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Catalogue 171

Catalogue 171

Literature in Love is a celebration of romantic love, in its ecstasy and anguish, expressed in the great stories and poetry from across the ages.


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  1. Northanger Abbey: and Persuasion.
    AUSTEN, Jane. Northanger Abbey: and Persuasion.

    London : 1818

    First edition of Austen's final published work, pairing Northanger Abbey, probably the first full-length novel she wrote, with Persuasion, her last completed novel. Her brother Henry's biographical notice, dated 13 December 1817, is the first acknowledgement in print of Jane Austen as the author of her six novels. Learn More

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  2. Ladies Almanack.
    BARNES, Djuna. Ladies Almanack.

    Paris : 1928

    First edition, the copy of Barnes's literary executor, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper and accompanied by a vellum sheet such as that used as the cover of the deluxe issue, hand-coloured by Barnes, given to him at the time of inscription: "For Hank O'Neal with the compliments of the Author Djuna Barnes. New York 1978"; this copy... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145299

  3. Mort de l'Amour.
    BARNEY, Natalie Clifford (her copy); ROUVEYRE, André (illus.) Mort de l'Amour.

    Paris : 1911

    First and only edition, inscribed on the half-title to the Amazon of Paris "à Natalie Clifford Barney, imperturbable, André Rouveyre"; number 928 of 1000 copies on papier d'Arches, from an edition limited to 1010 copies only. Rouveyre seems to have been liberal with his inscriptions, but this is a superb Parisian association.

    The Paris-based... Learn More

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  4. The Birth, Life, and Acts of King Arthur,
    BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (illus.); MALORY, Sir Thomas. The Birth, Life, and Acts of King Arthur,

    London : 1893

    First Beardsley edition of Malory's Arthurian epic, this copy in a stunning example of Cedric Chivers's "vellucent" bindings, hand-painted after Beardsley's own artwork within. This copy presents Beardsley's decadent version of Malory's Chivalric romance, noted for illustrations "shockingly overt in their sexuality and eroticism", as a thoroughly luxurious... Learn More

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  5. 145326
    BÉDIER, Joseph; BELLOC, Hilaire (trans.) The Romance of Tristan & Iseult.

    London : 1903

    First edition in English, first impression, number 17 of 300 copies only, of leading medievalist Joseph Bédier's retelling of the chivalric romance set in Cornwall, Ireland, and Brittany. First published in French as Le roman de Tristan et Iseut (1900), it features the same beautiful and profuse art nouveau illustrations, by the German artist Robert... Learn More

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  6. The Love-Lyrics and Songs of Proteus.
    BLUNT, Wilfrid Scawen. The Love-Lyrics and Songs of Proteus.

    Hammersmith : 1892

    First Kelmscott edition, one of only 300 copies, presentation copy, pseudonymously inscribed by Blunt to his sometime lover Mary Singleton on the front free endpaper, "Violet Fane from Proteus April 29 1892". Singleton was notably the subject of Sonnet LV "St. Valentine's Day" on page 162 of this work. A beautiful copy with a fittingly romantic association.

    Mary... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144728

  7. Inquisiciones.
    BORGES, Jorge Luis. Inquisiciones.

    Buenos Aires : 1925

    First edition, first impression, a superlative presentation copy of the author's first work of prose. One of 505 copies printed, this is a uniquely untrimmed, unnumbered, and specially bound presentation copy inscribed by Borges on the first blank to his fellow Argentine author, and muse, Norah Lange (1905-1972).

    Borges's inscription, using the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145266

  8. Poems of Adoration.
    BRADLEY, Katharine, & Edith Cooper, as FIELD, Michael. Poems of Adoration.

    London & Edinburgh : [1912]

    First edition, first impression, of this collaboration by Edith Emma Cooper and her aunt and sometime lover Katharine Harris Bradley, pseudonymously-published as Michael Field. This copy is in notably bright condition, highlighting Charles Rickett's striking art nouveau cloth design.

    Whilst Cooper and Bradley's work was highly collaborative (both... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134560

  9. The Shakespeare Head Brontë.
    BRONTË, Charlotte, Emily & Anne. The Shakespeare Head Brontë.

    Oxford : 1931

    Large paper issue of the Shakespeare Head edition of the novels of the Brontë sisters, number 41 of 500 copies of the American issue, the whole edition having been equally divided between Great Britain and the USA, extremely scarce in the attractive publisher's binding.

    These handsomely produced collected works include two of the most power... Learn More

    Stock Code: 86989

  10. Un Amant.
    BRONTË, Emily. Un Amant.

    Paris : 1892

    First edition in French of Brontë's Wuthering Heights (1847), later renamed Les Hauts de Hurle-Vent. Scarce: Library Hub locates only one copy in the UK (BL), WorldCat adds a further four in France; we could trace only one in commercial records, a rebound copy which sold at auction in 2018.

    The first edition, published by Thomas Cautley Newby... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143390

  11. Poems.
    BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett. Poems.

    London : 1850

    First edition with the Sonnets from the Portuguese, handsomely bound with the original cloth preserved within, and both half-titles. EBB's Poems had first appeared in 1844, but this "New Edition" (the second overall) contains in the second volume the coveted and rare first appearance of Sonnets from the Portuguese, some of the most famous love poems... Learn More

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  12. Me and Your Sometimes Love Poems.
    BUKOWSKI, Charles, & Linda King. Me and Your Sometimes Love Poems.

    Los Angeles : [1972]

    First edition, one of an estimated 100 copies only, this attractive copy signed by both authors on the front cover, with three minor manuscript corrections in blue ink King's hand to the text. Bukowski collaborated on this work with his then partner Linda King, a poet and sculptor who edited the literary magazine Purr.

    While bibliographer Krumhansl... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142875

  13. A plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights entertainments, now entituled the book of the Thousand Nights and a Night
    BURTON, Sir Richard Francis. A plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights entertainments, now entituled the book of the Thousand Nights and a Night

    Benares : 1885-88

    First edition thus, one of 1,000 copies only, in an attractive Riviere binding. Often considered Burton's most enduring work, this translation is somewhat explicit, as are some of Burton's notes.

    The Kamashastra Society was Burton's vehicle to avoid prosecution, which would have been likely if this work had been published in an open edition.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143343

  14. Une aventure d'amour a Venise.
    CASANOVA DE SEINGALT, Jacques - WEGENER, Gerda (illus.) Une aventure d'amour a Venise.

    Paris : 1927

    First edition thus, first printing, number 226 of 414 copies printed on velin d'arches paper, of a total print run of 500. The text is extracted from Casanova's memoirs describing his relationship with "M. M.", a nun from the convent at Murano. This edition is beautifully illustrated by Gerda Wegener, likely using her wife, Lili Elbe as a model.

    Gerda... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145168

  15. The Memoirs.
    CASANOVA DI SEINGALT, Jacques. The Memoirs.

    London and New York : 1928

    A very handsome set of the memoirs of the great libertine, one of a stated edition of 330 unnumbered sets (other sets are known with an edition limitation of 660). The text uses the translation of the Welsh mystic and author Arthur Machen, first published in 1894, with an introductory essay by the pioneering sexologist Havelock Ellis, taken from his... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138632

  16. Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.
    CLELAND, John. Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.

    London : 1781

    Extremely rare early edition of Cleland's Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, or Fanny Hill, "the first original English prose pornography, and the first to break away from the dialogue form into the style of the novel" (Foxon, Libertine Literature in England, 1660-1745).

    First published under the same imprint in an edition dated 1749, the imprint... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145272

  17. The Surprises of Love,
    CLELAND, John. The Surprises of Love,

    London : 1765

    First collected edition, with two of the stories (Romance of a Morning, Romance of an Evening) here printed for the first time, the other two (Romance of a Day, Romance of a Night) previously published in 1760 and 1762 respectively (hence stated second edition on title page). John Cleland is best known for his The Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (generally... Learn More

    Stock Code: 125240

  18. Sapho.
    CROSBY, Harry (his copy); Alphonse Daudet. Sapho.

    Paris : [c.1903]

    Harry Crosby's copy of Daudet's cautionary romantic novel warning against a life of overt debauchery, with Crosby's pencil and ink underlinings to 116 pages of the text, including many passages that play upon the symbolism of the sun and the power of lust and desire in a man's life.

    In addition to being bound for Crosby this copy has several... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144911

  19. Sonnets For Caresse.
    CROSBY, Harry. Sonnets For Caresse.

    Paris : 7 October 1926

    The most complete edition of Crosby's first book, the third overall, number 23 of 100 copies on Arches paper (there were also 7 issued on japon, and one on vellum). This copy, which is in beautiful condition with the original wrappers bound into the hand-painted vellum binding as issued, is a presentation copy, inscribed by Harry Crosby to Helenka Adamowski... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144892

  20. Original oil portrait of his wife Marion.
    CUMMINGS, E. E. Original oil portrait of his wife Marion.

    [No location : 1930s]

    A small but enchanting portrait by Cummings of the love of his life Marion Morehouse (1903-1969), who frequently modelled for his artworks, often nude though captured here with remarkable tenderness. They were together for 30 years, from their first meeting in 1932 (she was onstage) to his death 30 years later. Morehouse was a great beauty, and modelled... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145262

  21. Poems. With Elegies on the Authors Death.
    DONNE, John. Poems. With Elegies on the Authors Death.

    London : 1633

    First edition of the principal collection of Donne's poetical works, issued two years after his death, here in a contemporary calf binding. With the exception of a few rare small pieces "none of Donne's poems was printed in his lifetime" (Hayward), and this posthumous collection presents the first publication of some of the greatest love poems in the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 82696

  22. Marriage A-la-Mode.
    DRYDEN, John. Marriage A-la-Mode.

    London : 1673

    First edition of Dryden's Restoration comedy, first played the same year in London by the King's Company. The two separate, yet intertwined, story lines feature impossible loves, criss-crossed secret rendezvous, and misunderstandings.

    This copy has a distinguished provenance and bears, on the front pastedown, the book labels of three notable... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144907

  23. Madame Bovary.
    FLAUBERT, Gustave. Madame Bovary.

    London : 1886

    First edition in English of Flaubert's masterpiece, a nice unrepaired copy in the attractively decorated cloth. The translator was Karl Marx's daughter, then living openly with Edward Bibbens Aveling, a married man whose name she used in conjunction with her own. Flaubert's debut novel was five years in the making, and originally serialised in the Revue... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145169

  24. The Song of Songs which is Solomon's.
    FLINT, William Russell. The Song of Songs which is Solomon's.

    London : 1909

    First Flint edition, number 465 of 500 copies on handmade paper (with a further 17 printed on vellum), one of few issued in the deluxe full vellum binding, and this copy additionally signed by the artist on the colophon. The Song of Solomon is certainly the most erotically charged passage of the Bible.

    Sir William Russell Flint (1880-1969), was... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145559

  25. Gay Roots.

    San Francisco : 1991-3

    First edition, first printing, Winston Leyland's own copy of the deluxe signed limited issue, letters B and Z of 26 specially bound copies signed by Leyland, these volumes additionally signed by Leyland on the title pages and deriving from his personal collection. There were also 300 unsigned cloth copies, the vast majority of which were sold to libraries.

    Winston... Learn More

    Stock Code: 123228

  26. Straight Hearts' Delight.
    GAY SUNSHINE PRESS: GINSBERG, Allen, & Peter Orlovsky. Straight Hearts' Delight.

    San Francisco : 1980

    First edition, first printing, letter O of 26 specially bound copies signed by Ginsberg and Orlovsky. This is publisher and editor Winston Leyland's own copy of the deluxe issue, additionally signed by him on the title page, and with two unpublished autograph letters signed from Ginsberg to Leyland laid in. The first letter, dated 26 November 1982,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 123246

  27. Howl and other poems.
    GINSBERG, Allen. Howl and other poems.

    San Francisco : 1956

    First published edition, first printing, with the spelling "Lucien Carr" in the dedication, and the eighth line of the second paragraph on the rear cover beginning "Harlem". The title poem Howl was in part a poem of love dedicated to Carl Solomon, a friend being held in a psychiatric institute, and caused much controversy for its explicit homoeroticism.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133699

  28. Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite.
    GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS; F. L. LUCAS (trans.) Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite.

    [London] : 1948

    First edition thus, copy 26 of 100 deluxe copies bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe and signed by the translator F. L. Lucas, from a total edition of 750 copies. This Golden Cockerel Press edition exhibits the ancient Greek poetic hymns to Aphrodite, goddess of love, with both the Greek text and Lucas's translation, alongside woodcut illustrations by Belgian... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145202

  29. Georgian Love Songs, Restoration Love Songs, Elizabethan Love Songs.
    HADFIELD, John, ed. Georgian Love Songs, Restoration Love Songs, Elizabethan Love Songs.

    Preston, Herts : 1949-55

    A lovely complete set of these illustrated Cupid Press anthologies collecting love poetry from the time of Shakespeare and Sidney to the time Gay and Goldsmith, edited by John Hadfield who founded the press, and illustrated by Rex Whistler and John Piper. Each was one of 660 numbered copies, the Elizabethan volume being number 226 and signed by John... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144365

  30. Le Livre D'Amour.
    HAGGIN, Blanche Butterworth. Le Livre D'Amour.

    New York : 1887

    First edition of this lavish book of French love poetry, number 19 of 20 large paper copies printed on Japon, numbered and initialled by the editor Blanche Butterworth Haggin on the limitation page, in an exquisitely produced binding by one of the most famous and important fin de siècle French binders, Léon Gruel's atelier, in beautiful condition.

    The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144850

  31. Far from the Madding Crowd.
    HARDY, Thomas. Far from the Madding Crowd.

    London : 1874

    First edition in book form, one of 1,000 copies published on 23 November 1874. Hardy's fourth novel was serialized anonymously in the Cornhill Magazine from January to December 1874, prompting a reviewer for the Spectator to remark that "If 'Far from the Madding Crowd' is not written by George Eliot, then there is a new light among novelists". Hardy's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 128066

  32. Les Misérables.
    HUGO, Victor. Les Misérables.

    London : 1862

    First authorized edition in English, preceded only by the American piracy in the same year, and considerably scarcer, with copies in publisher's cloth being particularly rare. Set against the backdrop of the political turmoil leading up to the 1832 June Rebellion, Hugo's vast tale articulates a sequence of love stories both romantic (between Marius... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132201

  33. Goodbye to Berlin.
    ISHERWOOD, Christopher. Goodbye to Berlin.

    London : 1939

    First edition, first impression, an exceptional association copy, presented in the month of publication from the publisher John Lehmann (who is also the dedicatee of the book) to Roger Senhouse, Lytton Strachey's lover and the co-owner of Secker & Warburg publishing house.

    Senhouse's ink ownership inscription on the front free endpaper is dated... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143273

  34. A Single Man.
    ISHERWOOD, Christopher. A Single Man.

    London : 1980

    Signed limited edition, this an out-of-series copy from an edition of 400 copies signed by the author and printed on Barcham Green paper. The book was first published in 1964 and adapted into the 2009 film of the same name, directed by Tom Ford and starring Colin Firth. Learn More

    Stock Code: 112609

  35. Endymion: A Poetic Romance.
    KEATS, John. Endymion: A Poetic Romance.

    London : 1818

    First edition, very scarce first issue unrestored in original boards. Endymion was the second of only three lifetime publications by Keats, comprising his longest single sustained poem, famous for its opening line: "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever". This copy has the first issue imprint to the verso of the half-title "Printed by T. Miller, Noble... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134729

  36. How to Kiss.
    KISSING. How to Kiss.

    [Undated, mid-19th century]

    A delightful memento of the amatory arts in mid-19th century America, an early copy of a humorous article for men on the art of kissing, which originally appeared during the Civil War, perhaps here passed off by the anonymous copyist as his own work. The piece opens by describing the technique of kissing, offering some tips on how the reader might improve... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144712

  37. Les Liaisons Dangereuses,
    LACLOS, Choderlos de. Les Liaisons Dangereuses,

    Amsterdam & Paris : 1782

    First edition, first printing, of this masterpiece of French literature. This is the rare first printing ("A" as identified by Max Brun) with the errata leaf at the end of volume IV and uncorrected errata in the text. The first edition, issued in April 1782 in a print run of 2,000 copies, was an immediate success, with several printings following the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129009

  38. Aucassin & Nicolete.
    LANG, Andrew. Aucassin & Nicolete.

    London : 1887

    First edition thus, one of 550 copies only (of which 500 for sale) on Japanese vellum, of Lang's acclaimed translation of the French medieval romantic chantefable, "Andrew Lang was born in order that he might translate it perfectly and he has fulfilled his destiny" (Ezra Pound, Spirit of Romance, 1910), in a superb arts and crafts modelled binding.

    From... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144866

  39. Lady Chatterley's Lover.
    LAWRENCE, D. H. Lady Chatterley's Lover.

    Florence : 1928

    First edition, number 757 of 1,000 copies signed by the author. Privately printed in Florence, the first edition prints the unexpurgated text, which was not published in the UK until 1960.

    "The publication (for subscribers) of the final version of Lady Chatterley's Lover - written in the astonishing time of just five weeks, in one of Lawrence's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144262

  40. The Song of Hiawatha.
    LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. The Song of Hiawatha.

    Boston : 1855

    First US edition, first issue with textual errors. The Song of Hiawatha, Longfellow's epic poem of a Native American love story, is one of the most enduring productions of American Romanticism. The US edition was slightly preceded by the UK edition. Learn More

    Stock Code: 132509

  41. The Silence of Amor.
    MACLEOD, Fiona (pseud. William Sharp). The Silence of Amor.

    Edinburgh : 1896

    Offprint from From the Hills of Dream, inscribed pseudonymously by the author on the first blank, "To George Cotterell, Poet and Friend, In Christmas Greeting, from Fiona MacLeod". Sharp later dedicated Ecce Puella and Other Prose Imagining (1896), which he published under his real name, to Cotterell (1839-1898). Writer and editor William Sharp (1855-1905)... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126170

  42. Miscellaneous Poems; [together with:] Advice to a Painter; [and:] Second Advice to the Painter.
    MARVELL, Andrew. Miscellaneous Poems; [together with:] Advice to a Painter; [and:] Second Advice to the Painter.

    London : 1681; [1679; 1679?]

    First edition of all three works. Miscellaneous Poems includes the first printing of one of the greatest poems of seduction in the English language, "To his Coy Mistress". Published a couple of years after Marvell's death, the volume made his poetic talents known to a general readership who would have known him, if at all, only from his commendatory... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130819

  43. Modern Love, and the Poems of the English Roadside, with Poems and Ballads.
    MEREDITH, George. Modern Love, and the Poems of the English Roadside, with Poems and Ballads.

    London : 1862

    First edition, presentation copy inscribed by the author to D. G. Rossetti on the title page, "Dante Gabriel Rossetti, from his friend, George Meredith", with authorial manuscript corrections in the text. (The Hayward exhibition copy, also inscribed and corrected, had a note in Meredith's hand apologizing for "Errata ennumerable".) Meredith's novel... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111629

  44. The Sound of Waves.
    MISHIMA, Yukio. The Sound of Waves.

    London : 1957

    First UK edition, first impression, presentation copy inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "To Angus with the author's best wishes, Yukio, 23 March 1965". The recipient was novelist Sir Angus Wilson (1913-1991), one of England's first openly gay authors and a friend of Mishima's.

    Mishima stayed at Wilson's Suffolk Cottage while... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145159

  45. Primeros poemos de amor.
    NERUDA, Pablo. Primeros poemos de amor.

    Madrid : 1936

    First edition, one of 500 copies, of this collection of love poems by Neruda, essentially a condensed version of his famous and rare second collection Viente poemas de amor y una canción desesperada, originally published in Chile by Nascimento in 1924.

    The poems included in this Madrid edition are poems 1, 4, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, and La Canción... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142298

  46. The Love Poems.
    PATCHEN, Kenneth. The Love Poems.

    San Francisco : 1960

    First edition thus, first printing, 1 of 300 "Gift Edition" copies bound in cloth, of the Beat poet Kenneth Patchen's small selection of love poems. The Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen, number 13 in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Pocket Poets Series, is uncommon in the deluxe binding.

    This collection includes poems selected from nine of Patchen's books... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144589

  47. Venusberg.
    POWELL, Anthony. Venusberg.

    London : 1932

    First edition, first impression, presentation copy, inscribed by the author to his father's lover on the front free endpaper, after whom he named the book's female protagonist: "For Lucy Hayes, With the best wishes of the author, Tony Powell Oct. 11 1932. In the hope that she will forgive the borrowing of her name". Hayes was "a great love and lifelong... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126592

  48. Eugene Onéguine.
    PUSHKIN, Aleksandr. Eugene Onéguine.

    London : 1881

    First edition in English of Pushkin's final and greatest work, a satirical yet deeply felt romance, anatomizing the Byronic ennui of Russia's aristocracy in the early 19th century.

    "Perhaps because it was the first, Spalding's translation is often set down as a pioneer version, which we naturally expect to have all the faults of an initial attempt...... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129124

  49. Tuberose and Meadowsweet.
    RAFFALOVICH, Marc-André. Tuberose and Meadowsweet.

    London : 1885

    First edition, presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the half-title "A M. J.J. Weiss hommage affectueux de l'auteur". The recipient was likely Jean-Jacques Weiss (1827-1891), French man of letters, professor, and literary critic. This is the author's second book of Uranian poetry, very scarce inscribed, and especially desirable in such nice... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135467

  50. Die Sonette an Orpheus.
    RILKE, Rainer Maria. Die Sonette an Orpheus.

    Leipzig : 1923

    First edition, deluxe issue, number 7 of 100 copies specially bound, from a limited edition of 300 numbered copies printed on handmade paper by W. Drugulin. Die Sonette an Orpheus (The Sonnets to Orpheus) is considered, along with the Duino Elegies, as Rilke's masterpiece. They were composed in what the author described as a "savage creative storm"... Learn More

    Stock Code: 101198

  51. La Faoniade: inni ed odi
    SAPPHO - IMPERIALE, Giovanni Vincenzo. La Faoniade: inni ed odi

    Crisopoli [Parma] : 1792

    First edition printed with the types of Bodoni (first published in two parts at Naples in 1780-86), a beautifully produced book here in very attractive contemporary Italian morocco.

    "A Neapolitan general, Vicenzo Imperiale... presents La Faoniade: Inni ed odi di Saffo as a translation of a previously unknown work by Sappho, newly discovered... Learn More

    Stock Code: 131990

  52. The Poems of Sappho.
    SAPPHO - O'HARA, John Myers. The Poems of Sappho.

    Chicago : 1907

    First edition, number 84 of 100 copies printed on handmade paper and numbered by the poet. This richly sensual translation of Sappho's poems was issued shortly after Bliss Carman's Sappho, One Hundred Lyrics (1904), which is considered the first comprehensive and fully imagined rendering into English of the fragmentary poems.

    This work unsurprisingly... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139152

  53. Sonnets.
    SHAKESPEARE, William. Sonnets.

    Leipzig : 1910

    First Rowohlt edition, one of five copies printed on vellum, finely bound by the influential German binder Carl Sonntag jun. (18831930), who was instrumental in the emergence and development of the German book art movement that preceded the First World War.

    He trained as a binder in the early 1900s in France and the UK, including at the workshop... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139564

  54. Comedies, Histories and Tragedies.
    SHAKESPEARE, William. Comedies, Histories and Tragedies.

    London : 1685

    A notably tall and handsome copy of the Fourth Folio, the last of the 17th-century editions of Shakespeare's works, and the most grandly produced.

    The 1623 first folio was edited by John Heminge (d. 1630) and Henry Condell (d. 1627), and seven plays were added by Philip Chetwin (d. 1680) for the third folio of 1663, of which only one, Pericles,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133696

  55. Autograph letter signed to Claire Clairmont, with a clipped signature of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
    SHELLEY, Mary & Percy Bysshe. Autograph letter signed to Claire Clairmont, with a clipped signature of Percy Bysshe Shelley.

    [24 South Audley Street] : 2 May 1837

    Mary writes tersely to her stepsister, in response to a request, enclosing a clipped signature of her late husband ("Yours ever faithfully - Percy B. Shelley"), "I hope the person to whom you give it will appreciate it as it deserves - or I should not like to part with it", she adds.

    The relationship between the women had been, and continued... Learn More

    Stock Code: 120615

  56. The Banquet.
    SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe. The Banquet.

    London : 1909 [1912]

    First edition thus, first impression, of one of the great texts on love in world literature and translated by one of its most enthusiastic exponents, in a fine press edition by the London County Council Central School of Arts & Crafts, under the direction of J. H. Mason who worked for the Doves Press.

    Scarce: WorldCat locates only one copy (University... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143848

  57. Epipsychidion.
    SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe. Epipsychidion.

    London : October 1887

    First facsimile edition, this one of only three copies printed on vellum and signed by the printers Richard Clay & Sons, this from the library of the edition's publisher and editor H. Buxton-Forman, President of the Shelley Society, with his illustrated bookplate.

    Epipsychidion (the title means "to/for a little soul/Psyche") was Shelley's intense... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143591

  58. Strange Fruit. A Novel.
    SMITH, Lillian. Strange Fruit. A Novel.

    New York : 1944

    First edition, first printing of this important novel dealing with interracial romance and lynching in the Southern United States. Immediately controversial, it was banned in a number of cities and prohibited from being mailed through the US Postal Service. Though the title may have been inspired by the Billie Holiday song of the same name, the author... Learn More

    Stock Code: 80469

  59. Devotions to Arthur Rimbaud.
    SMITH, Patti. Devotions to Arthur Rimbaud.

    [New York : 1973]

    First edition, number 88 of 200 copies numbered and signed by the author. A beautiful example of this early broadside by Smith, printing a valediction for Rimbaud in French above Smith's poem, which surrounds a large illustrated portrait of Rimbaud by Smith. An evocative broadside showcasing Smith's formative literary adoration for the iconic poète... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145130

  60. Prothalamion & Epithalamion.
    SPENSER, Edmund. Prothalamion & Epithalamion.

    Boston : 1902

    First edition thus, first impression, number 16 of 400 numbered copies, from an edition limited to 419 copies designed by Bruce Rogers for the Riverside Press, two years after his appointment as head of the Department of Special Bookmaking, and a notably early publication featuring the involvement of this great book designer. This is a highly attractive... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145313

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