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  1. Modern Cookery, in all its Branches:
    ACTON, Eliza. Modern Cookery, in all its Branches:

    London : 1845

    First edition, with the advertisements dated January 1845. Modern Cookery established Eliza Acton as the first of the modern cookery writers. This first edition is notably uncommon with just six copies traced institutionally worldwide, four of which are held in the UK.

    This copy has the appealing signs of use, with a number of recipes checked... Learn More

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  2. Cruelty.
    AI. Cruelty.

    Boston : 1973

    First edition, first printing, of the author's first book, inscribed by Ai on the half-title "To Bill & Deborah, Love Ai (Florence)". This is a review copy with the publisher's review slip and the original photograph of the author, used on the jacket, loosely inserted.

    "The poet Ai (1947-2010) was noted for her uncompromising poetic vision and... Learn More

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  3. All You've Ever Wanted. And Other Stories.
    AIKEN, Joan. All You've Ever Wanted. And Other Stories.

    London : 1953

    First edition, first impression, of the author's first published book.

    All You've Ever Wanted is a collection of short stories for children of "the kind for which Aiken was to become renowned, all of which include some magical and fantastical 'fairy stories', which were her preferred style for this genre" (ODNB). Learn More

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  4. Votes for Catharine Susan and Me.
    AINSLIE, Kathleen. Votes for Catharine Susan and Me.

    London : [1910]

    First edition, first impression, of purportedly "the only book about suffragettes written for children during the 'Votes for Women' campaign" (British Library). The beautiful chromolithograph illustrations depict the adventures of two wooden peg dolls as they join the cause, create mayhem, and are jailed. After going on hunger strike, the story closes... Learn More

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  5. A Hole in the Wall.
    ALCOTT, Louisa May. A Hole in the Wall.

    Boston : [1899]

    First separate edition, originally published in Lulu's Library (1886), of the first of 11 illustrated Alcott stories for girls published by Little Brown between 1899 and 1904, over a decade after the author's death. Learn More

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  6. 149589
    ALCOTT, Louisa May. Marjorie's Three Gifts.

    Boston : [1899]

    First separate edition, originally published in My Girls (1878), of the second of 11 illustrated Alcott stories for girls published by Little Brown between 1899 and 1904, over a decade after the author's death. Learn More

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  7. The Forsaken Merman.
    ARNOLD, Matthew. The Forsaken Merman.

    London : 1900

    First Jean Archer edition, this copy beautifully hand coloured, a stunning piece of arts and crafts design. Archer's illustrated edition is uncommon, with 15 copies held institutionally worldwide. In 1901 Dent released a further 50 copies of this work printed on Japon and 10 on vellum for binding by the Guild of Women Bookbinders.

    This melancholy... Learn More

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  8. [The Regeneration trilogy:] Regeneration; The Eye in the Door; The Ghost Road.
    BARKER, Pat. [The Regeneration trilogy:] Regeneration; The Eye in the Door; The Ghost Road.

    London : 1991-93-95

    First editions, first impressions, all signed by the author on the title page. The novels explore the history of the First World War by focusing on the aftermath of trauma and are based on the writings of First World War poets. In 1995 the final book in the trilogy, The Ghost Road, won the Booker-McConnell Prize. Learn More

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  9. Ladies Almanack.
    BARNES, Djuna. Ladies Almanack.

    Paris : 1928

    First edition, the copy of Barnes's literary executor, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper and accompanied by a vellum sheet such as that used as the cover of the deluxe issue, hand-coloured by Barnes, given to him at the time of inscription: "For Hank O'Neal with the compliments of the Author Djuna Barnes. New York 1978"; this copy... Learn More

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  10. Ryder.
    BARNES, Djuna. Ryder.

    New York : 1928

    First edition, first printing, of the author's autobiographical first novel.

    Ryder is "a comical family history illustrated by the author, which describes their unusual living arrangements, Barnes's early life on the Huntington farm, and the London literary salon of her grandmother Zadel, who knew the family of Oscar Wilde and other artists and... Learn More

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  11. The Yangtze Valley and Beyond.
    BIRD, Isabella Lucy, as Mrs. J. F. Bishop. The Yangtze Valley and Beyond.

    London : 1899

    First edition of this account of the "archetypal Victorian Lady Traveller's" (Robinson) 15 months and 8,000 miles of travels in China, concluding in 1897, and recounting "the most remarkable of her journeys" (ODNB). It is profusely illustrated and the photos were taken by the author herself.

    Isabella Bird (1831-1904) was a remarkable woman who,... Learn More

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  12. Five on Finniston Farm.
    BLYTON, Enid. Five on Finniston Farm.

    London : 1960

    First edition, first impression. The 18th adventure of the Famous Five. Learn More

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  13. Paul Valéry.
    BOSANQUET, Theodora. Paul Valéry.

    London : 1933

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy inscribed on the front free endpaper to the English historian "To Dame (Cicely)Veronica Wedgwood, hommages respectueux. Theodora Bosanquet, 29.12.1942". One of 1,000 copies only, this one in the variant binding.

    Bosanquet was Henry James's secretary from 1907 until his death in 1916 and longtime... Learn More

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  14. Paris.
    BOUDOT-LAMOTTE, Emmanuel. Paris.

    Paris : 1939

    A handsomely bound copy of the second edition of this photographic guide to Paris, published just before the Second World War. First published in 1937 with 164 photographs, this edition counts one more. Learn More

    Stock Code: 144885

  15. Halfway to Freedom.
    BOURKE-WHITE, Margaret. Halfway to Freedom.

    New York : 1949

    First edition, first printing, presentation copy from the author, inscribed on the half-title, "Horace Sutton, Remembering a pleasant evening when I was halfway heard on Halfway to Freedom. Cordially, Margaret Bourke-White"; a particularly attractive provenance as Sutton (1919-1991) was one of the pre-eminent American travel writers of his day, credited... Learn More

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  16. The Underground Woman.
    BOYLE, Kay. The Underground Woman.

    New York : 1975

    First edition, first printing, presentation copy inscribed on the half-title "January 1975. With love, admiration, and tenderness, to Decca & Bob, who dream, & who give the dream an enduring reality. Kay. San Francisco". This is a great association copy.

    The recipients are Jessica Mitford and her husband Robert Treuhaft, whom the themes and... Learn More

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  17. Un Amant.
    BRONTË, Emily. Un Amant.

    Paris : 1892

    First edition in French of Brontë's Wuthering Heights (1847), later renamed Les Hauts de Hurle-Vent. Scarce: Library Hub locates only one copy in the UK (BL), WorldCat adds a further four in France; we could trace only one in commercial records, a rebound copy which sold at auction in 2018.

    The first edition, published by Thomas Cautley Newby... Learn More

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  18. Muriel's Dreamland:
    BROWN, J. W. Muriel's Dreamland:

    London : 1871

    First edition, preceding the large quarto edition which was published later the same year, of this Victorian children's tale, fruit of a mother-daughter collaboration. Telling the story of Muriel's oneiric adventures travelling the world with fairies, this Christmas fantasy is rare, especially so complete, as here. Learn More

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  19. Civilians.
    BRYHER. Civilians.

    Territet : 1927

    First edition, sole printing, of the author's fourth novel, and the only Bryher novel to be published by her own publisher, Pool.

    Bryher was the pen name of Annie Winifred Ellerman (1894-1983). She moved in the 1920s Parisian circles of artists and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Gertrude Stein. Her wealth... Learn More

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  20. The Secret of Chimneys.
    CHRISTIE, Agatha. The Secret of Chimneys.

    London : 1925

    First edition, first impression. Copies in such bright condition are uncommon. The work is considered one of Christie's best early thrillers. Learn More

    Stock Code: 149401

  21. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
    CLARKE, Susanna. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

    London : 2004

    First UK edition, first impression, signed by the author on the half-title. It was first published in the US three weeks prior, and issued in the UK in both black boards and jacket, and white boards and jacket. Learn More

    Stock Code: 147598

  22. The Ruin of Zululand:
    COLENSO, Frances Ellen. The Ruin of Zululand:

    London : 1884-85

    First edition. Colenso (1849-1887) is described by SADNB as a "protagonist of the Zulu people," and like her father and sister a "strong champion" (Mendelssohn) of Cetewayo.

    In the second volume "there is an interesting account of the visit of Cetewayo to England, and of his interviews with members of the Royal family and Lord Kimberley Colenso... Learn More

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  23. Phantasmion.
    COLERIDGE, Sara. Phantasmion.

    London : 1874

    First named edition, second overall, with the publisher's ads dated August 1875, of the long fairy-tale Phantasmion, "one of the earliest novel-length fantasies separate from the Gothic tradition" (Sanders), and the first appearance of the work with the author's name printed on the title page: it was first published anonymously in 1837 in a run of just... Learn More

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  24. Dolores.
    COMPTON-BURNETT, Ivy. Dolores.

    London : 1911

    First edition, first impression, of the author's first book. Her second would not be published for 14 years and Compton-Burnett (1884-1969) would later refer to Dolores as a false start, its style notably differing from her later dialogue driven works. Learn More

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  25. Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis.
    COPE, Wendy. Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis.

    London : 1986

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy inscribed on the title page to the poet and counterculture figure, Felix Dennis (1947-2014) "To Felix from a poet who enjoys your work, Wendy Cope", and with Dennis's bookplate to the front pastedown. This is a lovely association copy. Learn More

    Stock Code: 147945

  26. Poems.
    CORNFORD, Frances. Poems.

    Hampstead : [1910]

    First edition, first impression, of Cornford's second book, following the rare Holtbury Idyll (1908), and first poetry collection, including her poem "Youth", later titled "On Rupert Brooke", as well as the notorious "To a Fat Lady Seen from a Train", which became a much anthologized (and parodied) piece.

    Frances Cornford (1886-1960, née Frances... Learn More

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  27. French Provincial Cooking.
    DAVID, Elizabeth. French Provincial Cooking.

    London : 1960

    First edition, first impression, of the author's most influential work. David (1913-1992) taught herself Mediterranean-style cooking while living abroad during the early 1940s, and began writing a food column for Harper's Bazaar in 1949. Her first book was published to wide acclaim the following year, and she is now recognized for her profound influence... Learn More

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  28. From Matter to Spirit.
    DE MORGAN, Sophia Elizabeth, as C. D. From Matter to Spirit.

    London : 1863

    First edition of this vividly written and meticulous account of spiritualist practice and ghostly interactions, which became one of the foundational texts of the British spiritualist movement. It is uncommon in the first edition, and this is a particularly attractive example.

    Sophia de Morgan (1809-1892) was a social activist, spiritualist, and... Learn More

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  29. Because of Winn-Dixie.
    DICAMILLO, Kate. Because of Winn-Dixie.

    Cambridge, MA : 2000

    First edition, first printing. Because of Winn-Dixie was the author's first book and was a 2001 Newbery Honor title. It is the story of a young girl who claims a stray dog as her own to save him and was the basis for the 2005 film of the same name. Learn More

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  30. The Emperor's Tigers.
    DOBRÉE, Valentine. The Emperor's Tigers.

    London : 1929

    First edition, first impression. This is the author's second novel, an allegorical fantasy about the Emperor's Tigers cloistered away in the private garden of Transmappamondia. This title is uncommon, especially in such good condition.

    Née Gladys Brooke-Pechell and highly regarded as an artist and poet, her husband Bonamy Dobrée was part of... Learn More

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  31. Geek Love.
    DUNN, Katherine. Geek Love.

    New York : 1989

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by the author on the title page "For Moonyean with the beautiful name. Katherine Dunn". Learn More

    Stock Code: 147941

  32. Daniel Deronda.
    ELIOT, George. Daniel Deronda.

    Edinburgh & London : 1876

    First edition, in the original parts, of Eliot's last completed novel. With the errata slip in parts 3 and 6; parts 1 to 7 with a slip advertising the next instalment.

    "While creating once more a panorama of social classes and opinion and showing how individuals interact at times of social change, this novel spreads its net even wider than its... Learn More

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  33. Cupid Turned Volunteer.
    ELIZABETH, Princess of the United Kingdom. Cupid Turned Volunteer.

    London : 1804

    First edition, signed by "Elizabeth" on the half-title. Published at the height of the Georgian volunteer movement for the war against Napoleon, this book contains a series of engraving based on drawings by Princess Elizabeth, daughter of George III, showing cupid training to fight the French. Each picture depicting scenes of "Genius, Loyalty, and Patriotism"... Learn More

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  34. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.
    FISH, Anne Harriet (illus.); FITZGERALD, Edward. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    New York : 1922

    First US edition of the Annie Fish Rubáiyát, the UK edition was published the same year; copies with the dust jacket are decidedly scarce. Anne Harriet Fish (1890-1914) was one of the wittiest and most trenchant cartoonist-illustrators of the 1920s.

    She studied under John Hassall, at the London School of Art and in Paris. Her greatest vogue... Learn More

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  35. The Great River.
    FITKIN, Gretchen Mae. The Great River.

    Shanghai : 1922

    First edition, scarce in commerce, and although well represented in international libraries scarce in British and Irish institutional libraries: Library Hub locates just 4 copies (BL, Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, V&A). An interesting work illustrated with photographs by Donald Mennie, who travelled widely in China in the 20s and produced... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143573

  36. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.
    FITZGERALD, Edward (trans.); McMANUS, Blanche (illus.) Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    London : 1903

    An attractive edition of the Rubáiyát, in a refined contemporary arts and crafts binding, in the style of Douglas Cockerell, and nicely preserving McManus's original endpapers. Founded at the turn of the century by Alexander Moring, the De La More Press produced small, finely printed editions, including several Rubáiyáts.

    From the library... Learn More

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  37. Save Me the Waltz.
    FITZGERALD, Zelda. Save Me the Waltz.

    New York : 1932

    First edition, first printing, rarely found in such nice condition. Learn More

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  38. The Lover's Language of Flowers;
    FLOWERS. The Lover's Language of Flowers;

    Wakefield : [1873]

    An attractive collection of poetry and a dictionary of the emotions flowers express, by the anonymous "Authoress". From this work we learn that one should offer their love vervain to communicate their "irresistible influence", while offering hemlock means "You will cause my death".

    The rise of floriography in England has been attributed to the... Learn More

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  39. Phoenix Fled and Other Stories.
    FORSTER, E. M. - HOSAIN, Attia. Phoenix Fled and Other Stories.

    London : 1953

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy of the author's debut, inscribed on the front free endpaper "In all humility from Attia Hosain". Although not named, the recipient was E. M. Forster, as evidenced by his library label to the front pastedown.

    The British-Indian novelist, author, writer, broadcaster, journalist, and actor, Attia... Learn More

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  40. The Lagoon.
    FRAME, Janet. The Lagoon.

    Christchurch : 1951

    First edition, first impression, of the author's first book, a collection of short stories. At the time of publication Janet Frame (1924-2004) was a patient at Seacliff psychiatric hospital. She had been scheduled to receive a lobotomy, however, the work's receipt of the Hubert Church Award, one of New Zealand's most prestigious literary prizes, led... Learn More

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  41. The Work and Life of Solon.
    FREEMAN, Kathleen. The Work and Life of Solon.

    Cardiff : 1926

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy of the author's first book, a study of the Athenian statesman and poet Solon, inscribed by the author to her long-term partner, at the very start of their acquaintance, on the front free endpaper, "Lilian M.C. Clopet, from Kathleen Freeman July 14th, 1926". This work, "considered essential reading",... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142281

  42. Mary Barton: a Tale of Manchester Life.
    GASKELL, Elizabeth. Mary Barton: a Tale of Manchester Life.

    London : 1848

    First edition of the author's first novel, rare in the original cloth. The Bradley Martin copy, with his booklabel to front pastedown of vol. I, and his purchase invoice (60, 11 March 1964) from Pickering & Chatto loosely inserted. Sold in his sale, 30 April and 1 May 1990, part of lot 2863.

    The title is ranked first on Sadleir's list of comparative... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144255

  43. The House on Marshland.
    GLÜCK, Louise. The House on Marshland.

    New York : 1975

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by the author on the dedication page verso: "for Stuart with all warm wishes Louise". The House on Marshland is the second book of poems by Louise Glück (b. 1943), who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2020. Learn More

    Stock Code: 147932

  44. Island Magic.
    GOUDGE, Elizabeth. Island Magic.

    New York : [1934]

    First edition, first printing, of the author's first novel. Although undated, this edition was published in 1934 and preceded the UK edition released the same year. Learn More

    Stock Code: 148065

  45. Letters on India.
    GRAHAM, Maria. Letters on India.

    London : 1814

    First edition of this attractive supplement to Graham's Journal of a Residence in India (1812), similarly based around her own travels, and "extending her account of the culture" of India (Robinson). A pretty copy of a surprisingly uncommon work, less than a dozen locations on WorldCat.

    "Written solely with the design of being useful to such... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142796

  46. A Book of Saints and Wonders.
    GREGORY, Lady Augusta. A Book of Saints and Wonders.

    Dundrum : 1906

    First edition, first impression, one of 200 copies only. This uncommon Dun Emer title is signed by both Yeats and Lady Gregory and scarcer thus, especially untouched and in such good condition.

    Yeats's press was originally named "for Miss Evelyn Gleeson's home in Dundrum, near Dublin, where it was established in company with embroidery and rug... Learn More

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  47. The Bindings of To-morrow.
    GUILD OF WOMEN BINDERS. The Bindings of To-morrow.

    London : 1902

    First edition, number 476 of 500 copies only. The magnificent chromo-litho plates feature 50 bindings by the Guild, many with the names of their designers and executors. It was produced to accompany an exhibition in London to showcase the Guild's work alongside that of the Hampstead Bindery.

    The Guild of Women-Binders was established in 1898... Learn More

    Stock Code: 140060

  48. Le Livre d'Amour.
    HAGGIN, Blanche Butterworth. Le Livre d'Amour.

    New York : 1887

    First edition of this lavish book of French love poetry, number 11 of 20 large paper copies printed on Japon, numbered and initialled by the editor Blanche Butterworth Haggin on the limitation page, in a superb binding by one of France's most prominent binders of the Belle Epoque, Charles Meunier (1865-1948), who founded the Cercle Grolier in 1923.

    This... Learn More

    Stock Code: 149248

  49. Poems Selected from the Hesperides.
    HERRICK, Robert. Poems Selected from the Hesperides.

    New York : 1903

    First edition thus, one of 260 copies only, printed on Mayday 1903. This finely produced edition of Herrick's poems features striking woodcuts designed by the co-runner of the Elston Press Helen Marguerite O'Kane. Her designs "complement Hesperides beautifully and reflect the qualities of equanimity, sweetness, delicacy, and youthful idyllic enjoyment... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144713

  50. The Price of Salt.
    HIGHSMITH, Patricia, as Claire Morgan. The Price of Salt.

    New York : 1953

    First paperback edition, first printing, of Patricia Highsmith's second novel and defining lesbian romance. The Price of Salt was originally published in a hardback by Coward-McCann in 1952.

    The paperback sold nearly a million copies reaching and influencing a huge audience in this format and leading Highsmith to receive weekly correspondence,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148579

  51. Born Old, Died Young.
    HOLDEN, Inez. Born Old, Died Young.

    London : 1932

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy inscribed to her mother on the front free endpaper "To Mummy, with best love from Inez, March 1931", the date amended in another ink into 1932. This science fiction title, depicting the "giddy antics of the roaring twenties" (Scholes), is Holden's second book.

    Beatrice Inez Holden (1903-1974)... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144950

  52. Endless Race.
    HOLDEN, Ursula. Endless Race.

    London : 1975

    First edition, first impression, of the author's first book, published when she was 54 years old. Learn More

    Stock Code: 101758

  53. 140740
    HORE, Annie B. To Lake Tanganyika in a Bath Chair.

    London : 1886

    Extremely uncommon first and only contemporary edition of this remarkable travelogue, with what "must surely be the most intriguing title of any travel book" (Robinson). Notable for preceding May French-Sheldon's better-known accounts by several years, and for its sobering observations on the slave trade, it is accompanied here by an autograph letter... Learn More

    Stock Code: 140740

  54. The Were-Wolf.
    HOUSMAN, Clemence. The Were-Wolf.

    London & Chicago : 1896.

    First edition, first issue, of "one of the best werewolf stories" (Bleiler), uncommon in such good condition.

    The Were-Wolf features Laurence Housman's last illustrations, by 1898 he had "stopped producing book illustration since the strain of his intricate drawings affected his poor eyesight" (Zipes). Learn More

    Stock Code: 147863

  55. The Language of Flowers.
    ILDREWE, Miss (ed.) The Language of Flowers.

    Boston : 1865

    First edition of this significant American botanical compendium, complete with the 12 colour plates and in the bright, decorative original cloth. Miss Ildrewe champions the significance of her native flora, an effort which was applauded by contemporary reviewers: "this pretty gift-book is the first really American contribution to the language of flowers"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143182

  56. The Pictorial Flora;
    JACKSON, Mary Ann. The Pictorial Flora;

    London : 1840

    First edition of this remarkable collection of botanical drawings, gathered over five annual journeys across England and Wales, and comprising a catalogue of over 1,500 plant species. Jackson intended the present work "to serve as a handy and affordable alternative to more expensive and elaborate botanical plate books then available" (Carter). This... Learn More

    Stock Code: 140873

  57. 149419comp
    JACKSON, Shirley. Raising Demons.

    New York : 1957

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "With all best wishes, Shirley Jackson". Signed copies are highly uncommon. Learn More

    Stock Code: 149419

  58. The Solange Stories.
    JESSE, F. Tennyson. The Solange Stories.

    London : 1931

    First edition, first impression. Learn More

    Stock Code: 86237

  59. To Whom She Will.
    JHABVALA, Ruth Prawer. To Whom She Will.

    London : 1955

    First edition, first impression, of the author's first book, signed by the author on the title page.

    Jhabvala was born to German Jewish parents in 1927, the family fleeing to London prior to the Second World War. For twenty-four years from 1951 she lived in India, marrying an Indian architect and writing novels that reflected her "insider-outsider"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147973

  60. Parrot Fever. Excerpts from a novel.
    KEROUAC, Jan. Parrot Fever. Excerpts from a novel.

    Santa Cruz, Ca : 1994

    First edition, first printing, number 29 of 135 copies signed by the author on the limitation page. This is a presentation copy inscribed on the title "To Kevin Ring - thanks so much for your interest in my struggle. Best, Jan Kerouac. August 2nd, 1995".

    The recipient was the Beat poet Kevin Ring, who also founded Beat Scene, a British magazine... Learn More

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