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KUSCH, Polykarp.

Magnetic Moment of the Electron....

[Offprint from] Science, February 10, 1956. Volume 123, Number 3189, pages 207-211.

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Published: [Washington D. C. American Association for the Advancement of Science,] 1956

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Offprint from the journal Science based on the speech given by Kusch upon receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955, inscribed by the author "With best wishes, P. Kusch". Rare inscribed. Kusch (1911-1993) was a pioneer of molecular beam magnetic resonance experiments, in which a gas at high pressure is channelled into a chamber at low pressure to form a steady, collision-free beam of particles. Kusch and his colleagues used these beams to study atomic and nuclear magnetic moments and spins. "In 1947, when many theorists believed that the electron magnetic moment was exactly one Bohr magneton, Kusch and Henry M. Foley, by magnetic resonance experiments on different states of gallium, indium, and sodium showed that the magnetic moment of the electron was 1.00119 0.00005 Bohr magnetons, in agreement with J. Schwinger's relativistic quantum electrodynamics which itself won a Nobel prize in 1965" (National Academy of Sciences obituary). For determining the precise magnetic moment of the electron, Kusch was awarded half the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics. His Nobel address "demonstrated both his modesty in theoretical physics and his clear recognition of the importance of reliable and accurate measurements, such as his own, in exploring new scientific frontiers the magnetic resonance method, which Kusch pioneered, later became the forerunner of other fields of magnetic resonance research, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), a highly effective and very important method for chemical analysis; and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a powerful tool for medical diagnosis" (NAS obituary). Autograph material by Kusch is rare.

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8 page offprint, staple-bound.


Minor horizontal and vertical creases from folding. Superb condition.


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