Children's Literature - Catalogue 161

Children's Literature - Catalogue 161

We are pleased to present a selection of children's literature, including original artworks, dating from 1750 to the present decade. Containing over 200 items, this broad selection ranges from early examples of novels for children, like Alice in Wonderland, to contemporary classics such as Harry Potter.


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  1. Spectaculum Naturae & Artium,
    MEIL, Johann Wilhelm. Spectaculum Naturae & Artium,

    Berlin : 1761 & 1765

    First edition of both volumes of this rare polyglot pictorial encyclopaedia of trades, technology, crafts, and nature, with the text in four columns in German, Latin, French and Italian. The attractive illustrations cover beekeeping, printing, engraving, bricklaying and other trades, as well as scientific and military equipment. The work was aimed at... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129021

  2. Now We Are Six.
    MILNE, A. A. Now We Are Six.

    London : 1927

    First edition, signed extra limited issue, one of 20 large-paper copies printed on Japanese vellum and signed by the author and illustrator, out of series presentation copy inscribed to E. H. Shepard. This is the most luxurious and exclusive format in which Milne's Pooh books were issued. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138153

  3. Autograph letter signed discussing Christopher Robin's school.
    MILNE, A. A. Autograph letter signed discussing Christopher Robin's school.

    London : 1930

    Milne writes to thank Mrs Taylor for the gift of some asparagus and the comic verse she had sent him: "... I had to eat it first to make sure that it was the genuine thing... I'm wondering now whether I oughtn't to have sent my boy to your school. Would he have had asparagus and a hot bath on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday? Well, it's too late now;... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132105

  4. "Tiggers don't like honey."
    MILNE, A. A. - SHEPARD, E. H. (illus.) "Tiggers don't like honey."


    Signed and dated in ink lower right by Shepherd, 1961 and inscribed by Shepard lower middle "Tiggers don't like honey". This image was first used for The House at Pooh Corner, first published in 1928, page 23. "Tigger took a large mouthful of honey... and he looked up at the ceiling with his head on one side, and made exploring noises, and what-have-we-got-here... Learn More

    Stock Code: 109941

  5. The House at Pooh Corner. [With an original pen and ink drawing of Winnie-the-Pooh.]
    MILNE, A. A.; SHEPARD, E. H. (illus.) The House at Pooh Corner. [With an original pen and ink drawing of Winnie-the-Pooh.]

    London : 1929

    Third edition. With an original pen and ink drawing on the title page by Shepard of Winnie-the-Pooh in full traditional Russian costume including a fur hat and playing a balalaika, signed beneath the image. Rare thus.

    Milne began planning his final Pooh book in 1927. Three years of intense publicity were taking their toll on the family, and Milne... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138703

  6. Fairy Tales; Selected from the Best Authors.
    MINERVA PRESS. Fairy Tales; Selected from the Best Authors.

    London : 1794

    First expanded Minerva Press edition. Many of the tales were first published by William Lane in 1788 under the title "The Palace of Enchantment", and re-published by his Minerva Press in another edition of the same title in 1794. These tales constitute volume II of the present edition, renamed to "Fairy Tales", with the first volume holding new tales.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 127237

  7. East of the Sun and West of the Moon.
    NIELSEN, Kay (illus.) East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

    London : [1914]

    Signed limited edition, number 5 of 500 copies signed by the artist. The richness of the Danish Nielsen's colour images for this lavish illustrated book of Norse pagan mythology was achieved by a four-colour process, in contrast to many of the illustrations prepared by his contemporaries, such as Rackham and Dulac, which characteristically utilised... Learn More

    Stock Code: 106880

  8. In A Little Grass Shack.
    NOBLE, Gurre Ploner. In A Little Grass Shack.

    Honolulu : 1946

    First and only edition of this delightful and scarce book of Hawaiian nursery rhymes; Library Hub only lists three institutional holdings, all in the US, only one of which in Hawaii.

    The author appears to have been a relative of Johnny Noble (1892-1944), Hawaiian big band leader and co-author of the 1933 hapa hoale-style hit song "My Little Grass... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137841

  9. The Little Flower Maker.
    PEACHEY, Emma. The Little Flower Maker.

    London : 1869

    First edition. A rare, beautifully produced work designed by 'Mrs Peachey, a first rate artist in her department... favourably known to the public, by a former work on Modelling Wax Flowers to enable her youthful friends, who have often admired specimens of her skill, to become adepts in the charming art of paper flower making'. The techniques of paper... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136827

  10. Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
    PEAKE, Mervyn. Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.

    London : 1939

    First edition, first impression, with a fine original pencil sketch by Peake on the front free endpaper, showing Captain Slaughterboard sitting on a rock holding a piece of paper. Across the paper is written in ink "Elizabeth" and below the sketch "from Doc"; i.e. this is a presentation copy from the artist's father, Ernest Cromwell Peake MD (1874-1949),... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138692

  11. A History of France with Conversations at the End of each Chapter.
    PENROSE, Elizabeth as MARKHAM, Mrs. A History of France with Conversations at the End of each Chapter.

    London : 1828

    First edition, in an attractive contemporary binding, of Elizabeth Penrose's pseudonymously published second popular history for children. Penrose's pioneering and influential juvenile works were distinguished by her use of an explicatory narrative technique which concludes each chapter with dialogue between the author and her fictional pupils.

    The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 117710

  12. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.
    POTTER, Beatrix. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

    London : 1904

    First edition, deluxe issue, first impression. As in the trade issue this copy has the following first impression variants on page 15: "muffatees" (as opposed to "muffetees" in second issue onward), "we" in Roman type (as opposed to italics in second issue onward). Learn More

    Stock Code: 121248

  13. The Tailor of Gloucester.
    POTTER, Beatrix. The Tailor of Gloucester.

    London : 1903

    First trade edition, deluxe issue in art fabric, first issue with single-page endpapers. Only this work and The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin were issued in the present patterned cloth, provided by Beatrix Potter's grandfather's calico printing factory in Manchester, at her request. The art fabric binding, which Potter referred to as "a flowered lavender... Learn More

    Stock Code: 118305

  14. The Fairy Caravan.
    POTTER, Beatrix. HEELIS, Beatrix. The Fairy Caravan.

    Philadelphia : 1929

    Signed limited edition, number 48 of 100 copies signed by the author. The bibliographic story of this book is strangely charming and endearingly amateurish. Potter considered this story of a miniature animal-run travelling circus as "too personal and autobiographical" for her comfortably to allow publication in England. She arranged for the Philadelphia... Learn More

    Stock Code: 105980

  15. A Christmas Carol.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); DICKENS, Charles. A Christmas Carol.

    London : 1915

    Signed limited edition, number 448 of 500 copies signed by the artist for sale in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies, with an additional 25 copies reserved for presentation. This was the first of Dickens's works to be illustrated by Rackham. Learn More

    Stock Code: 125707

  16. Rip Van Winkle.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); IRVING, Washington. Rip Van Winkle.

    London : 1905

    Signed limited edition, number 26 of 250 copies signed by the artist. This copy also includes a charming original pen and ink portrait of Rip van Winkle by Rackham, dated 17 July 1918. This was the first book wholly illustrated by Rackham to be issued in a limited edition format and it immediately established him as the leading illustrator of lavishly... Learn More

    Stock Code: 123180

  17. [Original illustrated vellum binding:] The Open Road.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); LUCAS, E. V. (comp.) [Original illustrated vellum binding:] The Open Road.

    London : 1910

    This fine example of Rackham's work is a test piece by the artist, practicing his technique for drawing directly onto vellum, possibly in preparation for a private commission. The illustration features two unconnected design elements - vignettes drawn in black and coloured inks, each signed by Rackham with his initials, and very much in the style he... Learn More

    Stock Code: 117312

  18. A Midsummer-Night's Dream.
    RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.); SHAKESPEARE, William. A Midsummer-Night's Dream.

    London : 1908

    First Rackham edition, first impression, complete with the original printed dust jacket, uncommon and highly desirable thus. Learn More

    Stock Code: 137084

  19. Peter Pan Portfolio. From "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens".
    RACKHAM, Arthur. Peter Pan Portfolio. From "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens".

    London : 1912

    Signed limited edition, NUMBER 3 OF 20 COPIES SIGNED BY ARTHUR RACKHAM ON EACH PLATE, WITH THE BOOK SIGNED BY THE PUBLISHER AND ENGRAVER/PRINTER on the limitation page. Although the edition was limited to 100 copies, only about 20 were signed throughout by Rackham.

    Published to capitalise on the popularity of the stage production Peter and Wendy,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 113285

  20. Original watercolour from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens:
    RACKHAM, Arthur. Original watercolour from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens:

    London : 1906

    Signed and dated by Rackham, this original watercolour features the scene where Peter steers his little nest-ship, built for him by the thrushes, into Kensington Gardens. After the enormous success of the play Peter Pan, which opened on 27 December 1904 and broke all previous theatrical records, Barrie sanctioned the publication, in collaboration with... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138694

  21. Peter Duck.
    RANSOME, Arthur. Peter Duck.

    London : 1932

    First edition, first impression, together with an autograph postcard from the author to a young fan, "I am glad you liked them. And thank you for NOT asking questions. Best wishes for fair weather! Arthur Ransome". The postcard, postmarked 4 July 1945 from Coniston, features a printed border of Swallows and Amazons illustrations by Ransome. The recipient,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122906

  22. Pretzel.
    REY, Margaret & H. A. Pretzel.

    [New York] : 1944

    First edition, first printing. Rare in such good condition and with the dust jacket. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138079

  23. The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm.
    ROBINSON, W. Heath (illus.); HUNTER, Norman. The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm.

    London : 1933

    First edition, first impression, of the first Professor Branestawm title, the first in an unusually extended series, written over a 50-year period, and the only one illustrated by Heath Robinson. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138696

  24. Bill The Minder.
    ROBINSON, W. Heath. Bill The Minder.

    London : 1912

    Signed limited edition, number 253 of 380 copies signed by the author and illustrator, who in this work "notably in the line drawings, surpassed himself" (ODNB). Learn More

    Stock Code: 118626

  25. Sing-Song.
    ROSSETTI, Christina G. Sing-Song.

    London : 1893

    New and enlarged edition of Christina Rossetti's illustrated book of nursery rhymes, this a very scarce presentation copy inscribed by Christina Rossetti as a Christmas gift, "Henry Edward Stewart, Xmas 1893, from Christina G. Rossetti". The recipient was the infant son of the Rossetti family's doctor, Sir Edward Stewart, who especially attended on... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136358

  26. Bambi: A Life in the Woods.
    SALTEN, Felix. Bambi: A Life in the Woods.

    New York : 1928

    First edition in English, first printing (July 1928); originally published in German (Berlin: Ullstein Verlag, 1923). With an excellent photographic portrait of Salten mounted opposite the title page and inscribed: "for Mr Nelson Craig cordially Felix Salten, 1935". The portrait is the same as that used by Salten on his press card for the Union of Foreign... Learn More

    Stock Code: 107906

  27. Les Contes Bleus.
    SAVIGNAC, Alida de. Les Contes Bleus.

    Paris : [c.1830]

    First edition, uncommon complete as here, of this charming set of instructive tales for children by the French bluestocking Alida de Savignac (1790-1847). Volume I comprises three stories, each bound separately: La Petite Malade imaginaire; Juliette à Rome, ou les histoires du temps passé; and Camille. Volume II is divided identically: La Veillée;... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125728

  28. Seven Little Stories on Big Subjects:
    SENDAK, Maurice (illus.); BOND, Gladys Baker. Seven Little Stories on Big Subjects:

    New York : [1955]

    First editions, first printings. "The tales deal with conflicts children face, particularly in regard to bullying and physical violence. Sendak, then a self-taught artist in his late twenties just beginning to try his hand at illustration, supplied the cover art and several line vignettes. One imagines that Sendak's parents were very happy to hear about... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126954

  29. Tales from Shakespeare: Designed for the use of young persons.
    SHAKESPEARE - LAMB, Charles & Mary. Tales from Shakespeare: Designed for the use of young persons.

    London : 1807

    First edition, first impression, with the imprint of the printer T. Davison on the verso of p. 235, vol. I, and with the Hanway Street address in the final adverts. The Tales were chiefly the work of Charles's sister Mary Lamb, who had previously written Mrs Leicester's School and edited Poetry for Children for William Godwin's Juvenile Library. Fourteen... Learn More

    Stock Code: 116180

  30. Mother Goose.
    SMITH, Jessie Willcox. Mother Goose.

    New York : 1914

    First Jessie Willcox Smith edition, first printing. Smith was commissioned by Good Housekeeping to produce 17 illustrations for Mother Goose. They were first published as a series issued between December 1912 and April 1914 in black-and-white only. Although these "monotone illustrations did little to impress the viewer as to the genius of these paintings...... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138704

  31. Annancy Stories.
    SMITH, Pamela Colman. Annancy Stories.

    New York : 1899

    First and only edition of this celebrated collection of Jamaican folktales, rare in such well-preserved condition.

    Smith's illustrations "are the first known published drawings of Anansi, a traditional African folktale character who is also one of the most important characters in Caribbean folklore.... The setting of Pamela's tales is distinctly... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137852

  32. A Child's Garden of Verse.
    STEVENSON, Robert Louis. A Child's Garden of Verse.

    London : 1885

    First edition, one of 1,000 copies published. From the library of English literary journalist and author Charles Whibley whose half-brother Fred had a curious link to Stevenson. A copra trader in Tuvalu, he married a local woman called Meri Matavaka. Meri's previous avaga (married one) had been Jack Buckland, whom Stevenson acknowledges as the inspiration... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122615

  33. Tennis Shoes.
    STREATFEILD, Noel. Tennis Shoes.

    London : 1937

    First edition, first printing, of the second book in the popular "Shoe Series", which started with Ballet Shoes. Learn More

    Stock Code: 138702

  34. Scenes in Europe,
    TAYLOR, Isaac. Scenes in Europe,

    London : 1819

    Second edition, first published the previous year. A popular travel book for children, which underwent eight editions by 1825. The book prints scenes of notable buildings, curiosities and events for each European country, with accompanying text and occasionally poetry.

    This was the copy of the author John Fowles (1926-2005), with his embossed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136398

  35. Comedies,
    TERENCE. Comedies,

    London : 1750

    A very desirable copy of Terence's Comedies, attractively bound in an understated contemporary binding and finely printed. The text is in parallel Latin and English. The editor and translator Samuel Patrick (1684-1748), classical scholar and schoolmaster at Charterhouse School, "appears to have been a figure like Scott's Dominie Sampson, deeply read... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137212

  36. The Ship that Sailed to Mars.
    TIMLIN, William M. The Ship that Sailed to Mars.

    London : [1923]

    First edition, first impression, in the rare dust jacket. Timlin's only published book, The Ship That Sailed to Mars is a fantastical illustrated gift book that rivalled those of Rackham, Dulac, Goble and Nielsen. The book was published in Britain by George Harrap, who had earlier published Willy Pogany, and they followed a similar format here, reproducing... Learn More

    Stock Code: 128777

  37. Red Riding Hood.
    TOY BOOK - VERY, Lydia L. Red Riding Hood.

    Boston : 1863

    First edition of Very's Red Riding Hood, generally considered the first shaped toy books published in North America. Presented between wrappers shaped as Red Riding Hood, Very's version retells the Grimm's story in rhyme. Learn More

    Stock Code: 103436

  38. New and Comprehensive Lessons; Containing a General Outline of the New Testament; with Forty Engravings.
    TRIMMER, Sarah. New and Comprehensive Lessons; Containing a General Outline of the New Testament; with Forty Engravings.

    London : [1818]

    First edition of the popular educationist's biblical guide for children, published posthumously as the sequel to her nearly identically titled book for the Old Testament. While educating her own children, Trimmer (1741-1810) became aware of the need for texts for children which would provide interesting as well as proper moral and religious instruction.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 117687

  39. Ode to a Highflying Bird.
    WATTS, Charlie. Ode to a Highflying Bird.

    London : [1964]

    First edition, first impression, inscribed "To June, Love x" by Charlie Watts on the front free endpaper. With the price label of "Seven Shillings" tipped in on the front free endpaper. A lovely tribute to Charlie "Bird" Parker in the form of a children's book, "this story was compiled by one Charlie to a late and great Charlie" (preface).

    Learn More

    Stock Code: 136537

  40. The Little Mermaid.
    WEGUELIN, J. R. (illus.); ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. The Little Mermaid.

    London : 1893

    First Weguelin edition, number 63 of 150 large paper copies. John Reinhard Weguelin (1849-1927) was an English painter and illustrator, who drew on folklore for inspiration, and painted numerous images of nymphs and mermaids. A review in the newspaper The Sketch noted that "as for Mr. J. R. Weguelin's illustrations, it would scarcely be possible to... Learn More

    Stock Code: 137249

  41. Charlotte's Web.
    WHITE, E. B. Charlotte's Web.

    New York : 1952

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by the author in blue ink on the half-title: "For Lynn Bushell with greetings from E B White". E. B. White won the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal in 1970 for Charlotte's Web and his first children's book, Stuart Little, which was published in 1945. Learn More

    Stock Code: 137825

  42. Stuart Little.
    WHITE, E. B. Stuart Little.

    New York : 1945

    First edition, stated first edition and correct publisher's code, in the correct first issue dust jacket, with printed price of 2.00 to front flap. E.B. White's first children's book, preceding Charlotte's Web by some seven years.

    Learn More

    Stock Code: 136190

  43. Original watercolour, "The Velveteen Rabbit".
    WILLIAMS, Margery; Michael Hague (illus.) Original watercolour, "The Velveteen Rabbit".


    Original watercolour of the Velveteen Rabbit by American illustrator and author Michael Hague, signed by him in the lower right hand corner. Produced for one of Hague's calendars for the month of February, it features the Velveteen Rabbit and other toys. Learn More

    Stock Code: 109466

  44. Fairy Tales from the British Isles.
    WILLIAMS-ELLIS, Amabel. Fairy Tales from the British Isles.

    London & Glasgow : 1960

    First edition, first impression, signed by the illustrator on the half-title and with an impish correction of the title from "Fairy", which she crossed out, to "Mouse Tales".

    Baynes (1922-2008) had already worked with Williams-Ellis on her previous publication, The Arabian Nights (1957). She had also very successfully illustrated several of... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138071

  45. Original Stories, from Real Life;
    WOLLSTONECRAFT, Mary. Original Stories, from Real Life;

    Dublin : 1792

    First Dublin edition, the fourth overall, first published in London in 1788. With two female gift inscriptions, the first on the half-title dated 1792 from Elizabeth Pim to her daughter Anne Jackson, who in turn re-presented the book half a century later in 1842 to her niece Elizabeth Garrat.

    Original Stories was Mary Wollstonecraft's only work... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125578

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