. Artabanzanus: The Demon of the Great Lake.
    FERRAR, William M. Artabanzanus: The Demon of the Great Lake.

    London : 1896

    First edition, sole impression, of this rare early Australian novel, an allegorical fantasy set in Tasmania. The author William Ferrar was born in Dublin in 1823, and settled in Australia by 1842, briefly in Sydney and then in Tasmania. Letters from Ferrar to the publisher, Elliot Stock, suggest around 500-600 copies being published, with around half... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136859

  47. Herland.
    GILMAN, Charlotte Perkins. Herland.

    New York : January - December 1915

    First edition, the first appearance of Gilman's feminist utopian novel Herland, complete in 12 issues of Gilman's magazine The Forerunner; this copy warmly inscribed by the author to the American suffragist Alice Locke Park, "Charlotte Perkins Gilman with love and honor for her friend Alice Park", on the front free endpaper.

    Park (1861-1961)... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130959

  48. The Golden Cockerel Mabinogion.
    GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS: JONES, Gwyn & Thomas (trans.) The Golden Cockerel Mabinogion.

    London : 1948

    First Golden Cockerel edition, number 440 of 550 copies printed (the first 75 copies being specially bound), presenting a new translation of the ancient Welsh epic The Mabinogion (first fully brought into modern English by Lady Charlotte Guest 1838-1845) alongside illustrations by Dorothea Braby. The Mabinogion encompasses Arthurian legend (though originally... Learn More

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  49. 141380
    GOREY, Edward. Leaves From a Mislaid Album.

    New York : 1972

    First edition, first printing, number 53 of 500 copies only, with a Gorey-illustrated publisher's bookmark loosely inserted. Each of the card features one of the illustrator's characters, apart from the first card (acting as title page) which displays three characters. Eight of the drawings (including the "title page" one) had appeared in the "Fall... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141380

  50. A Gorey Festival.
    GOREY, Edward. A Gorey Festival.

    New York : [1968]

    First edition thus, first printing, of this little collection of Gorey's stories, all previously published separately between 1960 and 1964. Learn More

    Stock Code: 141376

  51. Man's World.
    HALDANE, Charlotte. Man's World.

    London : 1926

    First edition, sole impression, of this rare and significant dystopian novel by feminist author Charlotte Haldane (1894-1969), her first book. Charlotte was a journalist with the Daily Express from 1920, and was a vocal advocate for divorce reform, employment for married women, and access to contraception. In 1924 she interviewed the biologist J. B.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136919

  52. Metropolis.
    HARBOU, Thea von. Metropolis.

    Berlin : 1926

    First edition, first impression, the scarce cloth issue in an exceptional example of the rare dust jacket illustrated by Willy Reimann. Based on the original screenplay written by German director Fritz Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou in 1924, this novelization was published before the release of the film version on 10 January 1927. The film Metropolis... Learn More

    Stock Code: 124278

  53. Farnham's Freehold.
    HEINLEIN, Robert A. Farnham's Freehold.

    New York : 1964

    First edition, first printing, of "the acknowledged dean of American science fiction" (front flap) and author of Starship Troopers's 30th novel, tackling the themes of individualism and self-responsibility. Learn More

    Stock Code: 141135

  54. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
    HEINLEIN, Robert A. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

    New York : 1966

    First edition, first printing. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "To Polly, with love, Bob", additionally signed by the author above his printed name on the title page. The recipient is believed to by Polly Freas, wife of Frank Kelly Freas, the illustrator to Heinlein's The Door into Summer (1957). Polly... Learn More

    Stock Code: 131839

  55. Methuselah's Children.
    HEINLEIN, Robert A. Methuselah's Children.

    Hicksville, NY : [1958]

    First edition, first printing, in the first issue binding and dust jacket. The publisher's file copy, inscribed by founder Martin Greenberg on the verso of the front free endpaper, "Gnome Press file copy, Martin Greenberg". The Gnome Press, founded by Greenberg and author David Kyle in 1948, was one of the most important science fiction presses of the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 82256

  56. Starship Troopers.
    HEINLEIN, Robert A. Starship Troopers.

    New York : 1959

    First edition in book form, first printing. Starship Troopers was first published as a two-part serial in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in October and November 1959 before being published as a book the next month. Winner of the 1960 Hugo award for best novel, it was adapted to film in 1997 by Paul Verhoeven. Learn More

    Stock Code: 122067

  57. The House on the Borderland and other novels.
    HODGSON, William Hope. The House on the Borderland and other novels.

    Sauk City : 1946

    First collected edition, first printing. The volume comprises four of Hodgson's novels, none of which had previously been published in the US in book form: "The House on the Borderland", "The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig'", "The Ghost Pirates", and "The Night Land". Learn More

    Stock Code: 123014

  58. The House on the Borderland and other novels.
    HODGSON, William Hope. The House on the Borderland and other novels.

    Sauk City : 1946

    First collected edition, first printing. The volume comprises four of Hodgson's novels, none of which had previously been published in the US in book form: The House on the Borderland, The Boats of the "Glen Carrig", The Ghost Pirates, and The Night Land. Hodgson is considered "one of the most important formative influences in modern tales of supernatural... Learn More

    Stock Code: 118711

  59. The Ghost Pirates.
    HODGSON, William Hope. The Ghost Pirates.

    London : 1909

    First edition, first impression. Presentation copy of Hodgson's landmark work, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper: "N. Rendall, Esq. from William Hope Hodgson - 'May we be friends e'en though we disagree'. Sept. 21st '09." Rare inscribed, with no other copies traced. Hailed as one of the best novel-length works of supernatural fiction... Learn More

    Stock Code: 101607

  60. Always Comes Evening.
    HOWARD, Robert E. Always Comes Evening.

    Sauk City, WI : 1957

    First edition, first printing, of this collection of macabre poems by Robert E. Howard (1906-1936), with dust jacket designed by Frank Utpatel. Learn More

    Stock Code: 122348

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