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Rare first editions, signed and inscribed copies, deluxe and collectible editions of books of poetry; also individual poems and related ephemera.

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  1. Ideas of Order.
    STEVENS, Wallace. Ideas of Order.

    New York : 1935

    First and limited edition, signed by Stevens; this one of just 10 copies for review and marked "out of series", from a total edition of 165.

    An excellent association copy: with the pencilled ownership inscription of F. O. Matthiessen on the front free endpaper and some pencilled underlings and occasional marginal notation. F. O. Matthiessen... Learn More

    Stock Code: 72150

  2. Now We Are Six.
    MILNE, A. A. Now We Are Six.

    London : 1927

    First edition, first impression, of the third book in the Winnie-The-Pooh series. Alongside Milne's charming verse, this collection is also notable for including many illustrations of Pooh, Piglet, and the other nursery toys, even when uncalled for by the poems. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138625

  3. A Season in Hell.
    (VAUGHAN, Keith, illus.) RIMBAUD, Arthur. A Season in Hell.

    London : 1949

    First edition thus, first impression, of this bilingual publication translated by Scottish poet Norman Cameron and illustrated by British painter Keith Vaughan. First published in 1873, this prose poem was finished in a frenzy after the break-up of Rimbaud's relationship with Verlaine who shot him with a revolver in the summer of that year.
    From... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139613

  4. John Keats.
    (KEATS, John.) LOWELL, Amy. John Keats.

    Boston and New York : 1925

    A handsome set of this biography of John Keats. The poet and critic Amy Lowell (1874-1925), began this "momentous" (ANB) biography following a lecture she delivered at Yale celebrating the 100th anniversary of Keats's birth. "The lecture stimulated her to write the book, which minutely examines Keats's life and corrects some long-standing misconceptions... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139474

  5. To My Mother.
    SASSOON, Siegfried. To My Mother.

    London : 1928

    Signed limited edition, number 463 of 500 large-paper copies printed on English handmade paper, numbered and signed by the author. Number 14 in the Ariel Poems series, Sassoon's poem pays tribute to his mother, Theresa Thornycroft Sassoon (1853-1947). Learn More

    Stock Code: 128229

  6. The Angels.
    UPDIKE, John. The Angels.

    Pensacola : 1968

    First and sole edition, one of 150 copies. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author "for Herb Yellin something of an angel himself John" on the half title. Herb Yellin (1935-2014) was a publisher and founder of the Lord John Press, who published handsome signed limited editions for a number of high-profile authors, including Stephen King, Ray Bradbury,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 128337

  7. Lady's Poetical Magazine
    (POETRY.) Lady's Poetical Magazine

    London : 1781-2

    First editions of these poetry collections, which include works by Thomas Bellamy, Thomas Blacklock, Charles Churchill, John Gilbert Cooper. Henry Fielding, Soame Jenyns, William Fordyce Mavor, John Milton, and Hester Thrale. Learn More

    Stock Code: 125309

  8. A Change of World.
    RICH, Adrienne Cecile. A Change of World.

    New Haven, CT : 1951

    First edition, first printing, with the ownership inscription of fellow poet Anthony Thwaite, dated "London 1953", to the front free endpaper. Thwaite (b. 1930) is a poet, literary critic, and notably the literary executor for Philip Larkin. He studied at Christ Church, Oxford and, in 1953, whilst still an undergraduate and a year after Rich herself... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139711

  9. Crow Wakes.
    HUGHES, Ted. Crow Wakes.

    Woodford Green, Essex : 1971

    First edition, first printing, signed and numbered by Hughes not once but twice, one of the scarce 100 copies retained by the poet. The title page verso is signed "No. 28, Ted Hughes" and the front free endpaper signed and numbered "Ted Hughes 46/88". The printer Alan Tarling informed the bibliographers Sagar and Tabor that "These poems were excluded... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125129

  10. The War Poems.
    SASSOON, Siegfried. The War Poems.

    London : 1919

    First edition, first impression. The volume includes 63 poems of the war, most written while Sassoon was in hospital recovering from his injuries. "Sassoon's savagely realistic and compassionate war poems had established his stature as a fully fledged poet, and despite all his later prose and verse, and his growing aversion to the label, it was mainly... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135908

  11. The Wanderings of Oisin and other poems.
    YEATS, W. B. The Wanderings of Oisin and other poems.

    London : 1889

    First edition, first impression, inscribed by Yeats on the front free endpaper, "To James A. Healy, most of the subscribers for the book were found by John O'Leary, the Fenian leader. W. B. Yeats." James Augustine Healy (1890-1975) was an Irish-American stockbroker, bibliophile, and patron of Irish writers, who donated the James Augustine Healy Collection... Learn More

    Stock Code: 112219

  12. Hommage aux mânes de Mirabeau.
    CAPINAUD, [Antoine]. Hommage aux mânes de Mirabeau.

    Lyon : 1791

    First and only edition of this scarce verse tribute to Mirabeau. OCLC records just two copies in institutions worldwide, in Harvard and BM Lyon. Learn More

    Stock Code: 126494

  13. The War Poets.
    WILLIAMS, Oscar (ed.) The War Poets.

    New York : 1945

    First edition, first printing. Presentation copy, inscribed by the editor on the day of publication on the front free endpaper, "For Jean Lanslow with love from Oscar Williams - editor - June 19 1945", the inscription continued by the founder of the John Day company: "And from Richard Walsh", and by two contributors, "from Hubert Creekmore" and "from... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139656

  14. Spring Summer Autumn Winter.
    HUGHES, Ted. Spring Summer Autumn Winter.

    London : 1973

    First edition, number 53 of 140 copies only, signed by the author. This copy is additionally inscribed by Hughes to the front free endpaper, "Among the acres of the rye / These pretty country folk do lie - With our sincere love from Carol and Ted June 27th 1975". The lines of verse are a slight mis-transcription of the song "It Was a Lover and His Lass"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139682

  15. The Prophet.
    GIBRAN, Kahlil. The Prophet.

    New York : 1923

    First edition, first printing, a very scarce presentation copy inscribed on the front free endpaper "To Brander Matthews with real admiration from Kahlil Gibran, October 1923". The recipient, Brander Matthews (1852-1929), was an American writer and educator. The first full-time professor of dramatic literature at an American university, he played a... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138457

  16. Cien sonetos de amor.
    NERUDA, Pablo. Cien sonetos de amor.

    Santiago : 1959

    First edition, first printing, number 203 of a total edition of 300 copies signed by the author. This is one of the 250 printed on Ledger paper and accompanied by a lithograph by Antunez, signed in pencil by the artist. Of the remaining 50 copies, 20 were printed for the press, eight copies were reserved for collaborators, and 22 copies were printed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139649

  17. Three Stories.
    UPDIKE, John. Three Stories.

    New York : 2002

    First edition, number 183 of 250 copies only signed by Updike, Cook, and the publisher, Luke Ives Pontifell. Learn More

    Stock Code: 139591

  18. Les malheurs des immortels.
    ÉLUARD, Paul, & Max Ernst. Les malheurs des immortels.

    Paris : 1945

    Second edition, number 1,729, one of 500 on vélin rose, from a total edition of 1,860. The first edition was printed in an unspecified "small number of copies" (rear of volume).
    This is Ernst and Éluard's second joint publication and first genuine collaboration: for Répétitions, published earlier the same year as Les Malheurs... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139596

  19. Dante's Inferno.
    DANTE ALIGHIERI; PHILLIPS, Tom, illus. & trans. Dante's Inferno.

    London : 1985

    First trade edition of Phillips's Dante, this number 67 of 100 special copies containing a loose signed and numbered Phillips screenprint, additionally signed on the limitation page, and slipcased. This is the signed limited issue of the "popular edition" (jacket front flap), following the 180 copies of the original edition produced at the Talfourd... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139494

  20. Aucassin and Nicolete.
    (PAUL, Evelyn.) Aucassin and Nicolete.

    London : [1917]

    First Evelyn Paul edition, deluxe signed limited issue, number 117 of 125 copies signed by the illuminator Evelyn Paul, and bound in decorated full vellum. Paul's designs are based on the decoration of mediaeval manuscripts, a fine accompaniment for Michael West's translation of the French tale, composed around the late 12th to early 13th century. Learn More

    Stock Code: 139446

  21. The Ballad of Reading Gaol.
    (VASSOS, John, illus.) WILDE, Oscar. The Ballad of Reading Gaol.

    New York : 1930

    Early printing of John Vassos's illustrated Ballad of Reading Gaol, signed on the half title by the illustrator, and in excellent condition with the jacket and glassine. John Vassos (1898-1985) was an American industrial and graphic designer famous for designing the first commercially available television sets and many other popular products and logos.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139448

  22. Turtle Island.
    SNYDER, Gary. Turtle Island.

    New York : 1974

    First edition, first printing, scarce first issue (without the Pulitzer sticker to the jacket), inscribed on the title page "For Gary Lepper Gary Snyder", Snyder adding a small ink drawing of a turtle below. Lepper is a bibliographer (the author of A Bibliographical Introduction to Seventy-five Modern American Authors) and book collector based in California.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139303

  23. Alexander's Feast; or, the Power of Music.
    (ESSEX HOUSE PRESS.) DRYDEN, John. Alexander's Feast; or, the Power of Music.

    Campden, Gloucestershire : 1904

    First Essex House edition, number 61 of 140 copies only, printed on vellum and hand-illuminated. This is a lovely production of the Essex House Press, number 11 in their "Great Poems of the Language" series. The book's production was overseen by Charles Robert Ashbee (1863-1942), a central figure in the Arts and Craft movement and the founder of the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139264

  24. The Temple.
    HERBERT, George. The Temple.

    Cambridge : 1635

    Fourth edition, following the first of 1633. The book - all editions were published posthumously - was enormously popular, with six editions by 1641. "Herbert's English poetry, despite its entanglement with his more partisan personal reputation, was enormously popular. The Temple... appealed to a readership spanning the political and ecclesiastical... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139017

  25. Collected Poetical Works.
    SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles. Collected Poetical Works.

    London : 1935

    A handsomely bound copy of Swinburne's poetry, first published in this collected edition in 1924. Learn More

    Stock Code: 139101

  26. The Works.
    BURNS, Robert. The Works.

    Edinburgh : 1877-9

    First William Scott Douglas edition, a very fine edition, well printed on superior paper, and here abundantly extra-illustrated. The edition is described by ODNB as a "splendid, six-volume library edition. The poems in this edition are arranged chronologically, and while it was the most sumptuous yet published it was also the most complete and correct... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139102

  27. The Rime of The Ancient Mariner.
    COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. The Rime of The Ancient Mariner.


    First edition, first impression, one of 525 numbered copies, signed by the artist on the limitation leaf. Learn More

    Stock Code: 32375

  28. The Seven Ages of Woman, and Other Poems.
    STRICKLAND, Agnes. The Seven Ages of Woman, and Other Poems.

    London : 1827

    First edition, presentation copy from the author's sister, inscribed on the half-title "To Mrs Cautley with Jane M Strickland's love", later inscribed on the half-title verso, "To Miss G. F. J. Foster with compliments from Andrew J Cutler", with the ownership signature of Ida S. Cutler to the title page.
    The Seven Ages of Woman is Agnes Strickland's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138335

  29. The Iliad [and] Odyssey.
    (NONESUCH PRESS.) HOMER. The Iliad [and] Odyssey.

    [London] : 1931

    First Nonesuch editions, number 313 of 1,450 copies and 3 of 1,300 copies respectively. The Nonesuch Homer was one of the finest productions of the Nonesuch Press, a shining example of how fine printing and commercial viability could be brought together. The Greek text is printed in parallel with the English translation of Alexander Pope, which was... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135113

  30. An amateur manuscript copy of The Forsaken Merman.
    ARNOLD, Matthew. An amateur manuscript copy of The Forsaken Merman.


    A unique calligraphic manuscript copy of Arnold's poem "The Forsaken Merman". The present copy includes fine illustrations within ornamental borders, possibly after original designs, in an art nouveau style reminiscent of masters such as Edward Burne-Jones, Robert Anning-Bell, and Walter Crane. We were unable to trace information about the "Dodo" who... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138062

  31. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales:
    HALLIWELL, James Orchard. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales:

    London : 1849

    First edition of this important little work; scarce in commerce. James Orchard Halliwell (later Halliwell-Philipps, 1820-1889), antiquary and literary scholar, co-founder of both the Percy and Shakespeare Societies, is one of the most significant figures in the codification of English nursery rhymes. Popular Rhymes was a sequel to his groundbreaking... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136692

  32. The Legend of St. Bernard.
    [BACON, Mary Ann.] The Legend of St. Bernard.

    Norwich : [1840]

    First edition, presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the half-title, "Mrs Howlett from her affectionate friend MAB". We can trace ten copies in institutions worldwide, just one of those a presentation copy, inscribed from the author's father (see below).
    The little-known British poet Mary Ann Bacon (fl. 1839-1870, d. 1875) was born into a... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136220

  33. The Dreamer and the Sheaves,
    ORTON, I. R. The Dreamer and the Sheaves,

    London : 1955

    First edition, first impression, inscribed by the author to the title page, "To Alan Guest, best wishes from I. R. Orton". Loosely inserted in this copy are two letters to the editor of Stand magazine and poet Jon Silkin, one in manuscript, dated 27 November 1954; the second typed and signed in manuscript. Alongside the letters Orton has sent... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136259

  34. The Poetical Works of Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats.
    COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor; Percy Bysshe Shelley; John Keats. The Poetical Works of Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats.

    Paris : 1829

    First edition of the first anthology of the Romantic writers, also comprising the first collected edition of the poems of John Keats. Each poet is prefaced with a memoir, that of Shelley incorporating Mary Shelley's preface to his Posthumous Poems. Galignani's Paris editions of the English poets were piracies (he also pirated Crabbe, Hazlitt, Washington... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136066

  35. Poems.
    MEREDITH, George. Poems.

    London : [1851]

    First edition of the author's first book, the publication of which he funded himself. Though he later disowned the work, it was praised at the time by both Tennyson and Charles Kingsley. Learn More

    Stock Code: 130288

  36. La divina commedia.
    DANTE ALIGHIERI. La divina commedia.

    London : 1808-9

    First Zotti edition. Romualdo Zotti (d. c.1819) was an Italian expatriate who acted as a teacher of Italian for young noble women as well as being a printer, producing highly popular guides to French and Italian grammar as well as editions of Italian poets such as Petrarch. Zotti's focus upon the education of the English upper classes is indicated by... Learn More

    Stock Code: 124978

  37. The Black Riders and Other Lines.
    CRANE, Stephen. The Black Riders and Other Lines.

    Boston : 1895

    First edition, deluxe issue, one of 50 copies printed in green on japon. The Black Riders is first book of poetry by Stephen Crane (1871-1900), famous for his novels such as his acclaimed Civil War tale The Red Badge of Courage, published in the same year as this collection. Crane was a prolific writer of poetry, though only in private at first, writing... Learn More

    Stock Code: 117295

  38. The Calling of the Sea.
    HODGSON, William Hope. The Calling of the Sea.

    London : [1920]

    First edition, first impression. This poetry collection was published posthumously by Hodgson's widow, Betty ("Bessie") Gertrude Farnworth; Hodgson died in the First World War, killed by an artillery shell at Ypres on 17 April, 1918. Learn More

    Stock Code: 103030

  39. The Old Huntsman and Other Poems.
    SASSOON, Siegfried. The Old Huntsman and Other Poems.

    London : 1917

    First edition, first impression, in the very scarce jacket, of Sassoon's first collection of war poetry. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138949

  40. Sweeney and the Saint.
    HEANEY, Seamus. Sweeney and the Saint.

    Loughcrew : 1982

    First edition, one of 125 copies. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author to the manuscript collector and dealer Roy Davids on the title page: "To Roy, with love and happy memories at Christmas, Seamus & Marie & the boys & Catherine Ann." The poem was privately printed for use by the author as his Christmas card for 1982. Learn More

    Stock Code: 103121

  41. Selected Poems 1956-1968.
    COHEN, Leonard. Selected Poems 1956-1968.

    New York : 1968

    First edition, first printing, clothbound issue, review copy with publisher's slip loosely inserted. Cohen's poetry collection includes "Suzanne Takes You Down" (additionally printed on the rear of the jacket), which had been set to music and performed as Cohen's debut single the previous year. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138845

  42. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
    TOLKIEN, J. R. R., & E. V. Gordon, eds. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

    Oxford : 1925

    First edition, first impression. A scholarly edition of the Middle English alliterative romance, the text is reproduced from the original 14th-century manuscript (now held at the British Library) with copious notes, details and glossaries by Tolkien and Gordon, which "opened new fields of study and which remained standard, in revised form, throughout... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138787

  43. Milton: A Poem.
    BLAKE, William. Milton: A Poem.

    Clairvaux : 1967

    First edition thus, copy S of 26 lettered copies reserved for Lessing J. Rosenwald, the Library of Congress, the Trustees of the William Blake Trust and the Publishers, containing an original guide-sheet and stencil, and a set of hand-coloured plates showing progressive stages in the stencil work, as well as colour collotype proofs, from a total edition... Learn More

    Stock Code: 115042

  44. Peer Gynt.
    (RACKHAM, Arthur.) IBSEN, Henrik. Peer Gynt.

    London : 1936

    Signed limited edition, number 403 of 460 numbered copies signed by Arthur Rackham. Learn More

    Stock Code: 113158

  45. Leaves of Grass.
    WHITMAN, Walt. Leaves of Grass.

    San Francisco : 1930

    First Grabhorn Press edition, number 371 of 400 copies. The largest undertaking of the Grabhorn Press, arguably their finest production, and one of the great examples of American fine printing, using as its text Whitman's final edition of Leaves of Grass, published shortly before his death. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138793

  46. Odds and Ends in Prose and Verse.
    [ISAAC, Frederick Simeon?] Odds and Ends in Prose and Verse.

    London : 1908

    First and only edition. A truly sumptuous piece of private publishing, produced as a gift for the author's children and grandchildren, handsomely printed at the Chiswick Press and finely bound by an unnamed binder of real quality. Among the varied pieces is "A Dream, by One who Dreamt It", a prose fantasy, conceived at the time of the Dreyfus case,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122897

  47. Apollinaire filmé en 1914.
    (APOLLINAIRE.) ROUVEYRE, André. Apollinaire filmé en 1914.

    Lanzac : 1944

    First and only edition, number 93 of 115 copies on papier Vélin Madagascar. The short film, or succession of photographs, were taken on 2 August 1914 as Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) on the left, and his friend the artist André Rouveyre (1879-1962), had just returned to Paris and were on their way to the Comœdia's offices to deliver... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138667

  48. Cleveland undercovers.
    LEVY, D. A. Cleveland undercovers.

    Cleveland : 1966

    First edition, one of 500 copies printed. Levy (1942-1968) was a leading figure in the countercultural movement known as the Cleveland Mimeograph Revolution. His productions, being hand-assembled with small print runs, now survive in relatively small numbers. His introduction declares "to my knowledge this poem is the first poem of any length to be... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138639

  49. Cleveland undercovers.
    LEVY, D. A. Cleveland undercovers.

    Cleveland : 1966

    First edition, this one of 65 special copies "bound with freak covers by the author" (each being thus unique, this one incorporating old maps of Ohio, a striking photograph of two Native Americans, and newsprint collage), from a total edition of 500. This copy is inscribed on the title page, "many thanks, d. a. levy". Levy (1942-1968) was a leading... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138636

  50. Doubly inscribed portrait photograph.
    (YEATS, W. B.) BOUGHTON, Alice. Doubly inscribed portrait photograph.

    New York : 1904

    A doubly inscribed portrait photo, inscribed by Yeats to Una Pope-Hennessy, "W B Yeats To Mrs Pope Hennessy" at the foot of the image, and additionally signed by the photographer, "Copyrighted by Alice Boughton Apr. 1904 New York". A remarkable photo, with an appealing association, by the renowned New York photographer. Alice Boughton (1876-1945) opened... Learn More

    Stock Code: 131408

  51. Aldine Edition of the British Poets.
    (BRITISH POETS.) Aldine Edition of the British Poets.

    London : [c.1875-83]

    Revised Bell and Daldy Aldine edition. The celebrated Aldine Edition of the British Poets was begun by William Pickering in 1830, with the reputable scholars Alexander Dyce, Nicholas Harris Nicolas, and John Mitford as editors. George Bell bought most of Pickering's publications, including the Aldine series of poets, which he subsequently revised and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138234

  52. Œuvres Complètes.
    VERLAINE, Paul. Œuvres Complètes.

    Paris : 1919-20

    A handsomely bound set of Verlaine's poems which includes his collections Poèmes saturniens (1866), Fêtes galantes (1869), Romances sans paroles (1874), Sagesse (1880), and Les Poètes maudits (1884). Romances sans paroles was inspired by Verlaine's relationship with his wife, Mathilde Mauté,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138447

  53. Rosalind and Helen.
    SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe. Rosalind and Helen.

    London : 1888

    First edition thus of Shelley's long poem "Rosalind and Helen", a conversational lament for a disappointed poet-reformer, set on the shores of Lake Como, begun in Marlowe and completed in 1818 at the baths of Lucca in Tuscany.

    Provenance: the copy of Adolfo de Bosis (1863-1924), with his black ink stamp to title page, an Italian poet, admirer... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137552

  54. The Works.
    CONGREVE, William. The Works.

    London : 1753

    A collection of reissues of plays and poems by the author, including The Old Batchelor, The Double-dealer, The Way of the World, The Mourning-bride, and Love for Love. All were first performed and published from 1693 to 1700.

    With the bookplate of Sir Joshua Vanneck (17021777), 1st Baronet, of Putney, Surrey, to the front pastedown... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138561

  55. New Hampshire.
    FROST, Robert. New Hampshire.

    New York : 1923

    First edition, first printing, limited issue, number 167 of 350 copies signed by the author, and rare in the glassine. New Hampshire is one of Frost's most notable books, and won him his first Pulitzer Prize. It contains poems such as the famous "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" and "Fire and Ice". Learn More

    Stock Code: 125222

  56. The Poetical Works.
    MILTON, John. The Poetical Works.

    London : 1853

    A handsomely bound copy of Milton's poetical works, including engravings after drawings by William Turner, originally executed for Macrone's edition of Milton published in seven volumes in 1835. Learn More

    Stock Code: 132662

  57. Poems, By J.D. With elegies on the authors death.
    DONNE, John. Poems, By J.D. With elegies on the authors death.

    London : 1654

    Fourth edition overall, though a reissue, with cancel title page, of the 1650 third edition. Learn More

    Stock Code: 134530

  58. The Village Minstrel, and Other Poems.
    CLARE, John. The Village Minstrel, and Other Poems.

    London : 1821

    First edition of Clare's second book of poetry, with no frontispiece to the second volume as required for the first issue. A farm labourer's son, John Clare (1793-1864) had published his first work, Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, the previous year. It became something of a publishing sensation, with the 1,000 copies of the first edition... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126172

  59. A Miscellany of Poems by Several Hands.
    (JOHNSON, Samuel.) A Miscellany of Poems by Several Hands.

    Oxford : 1731

    First and sole edition, celebrated for including Samuel Johnson's first appearance in print and the mention of him in the preface as "a Commoner of Pembroke-College in Oxford". Johnson spent only thirteen months at Pembroke (October 1728 to December 1729), forced to leave through financial constraints. His stay may have been short but the nineteen-year... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125411

  60. Poems 1909-1925.
    ELIOT, T. S. Poems 1909-1925.

    London : 1925

    First edition, first impression, scarce in the jacket. The collection selects from Prufrock (1917), Poems (1920), and also prints The Waste Land (1922, here including for the first time the dedication to Ezra Pound as "il miglior fabbro") and The Hollow Men, for which this is the first appearance.
    Some literary... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137380

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