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Frieze Masters 2019

Peter Harrington will be exhibiting at this year's Frieze Masters with an exhibition entitled 'Drawing a Line'.

Drawing a line suggests a need for certainty, but creates division, binaries, the “other”. If we dislike where a line has been drawn, we may seek to erase and redraw it. We may question who drew that line and who gave them the authority to do so. We may find that the line is not so precisely drawn after all.

Our exhibition at Frieze this year is a non-linear exploration of these themes. Using rare printed books of all eras, we explore some of the most interesting and enduring binary oppositions: between faithful and heretic, man and woman, master and slave, life and death. We include writers and thinkers who made clear-cut distinctions where none had previously been thought possible, in patterns of trade, in political arrangements, within the human mind itself. We even find time for those who have cast their line on the waters, in destructive fury or peaceful contemplation, and space for at least one book written and printed behind enemy lines.

Frieze Masters
Regent’s Park, London
3–6 October 2019

Opening hours
Wednesday Preview 2 October (Invitation only)
Thursday Preview 3 October: 11am-8pm
Thursday Private View 3 October: 5pm-8pm
Friday 4 - Saturday 5 October: 11am-7pm
Sunday 6 October: 11am-6pm

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