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  1. A Collection of Voyages round the World:
    (COOK, James.) A Collection of Voyages round the World:

    London : 1790

    First collected edition, issued unbound in 80 parts, with the plates taken from Alexander Hogg's engravings for his A New, Authentic, and Complete Collection of Voyages published between 1784 and 1786. This copy bound without the Lackington adverts issued with Volume I. "Cook earned his place in history by opening up the Pacific to western... Learn More

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  2. A Voyage Round the World, from 1806 to 1812,
    CAMPBELL, Archibald. A Voyage Round the World, from 1806 to 1812,

    New York : 1817

    First US edition of "one of the best of shipwreck narratives", containing the earliest printing of a Hawaiian vocabulary in America (Huntress). An uncommon work which is "remarkable for its descriptive accounts of the Northwest coast and Alaska, as well as Hawaii" (Severson). Campbell's "lengthy account of Hawaii in 1809-1810 is famous as the first... Learn More

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  3. A Voyage Round the World, from 1806 to 1812;
    CAMPBELL, Archibald. A Voyage Round the World, from 1806 to 1812;

    Edinburgh : 1816

    First edition of "one of the best of shipwreck narratives" (Huntress). The work was published for the benefit of Campbell, who "on one of his shipwrecks had both his feet frozen which rendered amputation necessary. On his return to England, a charitable Mr. Smith drew up this account from his relations, and had it published" (Sabin). Campbell's narrative... Learn More

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  4. History of the Otaheitean Islands,
    (PACIFIC.) History of the Otaheitean Islands,

    Edinburgh : 1800

    First edition, second state, as usual, with the first two leaves of Signature A cut, as instructed in the errata notice, with the introduction text starting "Navigation" (Forbes). This work is "an important summation of information on the Society and Hawaiian Islands at the beginning of the nineteenth century" in which "the voyages of Cook, La Pérouse,... Learn More

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  5. A Voyage Round the World,
    TURNBULL, John. A Voyage Round the World,

    London : 1805

    First edition of Turnbull's narrative of his speculative trading venture, during which the ships visited Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Hawaii. "Sailing from Portsmouth in May 1800 in the Margaret, a ship of ten guns, Turnbull touched at Madeira and at Cape Colony, which had recently passed into British hands. On 5 January 1801 he arrived at Botany... Learn More

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  6. Promenade autour du monde.
    ARAGO, Jacques. Promenade autour du monde.

    Paris : 1822

    First edition, first issue, presentation copy, with the author's inscription to the title page of the Atlas volume "á Msr xxxxx par l'auteur, tous deux ont fait partie de cette campagne", translated as "To Msr L' xxxx by the author, both of them were part of this campaign".
    In 1817 the French Academie des Sciences commissioned Louis de Freycinet... Learn More

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  7. A Voyage Round the World;
    DIXON, George. A Voyage Round the World;

    London : 1789

    First edition, second and preferred issue; one of a small number of copies printed on thick paper, some of the plates with the original hand-colouring. This work provides Dixon's narrative of the voyage undertaken with Nathaniel Portlock; the principal and successful object of which was to open the fur trade in Northwest America. Portlock and Dixon's... Learn More

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  8. Kon-Tiki.
    HEYERDAHL, Thor. Kon-Tiki.

    Chicago : 1950

    First US edition, originally published in Norway in 1948. The Kon-Tiki expedition was undertaken by the explorer Thor Heyerdahl to prove that Polynesia was settled from South America by a mixed race who travelled by raft. Their replica raft, named after the Incan sun god Kon-Tiki, was wrecked on a reef 98 days later. "A dramatic, designedly primitive,... Learn More

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  9. 134108
    FORSTER, George. Johann Reinhold Forster's Reise um die Welt während den Jahren 1772 bis 1775,

    Berlin : 1778-80

    First edition in German, following the first English edition of 1777, which famously pre-empted the official account. The present edition is augmented with additions from Cook's own account. A distinguished naturalist, Forster was employed as Chief Naturalist for the Resolution on Cook's second voyage, accompanied by his son Georg (1754-1794) as an... Learn More

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  10. Three Voyages to the Pacific Ocean.
    COOK, Captain James. Three Voyages to the Pacific Ocean.

    Boston : Jan. 1797

    First US collected edition of Cook's three voyages. Forbes notes that it "appears to be an adaptation of the text contained in Volumes VI and VII of William Mavor's Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels & Discoveries" (1796). This edition is uncommon, with just two copies traced institutionally in the UK. "Cook earned his... Learn More

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  11. Voyage autour du monde,
    DUHAUT-CILLY, Auguste. Voyage autour du monde,

    Saint-Servan : 1834-5

    First edition of this rare work, particularly important for its detailed examination of California during the last phase of its Spanish period. The lithographs were done after Duhaut-Cilly's sketches; they depict San Francisco, San Luis Rey, Fort Ross, and Oahu. They are printed on very thin, high-quality India proof paper, which results in a crisp... Learn More

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  12. A Voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean,
    COLNETT, James. A Voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean,

    London : 1798

    First edition of Colnett's account of his second Pacific voyage, one of the most important to the history of whaling. Colnett's lengthy preface also describes a two-month stay in Hawaii made during his first voyage, "one of the earliest visits to Hawaii after Cook" (McDonnell). A midshipman on the Resolution in Cook's second voyage, as part of a crew... Learn More

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