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Women's Suffrage

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  1. 139513
    LYTTON, Constance. Letters.

    London : 1925

    First edition of the collected correspondence of the women's suffrage campaigner Lady Constance Georgina Bulwer-Lytton (1869-1923), with a pleasing suffrage association: this copy has the bookplate of the suffragist and Welsh Liberal politician Winifred Coombe Tennant (1874-1956). In 1922 she was appointed to be a representative at the League of Nations,... Learn More

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  2. 139283comp
    STRACHEY, Ray. The Cause.

    London : 1928

    First edition, first impression, a scarce presentation copy, inscribed "To Edith Badcock with love from Agnes & Ray Christmas 1928" on the front free endpaper. "Agnes" is Strachey's close friend and fellow suffrage campaigner Agnes Garrett (1845-1935), older sister of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, to whom the book is dedicated.
    Agnes also had a hand... Learn More

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  3. History of Woman Suffrage.
    ANTHONY, Susan B. History of Woman Suffrage.

    Rochester : 1886 & 1902

    First editions, presentation copies of volumes III and IV of the "bible" of the women's suffrage campaign, the only two volumes published by Anthony herself; inscribed in each volume by Anthony on the occasion of her 85th birthday to her cousin Joshua. Both are inscribed on initial blanks, "To Joshua Anthony. Ushers - N.Y. From his cousin Susan B. Anthony.... Learn More

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  4. Women's Suffrage:
    BLACKBURN, Helen. Women's Suffrage:

    London : 1902

    First edition, first impression, of this "invaluable history of the Victorian women's suffrage campaign, its antecedents, organizational development, and personalities" (ODNB); this copy with an interesting line of provenance, having been previously owned by women's rights campaigner Agnes Geraldine, Lady Grove (1863-1926), the suffragette Frances Mary... Learn More

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  5. Autograph letter signed.
    PANKHURST, Christabel. Autograph letter signed.

    31 July 1911

    A persuasively argued autograph letter signed from Christabel to the MP Noel Buxton (1869-1948), entreating his public support for the passing of a Conciliation Bill and thanking him for "all you do for the cause".
    British Liberal politician Noel Buxton, 1st Baron Noel-Buxton, was at the time of Christabel's letter serving as MP for the Norfolk North... Learn More

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  6. Workhouse Characters.
    NEVINSON, Margaret Wynne. Workhouse Characters.

    London : 1918

    First edition, first impression of the women's rights activist's collection of twenty-six workhouse sketches, a series of journalistic pieces previously published in The Westminster Gazette, The Daily News, and The Herald. Nevinson's son was the artist C. R. W. Nevinson, to whom the present work is dedicated, and he provided the striking illustration... Learn More

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  7. Autograph letter signed.
    PANKHURST, Christabel. Autograph letter signed.

    5 Vincent Square, Westminster SW1 : 29 December 1937

    An early autograph letter signed by Christabel Pankhurst to Lady Cynthia Colville, Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary, recommending the services of Dr H. St John Rumsey of St Guys to help cure a speech impediment in her "two young relations". Colville's close relationship with Queen Mary raises the possibility that the relations in question had a... Learn More

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  8. Typed letter signed.
    PANKHURST, E. Sylvia. Typed letter signed.

    14 March 1939

    A typed letter signed by Sylvia Pankhurst on New Times and Ethiopia News headed paper. In the letter Pankhurst thanks Edward Philip Ockey for his help with her Esperanto, and notes that she hopes he "will be able to bring our paper to the notice of others". Ockey (1913-2006) was editor of the British Esperantist and a port officer who served... Learn More

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  9. Original photographs documenting local WSPU activity in London and the Isle of Wight.
    (WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE.) Women's Social and Political Union. Original photographs documenting local WSPU activity in London and the Isle of Wight.


    A fascinating and varied gathering of photographic material providing a valuable glimpse into local WSPU activity during a time of great expansion for the organization, primarily during the 1910s, including three striking full-length portraits of a WSPU drum and fife band member in full uniform; two shots of the WSPU's Kilburn office, one of which shows... Learn More

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  10. 134554
    (RUSSIAN WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE.) Golosuite za spisok #7.

    [Petrograd : 1917]

    A remarkable survival of a flyer printed by the All-Russian League of Equal Rights for Women for their political campaign for the election to the Constituent Assembly in November 1917. The League participated in elections as its own party under the number 7.
    In English the flyer text reads: ''Female Citizens and male citizens! The League of Equality... Learn More

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  11. Margaret Ethel Macdonald 1870-1911.
    MACDONALD, James Ramsay. Margaret Ethel Macdonald 1870-1911.

    London & Lossiemouth : 1911

    First edition of Ramsay Macdonald's touching tribute to his wife, published in a small unnumbered edition the year of her death for private distribution, here a presentation copy to Margaret's fellow suffragist and political reformer Lady Laura Elizabeth Ridding (1849-1939), with a tipped-in presentation letter on House of Commons letterhead dated 28... Learn More

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  12. Hunger strike medal awarded to Elsie Wolff van Sandau.
    (WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE; HUNGER STRIKES.) Hunger strike medal awarded to Elsie Wolff van Sandau.

    London : March 1912

    Hunger strike medal awarded by the WSPU to Elsie Wolff van Sandau, complete with the original presentation box, the printed dedication on the silk-lined inner lid reading, "Presented to Elsie Wolff van Sandau by the Women's Social and Political Union in recognition of a gallant action, whereby through endurance to the last extremity of hunger and hardship... Learn More

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  13. Germinal.
    PANKHURST, E. Sylvia. Germinal.

    London : 1923

    Very rare complete run of Sylvia Pankhurst's strikingly illustrated revolutionary socialist journal Germinal, a short-lived publication of which just two issues were printed. Just four institutions are recorded as having complete runs (none with single issues): WorldCat lists the British Library and the Institut national d'histoire de l'Art; Library... Learn More

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  14. Women's Suffrage.
    FAWCETT, Millicent Garrett. Women's Suffrage.

    London & Edinburgh : [1912]

    First edition, first impression, of the leading women's suffrage campaigner's history of the movement, beginning with a discussion of Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) and concluding with a survey of the most recent international developments. Learn More

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  15. Memories of a Militant.
    KENNEY, Annie. Memories of a Militant.

    London : 1924

    First edition, first impression, of Kenney's scarce autobiography, an emotional account of the militant suffrage movement by one of its "leading actors" (foreword), with a purple "presentation copy" stamp to the title page.
    After hearing Christabel Pankhurst and Teresa Billington-Greig speak about women's suffrage at a trades council meeting in her... Learn More

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  16. 137503
    ROBINS, Elizabeth. 'Where Are You Going To...?'

    London : 1913

    First UK edition, first impression, of Robins's popular anti-white-slavery novel, written in the wake of the controversial passage of the Criminal Law Amendment Act in 1912 and at a time when the women's suffrage movement was drawing attention to the topic of prostitution. On the first blank a facsimile reproduces the note, " - Every incident in this... Learn More

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  17. From Harrow School to Herrison House Asylum.
    HEWITT, Harald. From Harrow School to Herrison House Asylum.

    London : 1923

    First and only edition. Uncommon, 7 locations only on Copac, WorldCat adds 7 more, yet none are listed with supplementary material. The supplement contains diary extracts, an homage to Emily Davison, a reproduction of her memorial service program and A Petition to the King.
    Harald Charles Harvey Hewitt (b. 1873), great grandson of the second... Learn More

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  18. Letters.
    LYTTON, Constance. Letters.

    London : 1925

    First edition of the collected correspondence of the women's suffrage campaigner Lady Constance Georgina Bulwer-Lytton (1869-1923), compiled by her sister. After visiting suffragettes imprisoned in Holloway gaol in 1909, Lytton joined the WSPU and thereafter was a fervent lobbyist, using her influential aristocratic contacts on behalf of the suffrage... Learn More

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