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  • marbled paper

    Decorative paper created by dropping water-based paints onto a size where they expand and spread, before a stylus or comb is used to elaborate a distinctive pattern. The wet paint is then carefully transferred to a fresh sheet of paper. Marbled paper is typically used for the sides and endpapers; the edges may also be marbled to match.

  • marginalia

    Notes, commentary, and similar material written or printed in the margin. Printed marginalia are also sometimes referred to as shoulder notes.

  • margins

    The blank area surrounding the printed area of the page. The four margins (clockwise from the top) are top, fore edge, bottom and inner.

  • morocco

    Goatskin used for good quality bindings, often bespoke work, and a perennial choice for deluxe or presentation bindings. In common with russia leather, morocco is spelled in lower case in recognition of the fact that the association with the country is historically remote: most goatskins used for binding now come from Nigeria.

  • mounted on stubs

    The traditional method of binding double-page maps into a book, with the map printed on a separate sheet, then folded, and the verso of its central fold pasted onto a short stub of paper in the gutter.