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  1. Everest 1933.
    RUTTLEDGE, Hugh. Everest 1933.

    London : 1934

    First edition, first impression, of Ruttledge's superbly illustrated account of the British 1933 attempt, led by him, to climb Mount Everest, nine years after the last expedition on which Mallory and Irvine had disappeared.

    Ruttledge put together a highly talented group, but the attempt to establish Camp V on a rare fair day (20 May) was a crucial... Learn More

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  2. Annuals & Biennials.
    JEKYLL, Gertrude. Annuals & Biennials.

    London : 1916

    First edition, first impression. Learn More

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  3. Ferrari 1947 - 1997.
    FERRARI. Ferrari 1947 - 1997.

    London : 1998

    First UK trade edition. Learn More

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  4. Universal Yacht Signals.
    ACKERS, George Holland. Universal Yacht Signals.

    London : 1847

    First edition. Ackers based his system on Marryat's signals so that it would be possible for "all Yachts to communicate with each other; as also by possessing Capt. Marryat's Book, being able to exchange Signals with vessels in the Merchant Service; but what is still more important, the saving of very much trouble to the Officers of the Navy: enabling... Learn More

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  5. Alchemist's Cookbook.
    YACOUBI, Ahmed. Alchemist's Cookbook.

    Tuscon : 1972

    First edition, first paperback printing, signed by the author on the title page and in beautiful condition. This collection of 125 recipes "based on the ancient science of Moroccan cuisine" is uncommonly found signed. It collects recipes such as "soup to cure jealousy" and "how to be gentle to your brains" alongside "rainy day greens" and "fancy goats... Learn More

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  6. As it Was.
    THOMAS, Edward - THOMAS, Helen. As it Was.

    London : 1926 & 1931

    First edition, first impression, of Thomas's tender yet frank memoirs of her life with poet Edward Thomas, in elegant matching bindings.

    Thomas began writing these memoirs in an attempt to lift herself from her depression following the death of her husband Edward Thomas in 1917. Two leaves at pp. 53-6 of As It Was were cancelled prior to publication... Learn More

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  7. The Gentleman's Companion.
    BAKER, Charles H. The Gentleman's Companion.

    New York : 1939

    First edition, first printing; limited to 1,250 copies, both volumes numbered 98. The first volume is warmly inscribed by the author, "With mine good wishes, always, Charles H. Baker". Charles H. Baker was a writer for Esquire magazine, based in Florida, and was known as the "Town & Country Gourmet". He was regarded by the Hemingway set as the pinnacle... Learn More

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  8. Knapsack-Manual for Sportsmen on the Field.
    WARD, Edwin. Knapsack-Manual for Sportsmen on the Field.

    London : 1872

    First and only edition of this rarely encountered field manual for big game trophy hunters, which identifies the species to seek in the various "hunting fields" of the world, and sets out the taxidermy techniques of preservation, preparation, and "artistic setting up" in the creation of a private museum. A well-preserved copy in the attractive original... Learn More

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  9. Calendrier Gastronomique.
    DUTREY, Marius. Calendrier Gastronomique.

    London : 1938

    Limited edition, number 1 of 250 copies. The author's own copy, with his ownership signature to the front free endpaper. Marius Dutrey served as a French chef in some of the leading French and British hotels from 1918 to 1962. La Coupe d'Or Internationale d'Art Culinaire is still presented in his name. Learn More

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  10. French Provincial Cooking.
    DAVID, Elizabeth. French Provincial Cooking.

    London : 1960

    First edition, first impression, of the author's most influential work. David (1913-1992) taught herself Mediterranean-style cooking while living abroad during the early 1940s, and began writing a food column for Harper's Bazaar in 1949. Her first book was published to wide acclaim the following year, and she is now recognized for her profound influence... Learn More

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  11. Show Bread.
    BANFIELD, Walter T. Show Bread.

    London : [1950]

    First edition of this guide to preparing bread for shows, competitions, and exhibitions. Learn More

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  12. Azerbaijan!
    CASEY, Juanita. Azerbaijan!

    Godshill, Hampshire : 2008

    First and only edition, number 50 of 50 copies only, signed by the author on the limitation page.

    Casey (1925-2012) was a writer, artist, and horse breeder "who lived the archetypal bohemian life... Casey's best known novel, The Horse of Selene (Dolmen, 1971), exploring the freedom of spirit which characterised the late 1960s, brought her a... Learn More

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  13. Even More Revolting Recipes.
    DAHL, Roald. Even More Revolting Recipes.

    London : 2001

    First edition, first impression, signed by Quentin Blake on the title page. Learn More

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  14. Just Cocktails.
    WHITFIELD, William Campbell. Just Cocktails.

    [Asheville, NC] : 1939

    First edition, first printing, of this striking cocktail recipe book, the recipes ordered into pretty, epicurean, favourite, and Gay Nineties cocktails. Learn More

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  15. The Golf Courses of the British Isles.
    DARWIN, Bernard. The Golf Courses of the British Isles.

    London : 1910

    First edition, first impression, in the first issue binding with the illustrator's name misspelled "Rowntree" on the front; this copy with promotional insert pasted to front free endpaper. An essential part of any golfing library, written by one of the great writers on the sport. Donovan & Murdoch note that the golf courses of Ireland were "eliminated"... Learn More

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  16. Zodiac Cocktails.
    MACNIEL, Stanley. Zodiac Cocktails.

    Radio City, NY : 1940

    First edition, first printing. An attractively presented and wackily conceived collection of cocktails based around the signs of the Zodiac. Learn More

    Stock Code: 143798

  17. A Book of Booze.
    WILSON, Colin. A Book of Booze.

    London : 1974

    First edition, first impression. Learn More

    Stock Code: 143792

  18. The Innkeeper and Public Brewer.
    WINE & BEER. The Innkeeper and Public Brewer.

    London : [c.1855]

    First edition of this comprehensive business guide for innkeepers and other liquor sellers. It features information on how to make various forms of alcohol, tips on purchasing them, how to adjust and compute the proof of liquor, how to obtain a liquor license and other important skills for running an inn. There is a notable section devoted to early... Learn More

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  19. Poker, Smoke and Other Things.
    HAMMOND, Percy, & George Wharton. Poker, Smoke and Other Things.

    Chicago : 1907

    First edition, first printing of this book, an uncommon cocktail and recipe book on what should be served during a game of poker. The history and rules of poker are also briefly outlined. Learn More

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  20. Modern Cookery, in all its Branches:
    ACTON, Eliza. Modern Cookery, in all its Branches:

    London : 1845

    First edition, with the advertisements dated January 1845. Modern Cookery established Eliza Acton as the first of the modern cookery writers. This first edition is notably uncommon with just six copies traced institutionally worldwide, four of which are held in the UK.

    This copy has the appealing signs of use, with a number of recipes checked... Learn More

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  21. Motor Racing.
    DAVIS, S. C. H. Motor Racing.

    London : 1932

    First edition, first impression, written in hospital by the British racing driver Sammy Davis while recuperating from his spectacular crash at Brooklands in 1931. Learn More

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  22. An Angler's Anthology.
    AUSTIN, Alexander Berry (ed.) An Angler's Anthology.

    London & New York : 1930

    First edition, first impression, deluxe issue with an original etching numbered and signed by the artist, number 7 of 100 copies signed by both Austin and Wilkinson on the limitation page. Uncommon, especially in the original box.

    Norman Wilkinson (1878-1971) was a British artist and marine painter. Also an illustrator, poster artist, and wartime... Learn More

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  23. The Flowing Bowl.
    SCHMIDT, William. The Flowing Bowl.

    New York : 1892

    First edition, first printing. A collection of cocktail recipes and other beverages as well as history on various beverages. One of the classic mixologies. Learn More

    Stock Code: 143729

  24. Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks.
    TERRINGTON, William. Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks.

    London and New York : 1869

    First edition of this early guide to bartending, covering wine, cocktails, and other drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The book underwent several editions, and, though the word cocktail is only used a few times, helped to further popularise the mixing of drinks. The work has also recently been cited as a further stage in gin's evolution from... Learn More

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  25. New Bartender's Guide.
    COCKTAILS. New Bartender's Guide.

    Baltimore, MD : 1914

    First edition, first printing. This copy includes the 1913 printing at rear of Harry Montague's "The Up to date Bartender's Guide", a ready reference guide and a choice selection of appropriate toasts. Learn More

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  26. Jayne's Bartender's Guide.
    BARTENDING. Jayne's Bartender's Guide.

    Philadelphia : 1934

    First edition, first printing. Published soon after the repeal of Prohibition, recipes include the Charlie Chaplin Cocktail, the Pousse Cafe American and the Klondyke Cocktail. The final page of the book contains an afterward, warning that bartenders must uphold certain values to prevent the calamity of Prohibition ever happening again. A scarce work,... Learn More

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  27. The Game of Draw-Poker, Mathematically Illustrated;
    WINTERBLOSSOM, Henry T. (pseud.) The Game of Draw-Poker, Mathematically Illustrated;

    New York : 1875

    First edition of this early technical book on poker, covering not only the technicalities of the game, but also the psychology: poker is "not only a selfish game, but one that every subterfuge that can be brought to bear is introduced" (p. 10).

    This is generally cited as the first American book on poker, the only other contender being Robert... Learn More

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  28. The Stork Club Bar Book.
    BEEBE, Lucius. The Stork Club Bar Book.

    New York & Toronto : 1946

    First edition, first printing, of "Luscious" Lucius Beebe's witty cocktail recipe book, celebrating a day in the life of Sherman Billingsley's Stork Club, a New York fixture from 1929 to 1965. Beebe is credited with coining the phrase "café society". Learn More

    Stock Code: 143490

  29. The Art of Drinking.
    COCKTAILS - MASON, Dexter. The Art of Drinking.

    New York : 1930

    First edition, first printing. A cocktail recipe book featuring all the classics and with each cocktail recipe a matching canapés recipe is given. Learn More

    Stock Code: 143489

  30. Nuneaton-Chester Canal Trip, 1898.
    BRUNEL, Henry Marc, & Robert Edmund Froude. Nuneaton-Chester Canal Trip, 1898.

    [Westminster : c.1900]

    First and only edition of this rare privately printed account of the late August 1898 ten-day canal cruise from Nuneaton to Chester, the second leg of the "Way to Kendal", undertook by five friends, including eminent engineers, started in 1894 from the Thames Oxford and finished in 1899 at Kendal in Westmorland.

    Each one of the men was attributed... Learn More

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  31. African Game Trails.
    ROOSEVELT, Theodore. African Game Trails.

    New York : 1910

    First and limited edition, number 129 of 500 copies signed by the author, printed on Ruisdael Paper by the De Vinne Press. Absenting himself from politics for a year, Roosevelt set off on an elaborate hunting trip to gather specimens for the Smithsonian. The huge party, including over 250 porters and guides, was partly underwritten by Scribner's who... Learn More

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  32. Sailing Alone Around the World.
    SLOCUM, Joshua. Sailing Alone Around the World.

    New York : 1900

    First edition, first printing. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author to his lecture manager on the front free endpaper, "Major J. B. Pond, yours truly Joshua Slocum, The Spray, New York, April 27th 1900", with Pond's bookplate to the front pastedown. Pond (1838-1903) was a civil war veteran and highly successful manager who also promoted Mark Twain,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133645

  33. A Book of Booze.
    WILSON, Colin. A Book of Booze.

    London : 1974

    First edition, first impression. "This book about wines, and to a lesser extent about spirits and beers, is a delightful new departure for Colin Wilson". (jacket front flap) Learn More

    Stock Code: 142810

  34. Fistiana; or, the Oracle of the Ring.
    DOWLING, Vincent George. Fistiana; or, the Oracle of the Ring.

    London : 1841

    First edition of this "classic work on the noble art, including informative sections on fitness training and sparring. It was a book which was regularly updated and went through fourteen editions before Dowling's death" (ODNB). Some 143 pages are given over to an alphabetical "chronology of the ring", listing fights from 1785 to 1840, and there are... Learn More

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  35. Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening.
    REPTON, Humphry. Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening.

    London : [1795]

    First edition of Repton's first book and the work in which he laid out "his claim to the position of a national authority" on landscape gardening (Rogger, p. 12). Handsomely printed by the finest London printer of the age, William Bulmer, the delightful aquatints employ clever overslips to show the transformation of the landscape under Repton's guiding... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138558

  36. An Artist's Game Bag.
    HUNT, Lynn Bogue. An Artist's Game Bag.

    New York : 1936

    First and limited edition, deluxe issue: number 14 of 25 copies; with a fine original watercolour signed by Lynn Bogue Hunt, showing a pair of mallards on a riverbank. Hunt (1877-1960) was one of America's most admired and popular sporting artists.

    "The Derrydale Press was a small publisher of finely crafted sporting books featuring topics such... Learn More

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  37. Scotland's Gift: Golf.
    MACDONALD, Charles Blair. Scotland's Gift: Golf.

    New York and London : 1928

    First edition, first impression, number 145 of 260 copies only signed by the author; "one of the real masterpieces of golf literature" (Murdoch 475). This edition is one of the most highly valued books on American golf history and is scarce in good condition with the map intact, as here.

    Macdonald was an influential champion of golf in the United... Learn More

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  38. Log of the Cruise of President Franklin D. Roosevelt aboard the Schooner Yacht Sewanna to Maine, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, 14 July 1936 - 28 July 1936.
    ROOSEVELT, Franklin D. Log of the Cruise of President Franklin D. Roosevelt aboard the Schooner Yacht Sewanna to Maine, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, 14 July 1936 - 28 July 1936.

    [Washington : 1937]

    First and only edition. A superb association copy, inscribed by President Roosevelt to his son John A. Roosevelt: "For John A. Roosevelt from his affectionate father Franklin D. Roosevelt".

    John accompanied his father during the presidential trip aboard the schooner, where they fished for tuna and cod. The sojourn was a brief break following... Learn More

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  39. The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation,
    WALTON, Izaak. The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation,

    London : 1653

    First edition of the most famous book in angling literature. Each successive lifetime edition was heavily revised, until the fifth and last edition was so much expanded as to constitute almost a different text, "which gives to the first edition an importance other than that due its priority" (Pforzheimer). "A first Walton confers distinction upon its... Learn More

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  40. Army Catering Corps. Guide to Messing in the Middle East (Revised Edition).
    MIDDLE EAST. Army Catering Corps. Guide to Messing in the Middle East (Revised Edition).

    [Cairo] : 1943

    Rare first edition, "not to be published", a revised version of Middle East Catering and Cooking (1942). This is a fascinating and detailed handbook for use by the British Army in some of the most testing campaign conditions of the Second World War; few copies would have survived the rigours of the Middle East Theatre.

    The preface is by Lieutenant-General... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141583

  41. Sylva,
    EVELYN, John. Sylva,

    London : 1664

    First edition of Evelyn's most celebrated book and famously the first book to be printed by order of the Royal Society, which had been founded four years previously. During the 1640s and 1650s production of glass and iron increased rapidly and the wood used to fire the furnaces and factories was not being replaced by fresh planting. This led to a serious... Learn More

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  42. Good Drinks.
    HEATH, Ambrose. Good Drinks.

    London : 1939

    First edition, first impression, of Heath's drink-dedicated follow up to his popular "Good Food" series. Heath writes in the foreword: "This collection of divers drinks is offered for all those occasions when drinking is desirable... to the advancement of the brewer and the wine merchant, and the confusion of all dull dogs." Learn More

    Stock Code: 142050

  43. Drinks As They Are Mixed.
    LOWE, Paul E. Drinks As They Are Mixed.

    Chicago : 1904

    First edition of this early vest-pocket bartender's guide, the text enlivened with punning cartoons. An encyclopaedic listing of contemporary recipes; a "Heart to Heart Talk With Bar Men", advising on the practice and politics of bar-keeping, including a list of the stock and equipment for a "first class bar"; and concluding with an anthology of Toasts... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141554

  44. Horticultural Colour Chart.
    WILSON, Robert Francis. Horticultural Colour Chart.

    London : 1938-42

    Well preserved set of the first edition of this cleverly conceived project to standardise colour definitions so that "there will be but one colour name recognised for each hue in the textile and all colour-using industries as well as by artist's colourmen". A frequently called upon working tool, it is unusual for sets to survive in such excellent state.

    The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141298

  45. Imperial Cricket.
    WARNER, Pelham Francis (ed.) Imperial Cricket.

    London : 1912

    First edition, number 174 of 900 copies (with a further 100 issued signed), of this profusely illustrated survey of the history of cricket and its present state across the world, published to coincide with a triangular Test series between England, Australia and South Africa to celebrate imperial bonds, a book that thus "seems to embody with confidence... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141848

  46. Innocent Pursuits.
    JARVIS, C. S. Innocent Pursuits.

    London : 1953

    First edition, first impression, of the author's wide-ranging reminiscences, featuring essays on pets, sport and history in Egypt, ornithology, trout fishing, dogs, reptiles, and trees. Learn More

    Stock Code: 140696

  47. Oriental Field Sports;
    WILLIAMSON, Thomas. Oriental Field Sports;

    London : 1819

    Second edition of the work the bibliographer considered the most beautiful book on Indian sport in existence, containing 40 fine colour plates. The author, who served for 20 years in Bengal, describes his "pig-sticking adventures; shooting tigers from machans and elephant back, hunting buffalo, driving hogs, bears and wolves; and shooting peacocks and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 87219

  48. Schönheit im Olympischen Kampf.
    RIEFENSTAHL, Leni. Schönheit im Olympischen Kampf.

    Berlin : 1937

    First edition, first printing, an exceptional copy retaining the rare glassine and card slipcase. This photobook was produced alongside Olympia, Riefenstahl's landmark documentary of the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

    Olympia was immediately recognised as truly innovative, experimenting with cutting-edge shooting and editing techniques, winning the Best... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141073

  49. Five-star Favorites.
    EISENHOWER, Mamie Doud. Five-star Favorites.

    New York : 1974

    First edition, limited issue, number 377 of 1000, of this fundraiser for the Eisenhower Medical Center, this copy inscribed on the front free endpaper; "For Dr. & Mrs. Harold Johnson from their friend Mamie Doud Eisenhower, 1978", together with loosely inserted greetings card signed by Mamie. Dr. Johnson was Ike's principle physician after his retirement... Learn More

    Stock Code: 140863

  50. The Englishwoman's Cookery-Book.
    BEETON, Mrs Isabella. The Englishwoman's Cookery-Book.

    London : 1863

    First edition of the first of Beeton's "cookery" books; the affordable spin-offs from her Book of Household Management (1861). Although the Book of Household Management is largely remembered as Beeton's legacy it was primarily these cheaper "part-issues, spin-offs, and extracts" which most influenced English cooking habits (Beetham, p. 395). This copy... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133857

  51. The Royal & Ancient Game of Golf.
    HILTON, Harold H., & Garden G. Smith. The Royal & Ancient Game of Golf.

    London : 1912

    First edition, limited issue, number 42 of 100 copies only; this copy without the subscriber's name inserted on the limitation leaf but with a pencilled note on the front free endpaper, "From the Princess Royal to RW" and a previous bookseller's note identifying this as General Sir Reginald Wingate (1861-1953), "Wingate of the Sudan", army officer and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133168

  52. Home Economics.
    PARLOA, Maria. Home Economics.

    New York : 1898

    First edition, first printing. Parloa's eighth book covers a range of topics ranging from the maintenance of pantries to the digestive system. Parloa was a "pioneer in home economics education", sometimes described as a founder of the discipline, and was arguably America's first celebrity cook (ANB). Her first work, The Appledore Cook Book, was published... Learn More

    Stock Code: 120633

  53. In Unknown Africa.
    POWELL-COTTON, Percy Horace Gordon. In Unknown Africa.

    London : 1904

    First edition, scarce variant binding, other copies noted in blue cloth with the front cover lettered and decorated in black rather than gilt. Following a successful hunting trip in Abyssinia, Powell-Cotton (1866-1940) travelled to British East Africa in 1902 in order to find a specimen of a five-horned giraffe recently discovered by Sir Harry Johnston.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 119332

  54. Observations upon some part of Sr Francis Bacon's Naturall History as it concernes, Fruit-trees, Fruits, and Flowers:
    AUSTEN, Ralph. Observations upon some part of Sr Francis Bacon's Naturall History as it concernes, Fruit-trees, Fruits, and Flowers:

    Oxford : 1658

    First edition. Ralph Austen (c. 1612-1676) is a fascinating figure, a combination of self-taught gardener and religious radical, whose "approach to horticulture was innovative, experimental, and sceptical of the authority of theorists" (ODNB). Here he challenges Sir Francis Bacon over his theory of the descent of sap, opposing the findings of his friend... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129008

  55. Une Bibliothèque Bachique
    OBERLÉ, Gérard. Une Bibliothèque Bachique

    Paris : [1993]

    First edition, first impression. Oberlé's auction catalogue on the Killian Fritsch collection of texts on wine and oenology. Learn More

    Stock Code: 140316

  56. Pigsticking or Hoghunting.
    BADEN-POWELL, Robert. Pigsticking or Hoghunting.

    London : 1889

    First edition of Baden-Powell's "authoritative handbook" (ODNB), presented here in a striking binding. "It is not difficult to see how polo and pig-sticking contributed to the martial training of young cavalry officers, but Baden-Powell repeatedly stressed the broader exercise and health benefits of sport and other recreational activities. He claimed,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 140441

  57. A Dictionary of Assyrian Botany.
    THOMPSON, Reginald Campbell. A Dictionary of Assyrian Botany.

    London : 1949

    First and only edition. Well-represented institutionally, and occasionally encountered on the market, but rarely without library paraphernalia, and in such sound condition. Thompson was one of the leading Assyriologists of his era, his skill in the transcription of cuneiform being such that some of "those in Thompson's handscript remain indispensable"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 140452

  58. The Pride in Bourne. E.R.A. and B.R.M. Memorabilia.
    GROOT, Hein de. The Pride in Bourne. E.R.A. and B.R.M. Memorabilia.

    Tilburg : 2012

    First edition, first printing. No. 10 of 50 numbered copies. A comprehensive collection of motor racing paraphanalia from English Racing Automobiles and British Racing Motors. Learn More

    Stock Code: 139697

  59. Descriptive Catalogue of Kitchen Garden,
    SEED CATALOGUE - BRIDGEMAN, Alfred. Descriptive Catalogue of Kitchen Garden,

    New York : 1868

    Annual vegetable seed catalogue Alfred Bridgeman, "grower, importer and dealer in all standard vegetable, grass, herb, and flower seeds". Learn More

    Stock Code: 115415

  60. Descriptive Catalogue of Choice Green House and Hot House Plants.
    SEED CATALOGUE - DOWN, Chester B. Descriptive Catalogue of Choice Green House and Hot House Plants.

    Strafford, VT : 1881

    Chester B. Down's 1881 catalogue of household plants' seeds and bulbs. Learn More

    Stock Code: 115412

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