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Rare first editions, signed and inscribed copies, deluxe and collectible editions of books of poetry; also individual poems and related ephemera.

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  1. Epipsychidion.
    SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS: SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe. Epipsychidion.

    London : 1921

    First Shakespeare Head Press edition, one of 500 copies only, scarce deluxe issue bound in vellum, of Shelley's love poem to the "poor captive bird" Teresa "Emilia" Viviani, a beautiful Italian countess "imprisoned" in St Anna convent while her father sought a suitable husband for her. Epipsychidion was first published a century earlier in 1821. Learn More

    Stock Code: 146016

  2. Korean and Chinese poetry in Russian.
    AKHMATOVA, Anna (trans.) Korean and Chinese poetry in Russian.

    Moscow : 1954 & 1956

    First editions, each inscribed by Akhmatova to the linguist and fellow translator Aleksandr Kholodovich, with whom she collaborated extensively on the translation of Korean poetry. This is a lovely set of Asian poetry in Russian and with a great association.

    The inscription in the second work includes a quote from the Orthodox Eucharist reflecting... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142729

  3. A Change of World.
    RICH, Adrienne Cecile. A Change of World.

    New Haven, CT : 1951

    First edition, first printing of 551 copies, with a reprint in the same year of further 503 copies. This is Rich's first published work, and is Volume 48 of The Yale Series of Younger Poets.

    The Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition is an annual event which publishes the first collection of a promising American poet. Auden chose the winners... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144929

  4. Him.
    CUMMINGS, E. E. Him.

    New York : 1927

    First edition, first printing, signed limited issue, number 97 of 160 copies only, signed by Cummings on the limitation page. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145690

  5. Klänge.
    KANDINSKY, Wassily. Klänge.

    Munich : (1913)

    First edition, first printing, one of 300 numbered copies signed in pencil by Kandinsky (there was also 45 hors commerce). Klänge (Sounds) consists of 38 prose-poems he wrote between 1909 and 1911 and 56 woodcuts he began in 1907. Kandinsky described Klänge as a "musical album". The woodcuts were not merely illustrative, nor were the poems purely... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142954

  6. Rubáiyát.
    OMAR KHAYYÁM. Rubáiyát.

    Portland, ME : May 1899

    First edition thus, number 6 of 10 copies printed on vellum by Mosher and Grigsby, this copy additionally inscribed on the second blank, "To John Law, in friendship, Emilié Grigsby, May 23rd 1901". Mosher had produced small format editions of the Rubaiyat before, but this is the first large format Rubaiyat he achieved, and the first printed on pure... Learn More

    Stock Code: 127254

  7. The Cotter's Saturday Night.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); BURNS, Robert. The Cotter's Saturday Night.

    London : [1908]

    First edition, first impression. Learn More

    Stock Code: 113117

  8. A Draft of Cantos XXXI-XLI.
    POUND, Ezra. A Draft of Cantos XXXI-XLI.

    London : 1935

    First UK edition, first impression. First published in New York in October 1934 as Eleven New Cantos, the English edition was published under an altered title on 14 March 1935; 1,500 copies were printed, of which 300 were bombed during the Second World War. Learn More

    Stock Code: 99601

  9. Five Saints and an Appendix.
    ACTON, Harold. Five Saints and an Appendix.

    London : 1927

    First edition, first impression. Presentation copy inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "For Edward when he's in a poetic mood; these juvenilia from his old friend Harold". Learn More

    Stock Code: 80368

  10. The Owl Remembers,
    MCGLYNN, Patrick, & John MacKechnie. The Owl Remembers,

    Stirling : 1933

    First edition, first impression, with a charming original verse inscription by McGlynn to the front free endpaper:

    "Not many artists of this age Are great, without a flaw: But Percy, on and off the stage, Has shown how he can 'draw'! But should his talent cease to cheer And life need consolation, 'The Owl' will whisper in his ear And give him... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141571

  11. Primeras Canciones.
    LORCA, Federico Garcia. Primeras Canciones.

    Madrid : 1936

    First edition, first printing. The poems are described in the preface as a "miraculously unpublished... preview of a more extensive and representative set," written in 1922, and "extremely important for the further development of Lorca's poetic world". Uncommon in such good condition.

    Also issued in yellow boards, this work was published in January... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142876

  12. Facsimile of Codex Manesse.
    CODEX MANESSE. Facsimile of Codex Manesse.

    Leipzig : 1925-27

    Limited edition facsimile, number 3 of 320 copies. The Codex Manesse, compiled c.1304-40, is the single most comprehensive source for Middle High German poetry, and among the most widely esteemed of all German manuscripts, renowned for the beauty of its illustration. A triumph of early 20th-century reproduction, this facsimile is remarkably accurate,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137734

  13. Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías.
    LORCA, Frederico Garcia. Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías.

    Madrid : 1935

    First edition, first printing, of Lorca's lament for his matador friend, gored to death in August 1934; well-known in literary circles, Mejías was memorialized by various Spanish writers, including Miguel Hernández and Rafael Alberti, but it is Lorca's tribute which has achieved the greatest fame. Learn More

    Stock Code: 132536

  14. Ballads and Sonnets.
    ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel. Ballads and Sonnets.

    London : 1881

    First edition, large paper issue, one of 25 copies. This was the last of Rossetti's works to be published in his lifetime. Learn More

    Stock Code: 124591

  15. 144053
    WILDE, Oscar. The Ballad of Reading Gaol. By C.3.3.

    London : 1899

    Leonard Smithers's pirated edition, with Wilde's name in square brackets to the title page, and line 17 on page 15 printed as: "And loud they sang, and loud they sang", as in his last authorized edition of 1899. Wilde published this work under the pseudonym "C.3.3." after his cell in Reading Gaol (cell 3 on the third landing of Gallery C).

    The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144053

  16. Mandrakes.
    GUNN, Thom. Mandrakes.

    [London] : 1973

    Signed limited edition, number 54 of 150 copies signed by Gunn. Learn More

    Stock Code: 144104

  17. [Four Quartets:] East Coker; The Dry Salvages; Burnt Norton; Little Gidding.
    ELIOT, T. S. [Four Quartets:] East Coker; The Dry Salvages; Burnt Norton; Little Gidding.

    London : 1940-41

    First edition, first impression, of each of the separately published Four Quartets, except East Coker, which is the third (first Faber) edition as usual, preceded by the two New English Weekly Supplement printings of that poem alone. Learn More

    Stock Code: 122874

  18. La Ballade de la Geôle de Reading.
    CAMUS, Albert - WILDE, Oscar. La Ballade de la Geôle de Reading.

    [Paris] : [1952]

    First edition thus, first printing, out-of-series presentation copy, inscribed by Camus on the title page of "L'artiste en prison" "A Sylvestre, en souvenir d'Iguape, et avec l'amicale pensée d'Albert Camus" ("to Sylvestre, in memory of Iguape and with the amicable thought of Albert Camus"), and with the two corrections in his hand on pp. 19 and 21.

    An... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143345

  19. Ruins and Visions.
    SPENDER, Stephen. Ruins and Visions.

    London : 1942

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy of a work rarely found inscribed, to his lifelong friend and fellow poet W. H. Auden on the half-title, "To Wystan, with love from Stephen. March 1942".

    This is a key association, inscribed using Auden's first name, which was reserved for friends. Auden was a major influence on Spender: "A pontiff... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139371

  20. The Poetical Works.
    WORDSWORTH, William. The Poetical Works.

    London : 1827, 1835

    Second authorized edition, inscribed by the poet on the first page of The Excursion: "Wm Wordsworth 19th Octr 1842 Levens", for Mary Howard, with her ownership signature to each front board and bookplate to each front pastedown.

    Mary Howard (1785-1877) lived at Levens Hall in Wordsworth's beloved Lake District, with her husband Fulke Greville... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145801

  21. The Pledge of Friendship:
    HOOD, Thomas (ed.) The Pledge of Friendship:

    London : [1825]

    First edition of this gift book, which includes many works by Lord Byron, the abolitionist John Bicknell and extracts from contemporary travel books, such as "A Coffee House at Sarabuse described". Completing the work is an illustrated memoranda for 1826, listing important events which took place on certain days in each month. The Pledge of Friendship... Learn More

    Stock Code: 123843

  22. The Fall of America.
    GINSBERG, Allen. The Fall of America.

    San Francisco : 1972

    First edition, first printing, presentation copy inscrutably inscribed on the title page, "Feb 4, 1973, Allen - Bold Tattle, What?! We'll all live to see what it means, happily! Allen Ginsberg". The title page also has the ownership inscription of the recipient, Allen de Zouch. The Fall of America was published as number 30 in City Lights's Pocket Poets... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143357

  23. Stikhotvoreniia [Poems].
    NEKRASOV, Nikolai Alekseevich. Stikhotvoreniia [Poems].

    [St Petersburg : 1879

    First complete collected edition of the poems of Nekrasov, published the year after his death. At his funeral, Dostoevsky hailed him as "the greatest Russian poet since Pushkin and Lermontov". "Nekrasov did not succeed in creating a school of his own: no 'peasant' poets came in his wake. But he, more than any other Russian poet, made his contemporaries... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129724

  24. The Lyrics and Ballads.
    SCOTT, Sir Walter. The Lyrics and Ballads.

    London : 1894

    An attractive copy of Scott's poetical works. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145592

  25. The Poetical Works.
    MILTON, John. The Poetical Works.

    London : 1857

    A handsomely bound Victorian illustrated edition, with elegant gauffred edges, of Milton's poetry. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145336

  26. Nursery Rhymes.
    SACKVILLE-WEST, Vita. Nursery Rhymes.

    Bayntun : 1947

    First edition, limited issue, number 344 of 550 copies on handmade paper, presentation copy inscribed on the half-title "Inscribed for Lucienne Gow by V. Sackville-West". The recipient was the first chairman of the Tenterden Trust, in current Ashford Borough, near Sissinghurst. Only the first 25 copies were issued signed, inscribed copies are rather... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144628

  27. Poems.
    ROSSETTI, Christina. Poems.

    London : 1892

    Arthur Edward Waite's copy of this attractive collection of Christina Rossetti's poems, with his bookplate to the front pastedown. This copy has the contemporary ownership inscription of Waite's muse and great love Dora Stuart Menteath to the front free endpaper, "Dora Stuart Menteath, Feb 23rd 1893".

    Waite met Dora in 1886 and the two fell... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130308

  28. Collection of three Steam Press Broadsides, Numbers 1, 2, and 3.
    STEADMAN, Ralph. Collection of three Steam Press Broadsides, Numbers 1, 2, and 3.

    London : 1970

    First editions, of the first three Steam Press Broadsides, each one of 50 copies signed by their respective authors. Each broadside was illustrated, designed, and printed by Ralph Steadman.

    Consisting of:

    i) Jane Deverson, A Silly Thing To Do. London: Steam Press, 1970. Number 36 of 50 copies signed by the author.

    ii) Stephen Spender,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145626

  29. Helen of Troy.
    LANG, Andrew. Helen of Troy.

    London : 1882

    First edition, in an exquisite Sangoski & Sutcliffe binding preserving the original cloth, of Lang's retelling in verse of the classical narrative of Helen of Troy.

    The Scottish poet, author, and anthropologist Andrew Lang (1844-1912) is best-known as a collector of folk and fairy tales, and for being the author of the Fairy Book series. He... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144513

  30. The Apocrypha.
    HUGHES, Ted (presents). The Apocrypha.

    London, New York, Toronto : 1953

    A fascinating copy of the biblical Apocrypha, presented by Ted Hughes to one of two Hungarian poets, either Janos Pilinsky (1921-1981) or Janos Csokits (1928-2011), inscribed "To Janos 10th August 1960, from Ted" on the front free endpaper. Hughes has marked up sections of interest in "The Wisdom of Solomon" for the recipient's interest. Pilinszky,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 131034

  31. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,
    FITZGERALD, Edward. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,

    London : 1868

    Second edition, substantially expanded and revised from the first of 1859. Five hundred copies of the second edition were printed, with Quaritch selling each at a price of 1s. 6d.; when a copy re-appeared in their catalogue in 1929, it had already reached a price of 52 10s. (Potter, p. 12). FitzGerald substantially revised the text of the Rubáiyát... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130715

  32. Epithalamion and Amoretti.
    SPENSER, Edmund. Epithalamion and Amoretti.

    London : 1903

    First edition thus, number 198 of 250 copies finely printed by Bumpus of Spenser's poems of love and marriage, attractively illustrated with etchings. This fine press edition in the publisher's deluxe binding is quite scarce.

    There were also copies bound in cloth and vellum, and an additional 14 copies printed on vellum which were intended for... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145497

  33. The Summer Cloud.
    NOGUCHI, Yone. The Summer Cloud.

    Tokyo : 1906

    First edition, first printing, of this collection of poems by the first Japanese-born writer to publish poetry in English, with an introduction by the English and Canadian poets Richard Le Gallienne and Bliss Carman. This is a remarkably well-preserved copy of an uncommon book.

    The poet and critic Yone Noguchi (1875-1947) moved to San Francisco,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145047

  34. Eleven Poems.
    HEANEY, Seamus. Eleven Poems.

    Belfast : [1965]

    First edition, second issue (with the ten-point sun symbol), of Heaney's rare first published work, with the notice for his "first book of poems, Death of a Naturalist" to be published in Spring 1966.

    Jamison was instrumental in putting on the event that brought Heaney, Longley, and Hammond together on the stage to perform their poems and songs... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145480

  35. Beowulf.
    HEANEY, Seamus (trans.) Beowulf.

    London : 1999

    First edition, signed limited issue, number 93 of 325 copies signed by the author, of which 300 were for sale. Heaney's translation of the epic poem Beowulf won the 1999 Whitbread Book of the Year award. This limited edition contains a facsimile of the opening page of the only surviving manuscript of Beowulf, which is currently housed in the British... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144895

  36. Poems Selected from the Hesperides.
    HERRICK, Robert. Poems Selected from the Hesperides.

    New York : 1903

    First edition thus, one of 260 copies only, printed on Mayday 1903. This finely produced edition of Herrick's poems features striking woodcuts designed by the co-runner of the Elston Press Helen Marguerite O'Kane. Her designs "complement Hesperides beautifully and reflect the qualities of equanimity, sweetness, delicacy, and youthful idyllic enjoyment... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144713

  37. The Fairy Family.
    BURNE-JONES, Edward (illus.); MacLAREN, Archibald. The Fairy Family.

    London : 1857

    First edition, in an attractive custom binding in notably bright condition. This work features Edward Burne-Jones's first book illustrations, done while still at Oxford and published anonymously at his own request. This copy appears to have been bound for the liberal politician and medieval scholar Allan Heywood Bright (1862-1941) with his and his brother's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142951

  38. The Beauties of English Poesy.
    GOLDSMITH, Oliver. The Beauties of English Poesy.

    London : 1767

    First edition, complete with the half-titles and contents leaves in both volumes. This is a particularly nice copy, in a handsome unrestored contemporary binding, of this scarce anthology of English poetry selected by Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774), published the year after The Vicar of Wakefield.

    The selection includes such near-contemporary... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143778

  39. The Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1900.
    QUILLER-COUCH, Arthur (ed.) The Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1900.

    Oxford : 1902

    Early edition of Quiller-Couch's collection of English poetry, first published in 1900, in a handsome art nouveau-influenced style binding. "This volume soon became the standard anthology of English verse and sold nearly a million volume during Quiller-Couch's lifetime" (ODNB).

    Loosely inserted is a contemporary silk bookmark hand-decorated with... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145284

  40. Poems.
    GRAY, Thomas. Poems.

    [Eton] : 1894

    First edition thus, presented to Edouardo Arcibaldo Douglas Collins as a retirement gift upon leaving Eton in 1897 by Edmond Warre, master, and later Head master and Provost of Eton; printed presentation label to first free binder's blank. A handsomely bound copy. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145207

  41. The Complete Works.
    SHAKESPEARE, William. The Complete Works.

    London : 1913

    A handsomely bound copy including his poems and sonnets. "After retiring from teaching, Craig devoted himself to reading, research, and publication in the area of Shakespeare studies In 1894, he edited the complete works of Shakespeare in one volume with a brief glossary and an appended 'Index of characters' as well as an 'Index of first lines of songs,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145221

  42. The Poetical Works.
    SHENSTONE, William. The Poetical Works.

    Edinburgh : 1854

    A handsomely bound copy of Shenstone's poetry. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145223

  43. Poems by the Way.
    KELMSCOTT PRESS: MORRIS, William. Poems by the Way.

    Hammersmith : 1891

    First edition, a superb presentation copy to Georgiana Burne-Jones, inscribed by the author on the initial blank "to Georgie from WM Oct: 22nd 1891".

    Georgiana Burne-Jones met Morris through her friendship with, and eventual engagement to, Edward Burne Jones. The pair spent summer holidays with William and Jane Morris at Red House, and worked... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145199

  44. The Bucolics; Odes to Lesbia and the Nuptial Song of Peleus and Thetis.
    VIRGIL; CATALLUS. The Bucolics; Odes to Lesbia and the Nuptial Song of Peleus and Thetis.

    Philadelphia : 1902

    Limited edition, number 547 of 1,000 copies, all printed on japon, with the original Latin parallel with the English translations, within architectural borders; a very attractive book, handsomely bound and elegantly printed.

    The volume was published as part of the series "Antique Gems from the Greek and Latin", covering many classical writers,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145100

  45. Elegies.
    PROPERTIUS. Elegies.

    Philadelphia : 1902

    Limited edition, number 547 of 1,000 copies, all printed on japon, with the original Latin parallel with the English translation, within architectural borders; a very attractive book, handsomely bound and elegantly printed. The volume was published as part of the series "Antique Gems from the Greek and Latin", covering many classical writers. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145102

  46. A Look Round the Estate:
    AMIS, Kingsley. A Look Round the Estate:

    London : 1967

    First edition, first impression, inscribed on the front free endpaper to fellow author and bibliophile "John Baxter, from Kingsley Amis, drinking at a quiet pace".

    The recipient John Baxter was also a science fiction novelist, alongside publishing many non-fiction works on science fiction in film, in a writing career spanning over half a century.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142957

  47. Travellers' Verse.
    BAWDEN, Edward, illus.; M. G. Lloyd Thomas (ed.) Travellers' Verse.

    London : 1946

    First edition, first impression, signed by Bawden on the top forecorner of the front free endpaper (suggestive, though not definitely so, of an ownership inscription). This anthology of travellers' verse from across the centuries, attractively illustrated with lithographs by Bawden, was part of the New Excursions Into English Poetry series (general... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143690

  48. The Waste Land.
    ELIOT, T. S. The Waste Land.

    New York : 1922

    First edition in book form, first printing, first issue with all the points, number 325 of 1,000 copies. The Waste Land - arguably the most significant poem of the 20th century - was first published in The Criterion magazine earlier that year; this marks its first separate publication. This copy has both flaps of the rare dust jacket preserved, loosely... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145211

  49. Maud,
    TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord. Maud,

    London : 1855

    First edition of Tennyson's first published collection following his appointment as Poet Laureate in 1850. This volume is also notable as the first trade issue of The Charge of the Light Brigade, which had been printed privately as a separate issue poem in an edition of 1,000 earlier the same year for soldiers fighting in the Crimea. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145233

  50. Broadsides.
    YEATS, W. B. Broadsides.

    Dublin : 1935

    First collected edition, signed by Yeats and by F. R. Higgens at the end of the introduction as issued. The twelve broadsides included in the volume were issued monthly during 1935, each printed in an edition of 300, with 100 remaining sets bound up and issued in this form in December 1935. Learn More

    Stock Code: 144463

  51. Restoration Love Songs.
    HADFIELD, John (ed.) Restoration Love Songs.

    Preston : 1950

    First edition, first impression, number 248 of 660 copies only. This anthology of Restoration poetry was compiled by John Hadfield, the founder of the Cupid Press, and is the second instalment in his triptych, the other two being Georgian-, and Elizabethan Love Songs. Originally issued in marbled boards, this copy is in an elegant Sangorski & Sutcliffe... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144622

  52. A Diversity of Creatures.
    KIPLING, Rudyard. A Diversity of Creatures.

    London : 1917

    First edition, first impression, first issue, with the publisher's name to foot of spine measuring 28 mm in length (shorter on later issues), of this collection of 14 poems and 14 stories by Kipling, some of which had already been published in periodicals.

    A Diversity of Creatures "was scheduled for publication in October 1914, but this was put... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144624

  53. 144448
    HOUSMAN, Laurence (illus.); ROSSETTI, Christina. Goblin Market.

    London : 1893

    First Housman-illustrated edition, trade issue. This fantastical narrative poem, which was first published in 1862 with illustrations by Christina's brother Dante Gabriel, has eluded classification, having been interpreted variously as a feminist tract, a capitalist critique, an allegory for drug addiction, and a children's story.

    The illustrator... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144448

  54. The Poetical Works.
    POE, Edgar Allan. The Poetical Works.

    London : 1853

    First UK collected edition, and the first separately-published collected edition of Poe's poetry (Poe's collected works of prose and poetry were published in three volumes in the US the same year). The volume includes an introductory essay and biography of Poe by James Hannay, who dedicated the edition to Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Learn More

    Stock Code: 144453

  55. Gnaoua.
    COHEN, Ira (ed.) Gnaoua.

    Tangier : 1964

    First and only issue of this legendary literary magazine, and an exceptionally vivid copy.

    Gnaoua was edited and published by the poet, photographer, and filmmaker Ira Cohen. Reflecting the expatriate Beat community in Tangier to which Cohen had moved three years prior, Gnaoua features contributions from William Burroughs, Ian Sommerville, Brion... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144603

  56. [Collection of nine volumes of poetry:]
    GRAVES, Robert. [Collection of nine volumes of poetry:]

    London : 1938-72

    First editions, first impressions. An excellent collection of Graves's verse, spanning a period of several decades. Learn More

    Stock Code: 109052

  57. Severn & Somme.
    GURNEY, Ivor. Severn & Somme.

    London : 1917

    First edition, first impression, of the author's first book, scarce in commerce. This copy with the pencil ownership inscription of fellow poet Charles Dalmon to the verso of the half-title and pencil marks to contents. Severn & Somme is one of only two works published in Gurney's lifetime, the second one being War's Embers (1919).

    The present... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144916

  58. War's Embers.
    GURNEY, Ivor. War's Embers.

    London : 1919

    First edition, first impression, inscribed by the dedicatee on the half-title "Muriel Osborn. From Marion Scott". This second and last volume to be published during Gurney's lifetime, after Severn and Somme (1917), is a wonderful association copy and an uncommon find.

    Marion Margaret Scott (1877-1953) was a pioneering music critic, musicologist,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144912

  59. Les plaisirs et les jours.
    PROUST, Marcel. Les plaisirs et les jours.

    Paris : 1896

    First edition, first printing, of the first book published by Proust before his rise to stardom, in an attractive art déco binding by the French bookbinder Max Fonsèque (1891-1965), and superbly illustrated by the society-painter Madeleine Lemaire (1845-1928).

    Some of the poems and short stories in this work had appeared in print from 1892... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144631

  60. Mosada.
    YEATS, William Butler. Mosada.

    Dublin : 1886

    First edition of Yeats's dramatic poem Mosada, printed in the Dublin University Review, preceding the separate edition published later that year (Yeats's first stand-alone publication, a great rarity). Learn More

    Stock Code: 144354

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