Children's Literature - Catalogue 161

Children's Literature - Catalogue 161

We are pleased to present a selection of children's literature, including original artworks, dating from 1750 to the present decade. Containing over 200 items, this broad selection ranges from early examples of novels for children, like Alice in Wonderland, to contemporary classics such as Harry Potter.


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  1. Children's board game.
    AKASHI, Akako. Children's board game.

    Tokyo : Meiji 44 [1911]

    First edition of this children's board game ("sugoroku") rarely found complete with the counters intact, as here, which would usually have been cut out in order to play the game. This game was inspired by the first Japanese Antarctic expedition of 1910, led by explorer Shirase Nobu. Japanese children were besotted with the idea of the expedition and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137805

  2. The Young Visiters.
    ASHFORD, Daisy. The Young Visiters.

    London : 1919

    First edition, first impression, signed and dated by the author on the half-title in the year of publication, "Daisy Ashford Nov. 15th 1919", rare thus. Originally written in 1890 when she was nine years old, she rediscovered it in 1917 and published it with the support of J. M. Barrie almost exactly as it had been originally written, with childish... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126691

  3. Autograph letter signed discussing the frustrations of publishing a periodical work for children.
    AUSTIN, Sarah. Autograph letter signed discussing the frustrations of publishing a periodical work for children.

    26 Park Road, Regent's Park : [no year, but likely c.1829-36]

    Autograph letter signed to an unknown female recipient setting out Austin's thoughts regarding the establishment of a "periodical work for children". Despite the recipient's enthusiasm, her own, "and that of everyone, without a single exception, of my female friends and acquaintances I am forced to relinquish it from the difficulty of finding a publisher... Learn More

    Stock Code: 124627

  4. Tank Engine Thomas Again.
    AWDRY, Wilbert Vere. Tank Engine Thomas Again.

    Leicester : [1949]

    First edition, first impression. The Reverend Awdry's fourth book in the Railway Series, the second featuring Thomas the Tank Engine, who has become synonymous with the series. Learn More

    Stock Code: 135341

  5. Toby the Tram Engine.
    AWDRY, Wilbert Vere. Toby the Tram Engine.

    Leicester : 1952

    First edition, first impression, of the seventh book in Awdry's Railway Series, signed by the author on the title page. Learn More

    Stock Code: 135324

  6. La Tribu arc-en-ciel; The Rainbow Children.
    BAKER, Josephine, & Piet Worm (illus.) La Tribu arc-en-ciel; The Rainbow Children.

    Amsterdam : [1957]

    First edition and first edition in English, first printings, signed on the verso of each front free endpaper "Maman Josephine Baker" for the French, and "Mama Josephine Baker" for the English. The Rainbow Children tells of the adventures of a one-eyed black hen named Kott-Kott who travels the world in search of her lost eye and finally finds salvation... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138681

  7. The Uncle's Present,
    BATTLEDORE. The Uncle's Present,

    Philadelphia : [c.1810-15]

    First and only edition. "The battledore was an offshoot of the hornbook, and was printed... for the double purpose it had to serve. In school it was used for teaching children the alphabet, whilst out of school it served as the battledore in the game of shuttlecock and battledore" (Rosenbach). This version of Battledore is believed to have been invented... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137864

  8. Madeline.
    BEMELMANS, Ludwig. Madeline.

    London : 1939

    First UK edition, first printing, inscribed by Bemelmans with an original sketch of Madeline, "To Diane Rhodes, Ludwig Bemelmans 1952" on the first blank. Madeline was awarded the Caldecott Medal Honor in 1940. Learn More

    Stock Code: 126007

  9. Photographic portrait, inscribed.
    BLYTON, Enid. Photographic portrait, inscribed.


    Signed portrait photograph of Blyton, inscribed "best wishes to Mrs Baker from Enid Blyton". Mrs Baker was a children's librarian who corresponded with Blyton in the late 1950s. Learn More

    Stock Code: 134715

  10. Five Go to Smuggler's Top.
    BLYTON, Enid. Five Go to Smuggler's Top.

    London : 1945

    First edition, first impression, of the fourth book in the Famous Five series. Uncommon in the dust jacket. Learn More

    Stock Code: 133979

  11. Little Lord Fauntleroy.
    BURNETT, Frances Hodgson. Little Lord Fauntleroy.

    New York : 1886

    First edition, first issue, with The De Vinne Press imprint at the verso of the last page of text and number 14 printed on the lower left margin of p. 209. This was Burnett's first children's novel, and originally appeared as a serial in the St. Nicholas Magazine between November 1885 and October 1886. Learn More

    Stock Code: 114679

  12. Max und Moritz:
    BUSCH, Wilhelm. Max und Moritz:

    Munich : [1865]

    Rare first edition, first impression, of the book widely regarded as the prototype of the children's comic. The first printing was 4,000 copies, but the nature of the book and the juvenile readership led to a very high attrition rate. This is a remarkably well-preserved copy.

    After Struwwelpeter, Max und Moritz is the best known German children's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138250

  13. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
    CARROLL, Lewis. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    New York : 1866

    First edition, second issue: the first practicably obtainable issue of the original sheets, comprising sheets of the suppressed 1865 printing of Alice with the Appleton cancel title page. The issue consisted of 1,000 copies, using the first printing sheets but with new tipped-in title pages also printed at the Clarendon Press, Oxford. Dodgson authorized... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116108

  14. The Story of a Puppet or the Adventures of Pinocchio.
    COLLODI, Carlo. The Story of a Puppet or the Adventures of Pinocchio.

    London : 1892

    First edition in English. "One of the best known fantasies, and the most popular children's book to come out of Italy... The story was written for a Rome children's magazine, the Giornale dei bambini, where the first instalment appeared on 7 July 1881. It was published as a book in 1883 under the title Le Avventure di Pinocchio: Storia di un burattino... Learn More

    Stock Code: 119778

  15. Views in Elf Land.
    CRADOCK, Hon. Mrs. (ed.) Views in Elf Land.

    London : 1878

    First and only edition of this uncommon book: Library Hub only gives three copies in the UK (V&A, Oxford, BL), WorldCat adds a further two in the US.

    Harriet Cradock née Lister (18091884), novelist, was "a maid of honour to Queen Victoria for six years, from 1 July 1837, and was the only one to hold the post who was not the daughter or granddaughter... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138088

  16. Household Stories,
    CRANE, Walter (illus.); GRIMM, Jacob & Wilhelm. Household Stories,

    London : 1882

    First Crane edition, large paper issue, one of 250 copies only, which "sold out on publication. It is perhaps the best of Crane's more ambitious works. The book is a triumph in his characteristic mode of decoration, yet its designs, even the headpieces and initial letters, remain true illustrations" (Ray).

    Provenance: engraved pictorial bookplate... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137499

  17. Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider and the Other Beef:
    CRONISE, Florence M., & Henry W. Ward. Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider and the Other Beef:

    London : 1903

    First edition, first impression. Other than a few sporadic printings of individual tales, this is the first printed collection of West African folk tales, with multiple appearances of Anansi, here rendered as "Mr. Spider". The authors, who collected the stories from children in a mission school in Africa, preserve the tales in the West African dialect,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122261

  18. Fairy Library.
    CRUIKSHANK, George. Fairy Library.

    London : [1853-54]

    A lovely set of first editions, in the original wrappers, with the following issue points:

    1. Hop-O'My-Thumb with two out of three points: with the rear wrapper reading "Preparing for Publication", and the rear free endpaper pasted to rear wrapper.

    2. The History of Jack & the Bean-Stalk with two of the five points: the "Jack climbing... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138092

  19. La Voliere de la Jeunesse,
    CUVIER, Georges, & Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon. La Voliere de la Jeunesse,

    Paris : 1817

    First and only edition of this charming juvenile guide to the world's birds, based on the work of Cuvier and Buffon, attractively illustrated with a suite of lively and well-executed, if unsophisticated, plates. Uncommon, with just four sets located in an online search of institutional holdings: no copies traced in the UK, just one in the US. This copy... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136054

  20. Fairy Favours, and Other Tales.
    DAGLEY, Elizabeth Frances. Fairy Favours, and Other Tales.

    London : 1825

    First edition. Dagley's tales articulate "the problems and misery of economic insecurity, particularly in a fairy tale about a needle - that indispensable tool of women's labour". These tales "provide a detailed account not just of the kinds of objects found in a workbox, but also the various attitudes towards needlework and female employment, both... Learn More

    Stock Code: 127823

  21. The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.
    DAHL, Roald. The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.

    London : 1985

    First edition, first impression. Inscribed by the author on the front blank, "To Justin, with love Roald Dahl 14/10/85". This copy was purchased at Dahl's local bookshop and inscribed close to publication (October 1985). As described in the separate written account about Justin's time spent with the Dahl family that is supplied with this copy, the recipient... Learn More

    Stock Code: 120075

  22. James and the Giant Peach.
    DAHL, Roald. James and the Giant Peach.

    New York : 1961

    First edition, first printing, with the five-line colophon on the last page. Learn More

    Stock Code: 117153

  23. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; [and] Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.
    DAHL, Roald. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; [and] Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

    London : 1967 & 1973

    First UK editions, first impressions, scarce in such nice condition. Dahl's classic story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was originally published in 1964 in the US, and Glass Elevator in 1972, both with illustrations by Joseph Schindelman. The artist for the UK editions, Faith Jaques, "was one of the outstanding illustrators responsible for the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137020

  24. The Gremlins.
    DAHL, Roald. The Gremlins.

    New York : 1943

    First edition, first printing. Roald Dahl's first book and his only collaboration with Walt Disney, The Gremlins was written as a promotional device for a feature-length Disney animation that was never produced, partly because the studio could not establish firm copyright in the "gremlin" characters (Dahl claimed to have invented them, though they had... Learn More

    Stock Code: 131644

  25. A Child's History of England.
    DICKENS, Charles. A Child's History of England.

    London : 1852-54 [i.e. 1851-53]

    First editions in book form, first issues with the advertisements at the ends of each volume with the relevant points. Dickens's history of England for children, "intensely anti-aristocratic and anti-monarchical" (ODNB), originally appeared anonymously in Household Words between January 1851 and December 1853, with the volumes published in book-form... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138215

  26. Walt Disney: the Art of Animation.
    DISNEY, Walt (inscr.); THOMAS, Bob. Walt Disney: the Art of Animation.

    New York : 1958

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by Walt Disney on the verso of the front free endpaper, "To Vita Best Wishes Walt Disney", of one of the pillars of Disney bibliography and the definitive work on Disney animation to that date.

    Additionally it is inscribed by Roy Disney and contains the signatures of more than 100 other people in the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138684

  27. Original artwork for Bambi sticker book.
    DISNEY, Walt - OUSSENKO, Alexis. Original artwork for Bambi sticker book.

    Berne : [c.1950]

    A remarkable and unique collection of original gouache designs by illustrator Alexis Oussenko. These designs depict Disney's Bambi and were produced for a Bambi and Cinderella sticker book published as a collectible album by the Swiss chocolate company Tobler in French, German, and Italian. The 32 designs collected here are mounted in the final page... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137327

  28. Bambi.
    DISNEY, Walt. Bambi.

    New York : 1941

    First edition thus, first printing. Presentation copy inscribed "To Janet with best wishes Walt Disney" on the half title. Walt Disney acquired the rights for Bambi in 1937 from a producer and director of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer after the project was deemed too difficult. Indeed, the technical challenge of rendering a realistic animation of a deer delayed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 109256

  29. Director's Manual:
    DISNEY, Walt. Director's Manual:

    California : 1936

    A collection of 13 mimeographed manuscripts giving a fascinating insight into Disney's internal training program for the animators.

    The collection comprises: two lectures by Don Graham discussing general animation theory and practice; a bulletin discussing "How to Catch, Build and Maintain the Interest of the Spectator in the Picture"; character... Learn More

    Stock Code: 118414

  30. The Tower Treasure.
    DIXON, Franklin W. The Tower Treasure.

    New York : 1927

    First edition, first printing, of the first Hardy Boys title, long considered one of the holy grails of American children's book collecting. Developed by the American publisher Edward Stratemeyer, The Hardy Boys books were part of a range of juvenile detective fiction released by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, and was so successful that they launched Nancy... Learn More

    Stock Code: 104563

  31. Hans Brinker;
    DODGE, Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker;

    New York : 1866

    First edition of the author's best-known children's novel. The work was an instant bestseller, second only to Dickens's Our Mutual Friend in sales. Dodge was the first editor of the children's magazine St. Nicholas, which counted Louisa May Alcott, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, and Frances Hodgson Burnett among its contributors. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138686

  32. Stories from Hans Andersen.
    DULAC, Edmund (illus.); ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. Stories from Hans Andersen.

    London : 1911

    Signed limited edition, deluxe issue. Number 23 of 100 specially bound copies, signed by the artist and printed on Japanese vellum. Learn More

    Stock Code: 107391

  33. Treasure Island.
    DULAC, Edmund (illus.); STEVENSON, Robert Louis. Treasure Island.

    London : 1927

    First Dulac edition, signed limited issue, number 49 of 50 copies signed by the illustrator, bound in vellum and printed on handmade paper, and notably rare due to the unusually small limitation. Hughey describes Dulac's watercolour illustration for Treasure Island as his "most careful and superb painting", and Dulac himself considered them his best... Learn More

    Stock Code: 131651

  34. Engravings for Teaching the Elements of English History and Chronology after the manner of Dissected Maps for Teaching Geography.
    EDUCATIONAL PUZZLE - HEWLETT, John, & W. Darton (engr.) Engravings for Teaching the Elements of English History and Chronology after the manner of Dissected Maps for Teaching Geography.

    London : [c.1800]

    A complete example of "the earliest dated jigsaw puzzle, apart from maps" (Hannas, pp. 93-94), presumably a reissue from its first appearance in 1787, housed in the publisher's wooden box. Created as a learning aid for children, the puzzle's instructions read: "Directions. 1. Learn to put the heads together in succession. 2. Get the dates of the inner... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134323

  35. Elson-Gray Basic Readers. Pre-Primer [Dick and Jane].
    ELSON, William H., & William S. Gray. Elson-Gray Basic Readers. Pre-Primer [Dick and Jane].

    The Philippine Islands : 1930

    First edition of the first of the famous Elson-Gray Basic Readers. The "Dick and Jane" series revolutionised the American reading curriculum, using a limited vocabulary and simple illustrations to help connect the words with their definitions.

    This pre-primer introduces the three main characters (Dick, Jane, and Baby), followed by nine short... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138687

  36. The Black Stallion.
    FARLEY, Walter. The Black Stallion.

    New York : 1941

    First edition, first printing; copies in the dust jacket are notably uncommon. Winner of the Young Reader's Choice Award for 1944, this was the first in the long-running series of Black Stallion books, "which have charmed young readers for nearly 50 years... and won Farley international acclaim. More than 12 million copies... have been sold, in 14 countries"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 108553

  37. An Abridgment of the History of France.
    FRANCE. An Abridgment of the History of France.

    Chelsea : 1805

    A lovely bilingual juvenile history of France with parallel French and English title pages and texts. This is an early publication by Chelsea historian, translator, and publisher Thomas Faulkner (1777-1855), also a member of the Society of Antiquaries of Normandy. He published his Short Account of Chelsea Hospital the same year.

    Uncommon, only... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138688

  38. The Wind in the Willows.
    GRAHAME, Kenneth. The Wind in the Willows.

    London : 1908

    First edition, first impression, of "one of the central classics of children's fiction" (The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature). Learn More

    Stock Code: 138659

  39. The Wind in the Willows.
    GRAHAME, Kenneth; BRANSOM, Paul (illus.) The Wind in the Willows.

    New York : 1913

    First illustrated edition, rare in the dust jacket. The classic work was first published in 1908, illustrated only with a frontispiece. It is published for the first time here with illustrations accompanying the text, by American artist Paul Bransom. Learn More

    Stock Code: 122601

  40. The Wind in the Willows.
    GRAHAME, Kenneth; PAYNE, Wyndham (illus.) The Wind in the Willows.

    London : 1927

    First Wyndham Payne edition, first impression. The Wind in the Willows was only published with a frontispiece when it first appeared in 1908. Wyndham Payne is the first British illustrator of this work, preceding E. H. Shepard by four years. "Payne's contribution was to place the characters in unmistakably English countryside. His inspired conception... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137879

  41. Six Minton porcelain nursery rhyme menu tiles.
    GREENAWAY, Kate, & Walter Crane. Six Minton porcelain nursery rhyme menu tiles.

    Stoke on Trent : 1879

    Charming set of six menu tiles with a nursery rhyme theme, the unglazed portion allowing for a bill of fare to be written on in pencil and erased, much like the memorandum pages in a pocket book. The decoration has been applied entirely by hand in sepia ink, with the lightest of touches to very sprightly effect. Two tiles are decorated with illustrations... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138252

  42. The Little Train.
    GREENE, Graham. CRAIGIE, Dorothy, illus. The Little Train.

    London : 1946

    First edition, first impression, of the first of Greene's children's books, inscribed by the illustrator, "My love to you, Dorothy Craigie", on the title page. All foru of Graham Greene's children's books were illustrated by Craigie. The first two books, the present work and The Little Fire Engine (1950), were not credited to him until the 1950s. This... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125171

  43. My Friend Mr Leakey.
    HALDANE, J. B. S. My Friend Mr Leakey.

    London : 1937

    First edition of this collection of fantasy stories for children by the eminent British scientist John Burdon Sanderson Haldane (1892-1964). Haldane was chiefly distinguished for his work in genetics, but also contributed to many other fields of science, ranging from cosmology to the physiology of diving. His intention in writing the book about Mr Leakey,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134918

  44. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales:
    HALLIWELL, James Orchard. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales:

    London : 1849

    First edition of this important little work; scarce in commerce. James Orchard Halliwell (later Halliwell-Philipps, 1820-1889), antiquary and literary scholar, co-founder of both the Percy and Shakespeare Societies, is one of the most significant figures in the codification of English nursery rhymes. Popular Rhymes was a sequel to his groundbreaking... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136692

  45. The English Struwwelpeter.
    HOFFMANN, Heinrich. The English Struwwelpeter.

    Leipzig : 1848

    Scarce first edition in English of the children's picture book Der Struwwelpeter, among the rarest of all children's books due to the fragility of the publication.

    A publishing phenomenon that is still in print today, The English Struwwelpeter first appeared as a German children's Christmas picture book, Dr Heinrich Hoffmann's Lustige Geschichten... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137787

  46. The Iron Man.
    HUGHES, Ted. The Iron Man.

    London : 1968

    First edition, first impression. 6,000 copies were printed, of which the majority we have seen have come from school libraries, making this title perhaps the scarcest of Hughes trade editions. It is however the most popular of all the poet's many works for children, and this novella was subsequently made into both a rock opera by Pete Townshend (1993)... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138689

  47. Meet My Folks.
    HUGHES, Ted. Meet My Folks.

    London : 1961

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy of Hughes's first book of children's verse, inscribed by him to his sister Olwyn Hughes, "To Olwyn with love from Ted April 1st, 1961", on the front free endpaper, six days prior to publication. Hughes was very close to his sister Olwyn. After Plath's suicide in 1963 Olwyn helped to bring up their children,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125956

  48. Odds and Ends in Prose and Verse.
    ISAAC, Frederick Simeon? Odds and Ends in Prose and Verse.

    London : 1908

    First and only edition. A truly sumptuous piece of private publishing, produced as a gift for the author's children and grandchildren, handsomely printed at the Chiswick Press and finely bound by an unnamed binder of real quality.

    Among the varied pieces is "A Dream, by One who Dreamt It", a prose fantasy, conceived at the time of the Dreyfus... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122897

  49. The Third Biggles Omnibus.
    JOHNS, W. E. The Third Biggles Omnibus.

    Oxford : 1941

    First edition, first impression, of this collection of three Biggles novels set at the beginning of the Second World War, originally published between 1938 and 1940. In the first, Biggles and his crew are sent for a holiday but find themselves trapped in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, and in the second they are asked to start an air force for the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126559

  50. The Alphabet Illustrated.
    JOHNSTON, George Liddell; James Albert Buchanan Jay. The Alphabet Illustrated.

    [Herefordshire, : c.1858]

    A finely executed alphabet book of captioned pen-and-ink drawings, featuring personified letters in the Victorian grotesque tradition. The drawings were executed by a talented amateur artist, carefully copied from a rare, privately-published work, The Alphabet Illustrated, by Reverend George Liddell Johnston, a feature of which is the caricatured, oversized... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137720

  51. Just So Stories
    KIPLING, Rudyard. Just So Stories

    London : 1902

    First edition, first impression, second state binding, of Kipling's famous collection of twelve stories and twelve poems, including "How the Camel Got His Hump" and "How the Leopard Got His Spots." The first impression exists in two issues of the binding. The first, on which the white blocking failed to adhere, was superseded by this more stably blocked... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130603

  52. Eloise à Paris.
    KNIGHT, Hilary (illus.); THOMPSON, Kay. Eloise à Paris.

    Paris : 1962

    First edition in French, inscribed by the illustrator "to Elegant, Beautiful, Brilliant Elizabeth Welch from Hilary Knight and ELOISE, April 27th 1972" and with an original drawing of Eloise listening to records and eating sandwiches, captioned "Eloise says The Supreme pleasure is Elizabeth Welch's sliced cucumber sandwiches and recordings - eaten and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134525

  53. [The Time Quintet:] A Wrinkle in Time;
    L'ENGLE, Madeleine. [The Time Quintet:] A Wrinkle in Time;

    New York : 1962, 1973, 1978, 1986, 1989

    First editions, first impression, inscribed and signed set, of the complete Time Quintet. A Wrinkle in Time, with a signed slip laid in, in the second state jacket (Newbery Prize sticker residue to front panel), together with signed or inscribed first impressions of the four sequential Time Quintet titles (an assembled set, with inscriptions to different... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111206

  54. A Wrinkle in Time.
    L'ENGLE, Madeleine. A Wrinkle in Time.

    London : 1963

    First UK edition, first impression, of the first instalment in the Time Quintet. A Wrinkle In Time is an important and classic children's fantasy work by Madeline L'Engle (1918-2007), originally aimed at young female readers but with major crossover appeal. Upon publication, it won numerous awards, including the 1963 Newbery Medal, the Sequoyah Book... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135806

  55. The Blue Fairy Book.
    LANG, Andrew (ed.) The Blue Fairy Book.

    London : 1889

    First edition, large paper copy, number 13 of 113 copies, the deluxe limited issue of the first in Lang's series of "coloured" fairy books, which continued through to The Lilac Fairy Book in 1910. Only four of the titles (Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow) from the series of 12 were issued in this deluxe format. The Blue Fairy Book was immediately successful,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132247

  56. The Musical Box.
    LEIGHTON, Clare. The Musical Box.

    London & New York : 1932

    First edition, first printing, presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper "To dear Ada and Jessey, hoping they are still young enough to enjoy this. With much love from Clare Christmas 1932." One of Leighton's scarcer titles, this was her first picture book for children. Loosely laid in is a pamphlet featuring two woodcuts... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137970

  57. Doctor Dolittle's Return.
    LOFTING, Hugh. Doctor Dolittle's Return.

    New York : 1933

    First edition, first printing. Signed by the author on the half-title, "Sincerely yours, Hugh Lofting, May 1934". Lofting's works are uncommon signed, with no other signed copies of this work traced at auction. Learn More

    Stock Code: 120118

  58. A Pageant Of London For London's Children Arranged For Cutting Out.
    LONDON NURSERY FRIEZE; COX, Elijah Albert. A Pageant Of London For London's Children Arranged For Cutting Out.

    [London : 1926]

    Original nursery frieze poster produced by London Transport, depicting the history of London, starting with "The First Settlement" and finishing with "London going about its business to-day", showing Londoners going into the Underground.

    The artist, Elijah Albert Cox (1876-1955), designed posters for the Underground Group from 1915 to 1926.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137743

  59. Conversations on Political Economy;
    MARCET, Jane. Conversations on Political Economy;

    London : 1816

    First edition of Marcet's popular work on economics, designed for the use of schools. Taking the format of a dialogue between a female teacher and pupil, the two explore the concepts of capital, labour, property, commerce and money, in a casual conversational style readily understandable by the book's youthful audience. At a time when the discipline... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125362

  60. Stories for young Children.
    MARCET, Jane. Stories for young Children.

    London : 1831

    First edition of one of Marcet's popular educational stories, this focussed on house-building and mining. Marcet (1769-1858) was one of the earliest authors of popular scientific books. Her most successful work was Conversations on Political Economy (1816) which ran to many editions and exerted considerable influence on the economic theory of the mid-19th... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126253

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