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  • gathering

    A certain number of leaves placed one inside another, making up a group or quire. A quarto gathering consists of four leaves; octavo, eight; duodecimo, twelve; and so on.

  • gauffered edges

    The gilt edges have been decorated further by means of heated finishing tools or rolls producing decorative indented patterns.

  • gift inscription

    Used by us to indicate that the book has an inscription showing that one person, not the author, gave the book to another.

  • gilt edges

    The three edges of the book left exposed by the binding have been gilded. Other booksellers sometimes abbreviate this as “a.e.g.”, meaning “all edges gilt”. Sometimes only the top edge is gilt (“t.e.g.”), usually leaving the other two edges untrimmed.

  • gum arabic

    An artist’s material made from the sap of various species of acacia, used as a binder in watercolour paint. In some natural history illustrated books, such as John Gould’s works, additional gum arabic is used by the colourist to add gloss highlights to the painted surface.

  • gutter

    The blank space between facing pages of text; in other words, the adjacent inner margins of facing pages when the book is open.