Ethical Buying Practice


At Peter Harrington we offer carefully selected items across a wide range of print, visual and other material culture, from the earliest books to the latest art prints and photographs.

We choose these items for their cultural importance or interest, both as they were perceived when first made and for how that appreciation has changed through history.

It is therefore inevitable that some of these pieces will employ language, concepts or imagery which while unremarkable in their own time could now cause offence. Other pieces might of course have been considered divisive or questionable in intent since their date of first printing.

As part of our cataloguing process, we endeavour to present these items in a context which we hope will enable a better understanding of the past that they physically embody, while locating them in relation to the complex world we live in today.

In some cases, in order to prevent jarring or unsettling imagery from appearing on listings surprisingly, we may take steps to blur part of, or in extreme cases all of, lead images, allowing you the choice to assess the content yourself should you so wish.

Should you have specific concerns relating to an item appearing in our catalogues or shown on our website, please contact us directly on