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Abu Dhabi 2021

Our new catalogue showcases books and manuscripts from Arabic and Islamic worlds, and from the West.


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  1. Spoken Arabic of Qatar in English Script.
    ARABIC, Qatari - DAJANI, Khaled. Spoken Arabic of Qatar in English Script.

    Beirut : 1956

    First edition, one of 1,000 copies printed, and inevitably rare. "This is colloquial Arabic. It is not 'school Arabic', but the real everyday language of the Qatar Arab people" (introduction). Apparently the only edition of one of the earliest guides to the Arabic dialects of the Arabian Gulf. Qatar, then a British Protectorate, was experiencing a surge... Learn More

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  2. The Birds of America,
    AUDUBON, John James. The Birds of America,

    New York & Philadelphia : 1839-40-44

    First octavo edition of Audubon's "Great National Work", the first complete edition and the first American edition. From the estate of the family of Edward Cruft (17761866), an original subscriber to this edition. Cruft was a prominent Boston merchant and husband of Elizabeth Storer Smith, a second cousin of John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the... Learn More

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  3. Grosse Passionsmusik nach dem evangelium Matthaei … vollständiger Klavierauszug von Adolph Bernhard Marx.
    BACH, Johann Sebastian. Grosse Passionsmusik nach dem evangelium Matthaei … vollständiger Klavierauszug von Adolph Bernhard Marx.

    Berlin : [1830]

    First edition of the vocal score, second issue (plate number corrected on p. 157), of Bach's St Matthew Passion, one of his supreme masterpieces, published in the wake of the famous performance by Mendelssohn on 11 March 1829, the most important event in the Bach revival of the 19th century. The arrangement for the vocal score was made by Mendelssohn's... Learn More

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  4. Cinquième Sinfonie … Oeuvre 67. Partition.
    BEETHOVEN, Ludwig Van. Cinquième Sinfonie … Oeuvre 67. Partition.

    Leipzig : [March 1826]

    First edition of the score of arguably the most famous symphony in the entire repertoire. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony has been known variously as the Fate Symphony and the Victory Symphony, and played as the signature work in the inaugural concerts of several symphony orchestras since its famous première in a four-hour concert in Vienna on 22 December... Learn More

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  5. Siebente Grosse Sinfonie in A. 92tes Werk. Vollstandige Partitur.
    BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. Siebente Grosse Sinfonie in A. 92tes Werk. Vollstandige Partitur.

    Vienna : [1816]

    Rare first edition, first issue, of the Seventh Symphony, preceding the parts issue; the prodigy organist William Crotch's signed copy, dated August 1827.

    This is the first appearance of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony in A major, written between 1811-12, which features an allegretto that was encored on opening night and performed separately from... Learn More

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  6. Bible, with prologues and the Interpretations of Hebrew Names, illuminated manuscript in Latin.
    BIBLE; Latin, Vulgate. Bible, with prologues and the Interpretations of Hebrew Names, illuminated manuscript in Latin.

    [England, doubtless Oxford : mid 13th century]

    A fine English manuscript Bible, probably written and illuminated in Oxford between c.1240 and c.1260, as suggested by the illumination, text, and layout. The palette, particularly the somewhat pale milky blue found in some of the major initials (e.g. Psalms, fol. 248v), in addition to the deep blue used for the chapter and verse initials, is characteristic... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144627

  7. Illustrations of The Book of Job.
    BLAKE, William. Illustrations of The Book of Job.

    London : 1825 [1826]

    First edition, one of 65 sets on French paper, the rarest of the three forms of the original issue of the last series that Blake fully completed. "The modest size of the central panels does not prevent them from ranking with the supreme masterpieces of graphic art" (Ray, The Illustrator and the Book in England, 17901914, no. 8).

    In c.1805-06... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147462

  8. Book of Hours in Latin and French, Use of Le Mans, illuminated manuscript on vellum.
    BOOK OF HOURS. Book of Hours in Latin and French, Use of Le Mans, illuminated manuscript on vellum.

    [France, probably Paris : c.1490–1500]

    A magnificent Book of Hours by the Master of Jacques de Besançon, one of the most sought-after French artists of the late 15th century, deliberately executed in the formerly dominant style of the 1470s, superbly illuminated with 10 large miniatures, 20 small miniatures, and various other richly decorative elements.

    In 1953 Martin Breslauer described... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147425

  9. Siye sochineniye v pokhvalu Ye.I.V. Yekateriny Vtoroy napisal stikhami rab bozhiy poslannik Mokhammed, syn Mokhammeda Mokhsina, po prozvaniyu Ashrefi
    CATHERINE II, the Great - ASHREFI, Muhammad-ibn-Muhammad. Siye sochineniye v pokhvalu Ye.I.V. Yekateriny Vtoroy napisal stikhami rab bozhiy poslannik Mokhammed, syn Mokhammeda Mokhsina, po prozvaniyu Ashrefi

    St Petersburg : 1793

    Scarce first and only edition of this panegyric on Catherine II's Russia, written by an emissary of her preferred candidate for the Qajar throne of Persia, Morteza Qoli Khan (1750-1798x1800). The book is one of the first publications to use an Arabic font in Russia, type created by order of Catherine in 1787. WorldCat lists a single copy, at the American... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147124

  10. Naukeurige Beschryving van Asie:
    DAPPER, Olfert. Naukeurige Beschryving van Asie:

    Amsterdam : 1680

    First edition of Dapper's Asia Minor and Mesopotamia; a German edition followed in 1681. In common with contemporaries such as John Ogilby, the Dutch physician Olfert Dapper (1639-1689) never travelled to visit the lands he wrote about, instead compiling extant translations and other eye-witness accounts to produce lavish and encyclopaedic books for... Learn More

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  11. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,
    DARWIN, Charles. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,

    London : 1859

    First edition of "the most influential scientific work of the 19th century" (Horblit) and "certainly the most important biological book ever written" (Freeman), in which Darwin explained his concept of evolutionary adaptation through natural selection, which would become the foundation of modern evolutionary theory; 1,250 copies were printed.

    "The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146564

  12. Ehrenpforte. Arc triomphal de l'empereur Maximilien I. (The Triumphal Arch of Maximilian I.)
    DÜRER, Albrecht. Ehrenpforte. Arc triomphal de l'empereur Maximilien I. (The Triumphal Arch of Maximilian I.)

    [Vienna : 1799]

    Fourth impression of Dürer's Ehrenpforte, one of the great giant woodcuts of the Renaissance, printed from the original 16th-century blocks under the supervision of Adam Bartsch. The blocks are now preserved at the Albertina Museum, Vienna.

    The work was intended for assembly as a gigantic wall print measuring approximately 3.5 x 3 metres (11... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147472

  13. Faust.
    GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von. Faust.

    Hammersmith : November 1906 & June 1910

    First Doves Press editions, each volume one of 25 copies on vellum.

    The subject of Faust preoccupied Goethe for most of his life. He began a play on the theme as early as 1773, at first probably concentrated mainly on Faust's disgust with academic learning and on the shallowness of university life. He worked it up into the love tragedy (the so-called... Learn More

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  14. Single leaf from the Old Testament, Ezekiel 43:27 to 45:16.
    GUTENBERG, Johann - BIBLE; Latin. Single leaf from the Old Testament, Ezekiel 43:27 to 45:16.

    [Mainz : 1455]

    A single paper leaf from the Gutenberg bible, the first complete book printed with movable type.

    The "Noble Fragment" originates from an imperfect copy of the Gutenberg Bible, lacking 50 leaves, which was divided by Gabriel Wells, a New York book dealer, and dispersed as single leaves or larger fragments, and inserted into a morocco portfolio... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147465

  15. Biblia Sacra [facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible].
    GUTENBERG, Johann. Biblia Sacra [facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible].

    New York : 1961

    Number 6 of 1,000 copies, the first American facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible, in the deluxe binding of full morocco (copies were also issued in half morocco or red cloth).

    The Gutenberg Bible was the first complete book printed from moveable type, published in Mainz in 1455. This facsimile was derived from the German Insel Verlgag facsimile... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146771

  16. [In Greek:] Works.
    HOMER. [In Greek:] Works.

    Florence : 1488/89]

    Editio princeps of the writings attributed to Homer, including the Iliad and the Odyssey, two of the earliest, most important and influential works of European literature. "The Iliad and the Odyssey are the first perfect poetry of the western world. They spring fully grown, their predecessors lost, and the magic has persisted ever since. The legends... Learn More

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  17. Geographia Nubiensis,
    IDRĪSĪ, al-. Geographia Nubiensis,

    Paris : 1619

    First Latin edition of the Kitab nuzhat al-mushtaq, which had been published in Arabic in Rome in 1592. An attractive copy, unrestored in contemporary condition, of "the most important geographical work of the Middle Ages" (Brill's First Encyclopaedia of Islam). While well-represented institutionally, there have been just six copies noted at auction;... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145431

  18. City of Jeddah Water Supply.
    JEDDAH WATER SUPPLY - BALFOUR, David Ross. City of Jeddah Water Supply.

    Westminster [Jeddah] : 1947-48

    One of a limited set of detailed planning documents for the important modernization of Jeddah's water supply in 1947, this copy inscribed by the British civil engineer leading the project to Ahmad Ashmawi of the local engineers who presented the scheme to Emir Saud. Likely produced in small numbers for key stakeholders, we find no other copies or references... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138324

  19. Documentation of Nasif [sic] House.
    JEDDAH. Documentation of Nasif [sic] House.

    Jeddah & Riyadh : 1980-81

    A superb, apparently unique visual record of Jeddah's landmark Bayt Nasseef before its early 1980s restoration. In 1975 the Saudi government purchased the house, designating it a historic landmark, and initially employing it as a library. After restoration it has become a cultural centre, used for exhibitions and events. We can trace no other copy of... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144736

  20. The Fairy Mythology;
    KEIGHTLEY, Thomas. The Fairy Mythology;

    London : 1833

    Second edition, the first with Keightley's name on the title page, of this influential anthology of fairy tales and lore by the Irish writer Thomas Keightley (1789-1872).

    The book was first issued, without Keightley's name on the title page, by William Harrison Ainsworth in 1828. This edition might in fact be termed the second issue of the first... Learn More

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  21. Fasciculus medicinae.
    KETHAM, Johannes de. Fasciculus medicinae.

    Venice : 1495

    Second Latin edition. First published in Latin in 1491, Ketham's Fasciculus medicinae was then issued in Italian in 1493 with a new set of woodcuts which quickly became popular and celebrated. These new woodcuts marked an important step forward in medical illustration, the human figures and their anatomy becoming much more representational and realistic.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147446

  22. Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
    LAWRENCE, T. E. Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

    London : 1935

    First trade edition, limited issue, number 182 of 750 numbered copies issued in this quarter pigskin binding, alongside a cheaper issue bound in cloth. This first trade edition was preceded only by the unprocurable Oxford Times edition of 1922 (of which there were just eight copies printed), and the sumptuous 1926 Cranwell edition (limited to 211 copies).... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146586

  23. Revolt in the Desert.
    LAWRENCE, T. E. Revolt in the Desert.

    London : 1927

    First edition, large paper issue, number 281 of 315 numbered copies, of which 300 were for sale.

    The costs for production of the 1926 Seven Pillars of Wisdom had ballooned to such an extent that Lawrence was contemplating selling either his library or some of his property to clear the debt. Eventually he settled on the publication of an abridgement,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145706

  24. Letters from T. E. Shaw to Bruce Rogers;
    LAWRENCE, T. E. Letters from T. E. Shaw to Bruce Rogers;

    Mount Vernon, NY : 1933-36

    First and only editions, presentation copies, each inscribed by Rogers to his friend and confidante Henry L. Bullen, the librarian of the Typographic Library and Museum of the American Type Founders Company. The first volume, limited to 200 copies only, was printed by William Edwin Rudge from type set by Bertha M. Goudy; the second set and printed by... Learn More

    Stock Code: 74490

  25. Lawrence of Arabia.
    LAWRENCE, T. E. - LIDDELL HART, Basil Henry, & Sir Ronald Storrs. Lawrence of Arabia.

    London : 1936

    Signed limited edition, no. 8 of 12 copies printed for Liddell Hart and signed by himself and Ronald Storrs (out of a total edition of 128), additionally inscribed by Liddell Hart on the front free endpaper "To Marie, my dearest friend since birth from Basil". This copy retains the rare glassine jacket and flaps, unknown to Lawrence's bibliographer... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142590

  26. A history of the revolt of Ali Bey, against the Ottoman Porte,
    LUSIGNAN, Sauveur. A history of the revolt of Ali Bey, against the Ottoman Porte,

    London : 1783

    First edition, rare in the original boards, of this important account of the revolt of 'Ali Bey, the shaykh al-balad of Egypt who declared the country independent of the Ottoman Empire before proceeding to seize control of the Hijaz and invade Syria. His rule ended following the insubordination of his most trusted general, Abu al-Dhahab, which led to... Learn More

    Stock Code: 100899

  27. 146948
    MACHIAVELLI, Niccolò. Nicholas Machiavel's Prince. Also, the life of Castruccio Castracani of Lucca.

    London : 1640

    First edition in English of Machiavelli's famous handbook for rulers (1513, published Rome 1532), dedicated to Lorenzo de' Medici, ruler of Florence from 1513.

    The Prince appears to have been banned from publication in England during the Elizabethan period, though translations circulated in manuscript. It was so controversial that it had to... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146948

  28. De regionibus orientalibus libri III:
    MARCO POLO. De regionibus orientalibus libri III:

    Coloniae Brandenburgicae [i.e. Berlin] : 1671

    First edition of Andreas Müller's recension of Marco Polo's famous travel narrative, based on a manuscript copy of the influential Latin translation of the Dominican friar Francesco Pipino in the library of the Elector of Brandenburg, with preface, geographical index, and glossary; published together with two thematically related works, this copy with... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147122

  29. Institutiones linguae Arabicae:
    MARTELOTTO, Francisco. Institutiones linguae Arabicae:

    Rome : 1620

    First edition of Martelotto's important study of Arabic, published posthumously and completed by Filippo Guadagnoli, his colleague in the Clerics Regular Minor, two years before the establishment of the Propaganda Fide, here in contemporary red calf stamped in gilt with the arms of Cardinal Baltasar Sandoval, Archbishop of Toledo, formerly a major centre... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145720

  30. Regimiento de navegacion.
    MEDINA, Pedro de. Regimiento de navegacion.

    Seville : 1552

    Very rare first edition of Medina's great navigational treatise, an appealing copy in contemporary vellum. Praised for its fine woodcuts, which are among the earliest to depict man's use of astrolabes, the Regimiento offers the essentials of seamanship in a practical format, and was intended for ship-born pilots; Francis Drake carried a copy during... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139149

  31. Breeding of Pure Bred Arab Horses.
    MOHAMMED ALI TEWFIK, HRH Prince. Breeding of Pure Bred Arab Horses.

    Cairo : 1935-36 and 1948

    First editions. Superbly provenanced pairing of these rare and important monographs: the first work presented by the author, Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik, to Brigadier Sir Eugene Gorman at the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) Race Meeting at Gaza in 1940, in turn presented by him to his son Pierre in 1944; with Sir Eugene's lengthy explanatory inscription... Learn More

    Stock Code: 141617

  32. 148363
    MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. Die Entführung aus dem Serail Oper in drey Ackten … L'enlevement du Serail.

    Bonn : [1812]

    Rare full score. First performed in Vienna at the Burgtheater on 16 July 1782, with a libretto by Johann Gottlieb Stephanie the Younger after Christoph Friedrich Bretzner.

    "The most important composition of this period 1780-1783 however, was Die Entführung aus dem Serail, the libretto of which was given to Mozart at the end of July 1781. Originally... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148363

  33. Travels through Arabia, and other Countries in the East.
    NIEBUHR, Carsten. Travels through Arabia, and other Countries in the East.

    Dublin : 1792

    First Dublin edition, considerably scarcer than the first edition in English, published at Edinburgh in the same year; we have traced two copies only on auction records (2008 and 1979) and an online search of institutional libraries shows 7 locations only; this copy in a judiciously restored period binding, now presenting most handsomely.

    These... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144017

  34. 24 Capricci Per Violino solo … Dedicati agli Artisti. Op. Ia.
    PAGANINI, Niccolò. 24 Capricci Per Violino solo … Dedicati agli Artisti. Op. Ia.

    Milan : [1820]

    Very rare first edition, first printing, of Paganini's epoch-making classic of violin playing. The composer proudly announces the new era of the virtuoso on his title page, "Dedicati Agli ARTISTI"; that is, his work is explicitly aimed at professional virtuosos rather than amateur musicians.

    Paganini's Caprices became the inspiration for a new... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148367

  35. A History of Trans-Jordan and its Tribes.
    PEAKE, Frederick Gerard. A History of Trans-Jordan and its Tribes.

    Amman : 1934

    First edition, extremely uncommon, just eight locations on WorldCat, no copy in BL, just two copies traced at auction. Major-General Frederick G. Peake, CMG, CBE (1886-1970), known as Peake Pasha, was a British Army and police officer, and founder and commandant of the Arab Legion Trans-Jordan. He fought alongside T.E. Lawrence in the First World War,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 127455

  36. Cosmographia.
    PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia.

    Vicenza : 1475

    First edition, an exceptional, unsophisticated copy with wide margins, of the most celebrated geographical treatise of classical antiquity; an edition of the greatest rarity, and a monumental achievement of geographical knowledge and a cornerstone of the European tradition.

    The Cosmographia, or Geography, divided into eight books, was produced... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142241

  37. Purchas his Pilgrimes.
    PURCHAS, Samuel. Purchas his Pilgrimes.

    London : 1625-26

    First edition of Purchas his Pilgrimes, with the preferred fourth edition of the Pilgrimage; together this is the desired state of the complete set of Purchas's important collection of travel and exploration narratives from ancient times up to and including the recent accounts of Virginia by John Smith.

    The Pilgrimes was conceived as a continuation... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146860

  38. Magnificent Qajar Qur'an in a dated Zand lacquer binding
    QUR'AN. Magnificent Qajar Qur'an in a dated Zand lacquer binding

    [Zand and Qajar Iran,]

    This Qur'an is an exquisite example of Qajar calligraphy, copied in the bold Iranian naskh most often associated with the Safavid calligrapher Ahmad al-Nayrizi. The manuscript's illumination is extensive, elaborate, and vibrant, alive with colours and gold, rich in the exuberant luxury of Qajar decorative art. Particularly noticeable is the sheer diversity... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142205

  39. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); BARRIE, J. M. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

    London : 1906

    Signed limited edition, number 336 of 500 copies signed by the illustrator; this additionally a presentation copy to Barrie's close friend and future literary agent, Golding Bright, inscribed by J. M. Barrie on the half-title, "Golding Bright, with a friend's greeting J. M. Barrie".

    Golding Bright and his elder brother Addison Bright both worked... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143331

  40. Meteorological Charts of the Red Sea.
    RED SEA. Meteorological Charts of the Red Sea.

    London : 1895

    Extremely scarce and important atlas, apparently its only iteration, with an excellent provenance; the printer's code shows that 650 copies were printed. Much of the information collected here would have been of military and commercial interest, but also relevant in regard to British surveillance of the Red Sea and the movement of pilgrims during the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142706

  41. Comedies, Histories and Tragedies.
    SHAKESPEARE, William. Comedies, Histories and Tragedies.

    London : 1685

    Fourth Folio, the last of the 17th-century editions, and the most grandly produced. Seven plays were added to the third folio of 1663, of which only Pericles is today recognized as the work of Shakespeare. This fourth folio was a straight reprint of the third, issued by Henry Herringman in conjunction with other booksellers, with three settings of the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147105

  42. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
    SMITH, Adam. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.

    London : 1776

    First edition, a handsome copy in contemporary calf gilt, with an interesting double provenance, first from the renowned library of Kirtlington Park, subsequently in the private collection of the Dillon family, an American financial dynasty. The first edition of the Wealth of Nations, "the first and greatest classic of modern economic thought" (PMM),... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144052

  43. Tragaediae septem.
    SOPHOCLES. Tragaediae septem.

    Venice : 1502

    Editio princeps, the first of Aldus's Greek texts to appear in his new octavo format. Aldus's small Greek cursive appears here for the first time; Francesco Griffo's fourth type, the most delicate of the Aldine Greek types, it was modelled on Aldus's own Greek hand. Later in 1502 Griffo left Aldus's employ, and no new fonts were cut after this.

    One... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144136

  44. Memoirs,
    STANHOPE, Lady Hester. Memoirs,

    London : 1846

    First edition of Travels, with the second edition of Memoirs, published in the same year. This is a handsomely bound copy of the chief authorities for the life of the most extraordinary woman traveller of the 19th century.

    A niece of William Pitt, Lady Stanhope (1776-1839) left England in 1810 with Charles Meryon, a young doctor she had engaged... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146264

  45. De situ orbis.
    STRABO. De situ orbis.

    Venice : 1516

    Editio princeps, that is, the first edition in the original Greek, of the first attempt at a unified treatise of geographical knowledge, which is "by far the most important source for ancient geography, a priceless document of the Augustan age, and a compendium of important material derived from lost authors" (Oxford Classical Dictionary, p. 1447).... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142408

  46. Ludovici Patritii Romani novum itinerarium Aethiopiae: Aegypti: utriusque Arabiae: Persidis: Siriae: ac Indiae: intra et extra Ganges.
    VARTHEMA, Ludovico di. Ludovici Patritii Romani novum itinerarium Aethiopiae: Aegypti: utriusque Arabiae: Persidis: Siriae: ac Indiae: intra et extra Ganges.

    Milan : 1511]

    Notably rare first Latin edition of Varthema's influential account of his undercover travel through the Ottoman Empire, Safavid Persia, and India, "one of the most remarkable travel books of the Renaissance" (Blackmer), a copy with significant provenance, from the library of the highly cultured imperial secretary Jacopo Bannisio, with his ownership... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142207

  47. Tristan und Isolde.
    WAGNER, Richard. Tristan und Isolde.

    Leipzig : [1860]

    First edition of the piano vocal score, presentation copy, inscribed by Wagner to Anton Seidl, "Herrn Seidl, zu Weihnachten / 1872 / Richard Wagner". Substantial directorial markings are present throughout score (on 46 pages), including cuts, phrases and a few alterations, in Seidl's hand - a historic example of the score.

    Seidl was summoned... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148361

  48. Leaves of Grass.
    WHITMAN, Walt. Leaves of Grass.

    Brooklyn, NY : 1855

    First edition, first state binding. The first edition of Leaves of Grass was self-published by Whitman. His money ran tight as production continued and the bindings became progressively less elaborate. Only 337 copies were bound in the deluxe first binding with gilt border, edges gilt and marbled endpapers, as here. A total of 795 copies were eventually... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143598

  49. The Ballad of Reading Gaol. By C.3.3.
    WILDE, Oscar. The Ballad of Reading Gaol. By C.3.3.

    London : 1898

    First and limited edition, one of 800 unnumbered copies printed on handmade paper. Another 30 copies were printed on japon. Both paper and japon copies were issued in this plain thin paper jacket, which is an understandably rare survival, being both fragile and unprinted, and so easily discarded.

    The last paper copy at auction in jacket came... Learn More

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