Catalogue 174

Catalogue 174

Our regularly scheduled miscellany for the summer months, this catalogue showcases a selection of new acquisitions to our shelves.

For this catalogue, we are proud to partner with Beat – the UK’s leading eating disorder charity. Peter Harrington will donate 20 per cent of the list price of all catalogue orders to Beat to support its efforts to provide prompt help to those affected.


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  1. A Discourse, Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers;
    ADAMS, John (signed) - MAYHEW, Jonathan. A Discourse, Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers;

    Boston : 1818

    Presentation copy of a reprinted sermon in which Adams took personal interest, distributing a small number of copies on 16 November 1818, all inscribed by a clerical hand to which Adams added his signature. This copy is signed by him and presented to Mrs E. Cruft, that is, Elizabeth Storer Smith (1789-1859), a cousin of Adams's wife.

    Only three... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146765

  2. An Oration Delivered Before the Inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport,
    ADAMS, John Quincy. An Oration Delivered Before the Inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport,

    Newburyport : 1837

    First edition, presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front wrapper: "Edward Cruft Esq. from John Quincy Adams." Cruft (17761866) was a prominent Boston merchant, loyal political supporter, and husband of Elizabeth Storer Smith, a second cousin of John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States.

    Together with a defective... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146764

  3. Epistle to a Godson and Other Poems.
    AUDEN, W. H. Epistle to a Godson and Other Poems.

    London : 1972

    First edition, first impression, familiarly inscribed by the author using his first name reserved for friends on the title page: "To Bill Gray from Wystan", his printed name struck through. Auden dedicated the poem "The Aliens" to Gray in this volume (pp. 35-36); Auden has also corrected "United Nations Hymn" (p. 60).

    This was the last collection... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147414

  4. Sense and Sensibility: A Novel.
    AUSTEN, Jane. Sense and Sensibility: A Novel.

    London : 1833

    First Bentley edition, the third edition overall (pre-dating the first American edition by a few months), and the first edition to be illustrated; issued as the twenty-third in Bentley's Standard Novels series.

    Sense and Sensibility was first published in 1811, with the second edition in 1813. In 1832-3 Richard Bentley bought the copyright to... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145567

  5. The Pageant of Popes, Contayninge the lyves of all the Bishops of Rome, from the beginninge of them to the yeare of Grace 1555.
    BALE, John. The Pageant of Popes, Contayninge the lyves of all the Bishops of Rome, from the beginninge of them to the yeare of Grace 1555.

    London : 1574

    First edition in English of Bale's Acta Romanorum pontificum (1558). Bale, who stood out even among the first generation of English protestants as an especially vituperative critic of the papacy, attempts to prove the spuriousness of the claim that the popes are successors of Peter, and he relates many of the stories of papal immorality and political... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147349

  6. The Art of Money-Getting;
    BARNUM, Phineas Taylor. The Art of Money-Getting;

    New York : [c.1882]

    First edition of the American showman Phineas Taylor Barnum's guide to acquiring wealth, giving advice on choosing a vocation, avoiding debt, advertising, and preserving your integrity. It is a more sensible guide than may be expected, and not a handbook of get-rich-quick schemes; the dedication is "To the young men of America who desire to gain a financial... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148289

  7. Observations historical, critical, and medical, on the Wines of the Ancients.
    BARRY, Sir Edward. Observations historical, critical, and medical, on the Wines of the Ancients.

    London : 1775

    First and only edition of "the earliest major work in English on the wines of the ancients, and the first book in English that discusses modern wines" (Gabler).

    "The body of the text concerns Barry's translation of passages from ancient wine writers, and, as such, brought to light their views, which had been previously unavailable in English...... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146788

  8. Le Morte d'Arthur.
    BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (illus.); MALORY, Sir Thomas. Le Morte d'Arthur.

    London : 1893

    First edition, one of 1,500 unnumbered ordinary paper copies (from a total edition of 1,800), bound to imitate the vellum binding which was reserved for the additional 300 large paper copies, and unusually accompanied by the Le Morte D'Arthur Portfolio, number 69 of 300 copies. The portfolio, issued in 1927, includes eleven illustrations that had been... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147939

  9. The War Diary of the Master of Belhaven 1914-1918.
    BELHAVEN, Ralph Gerard Alexander Hamilton, Master of. The War Diary of the Master of Belhaven 1914-1918.

    London : 1924

    First and only contemporary edition of this uncommon posthumously published memoir, a highly detailed day-by-day account of an artillery officer's service on the Western Front. This copy from the library of gunner and military historian Major Archibald Frank Becke, much enhanced by his meticulous annotation and indexing of the text, and by the addition... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144545

  10. Tomorrow Never Dies.
    BENSON, Raymond. Tomorrow Never Dies.

    London : 1997

    First edition, first impression, signed by the author on the title page. This was Benson's first novelization of a Bond movie; this copy has only one screenwriter listed on the title page, likely second state. Learn More

    Stock Code: 147187

  11. Fust and Schöffer 48-line Bible leaf.
    BIBLE; Latin; Vulgate. Fust and Schöffer 48-line Bible leaf.

    Mainz : 1462

    A single leaf from the 48-line Bible printed at Mainz by Johann Fust and Peter Schöffer in 1462, the fourth printed Bible but the first to include information about the place of printing, the printer, and the date of publication, preceded only by the 42-line Gutenberg Bible, the 36-line Pfister Bible (Bamberg) and the 49-line Mentelin Bible (Strassburg).

    The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144814

  12. Perspective of Nudes.
    BRANDT, Bill. Perspective of Nudes.

    London : 1961

    First edition, first printing. One of those seminal works of art which apparently came about by accident. Brandt was experimenting with a fish-eye lens and produced these extraordinary images of nudes on beaches, distorting and merging with the rocks which surround them. From the library of Sam Haskins. Learn More

    Stock Code: 147043

  13. The Flower Book.
    BURNE-JONES, Edward. The Flower Book.

    London : 1905

    First edition, number 76 of 300 copies, initialled "F.A.S." (Fine Art Society) on the limitation page.

    Burne-Jones (1833-1898) "began the series for his own pleasure in 1882, as a rest from more laborious work", and worked on the 38 roundels over the subsequent 16 years (Introduction). The roundels do not depict the flowers themselves, but were... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146476

  14. Antient Metaphysics;
    BURNETT, James, Lord Monboddo. Antient Metaphysics;

    Edinburgh : 1779-82-84-95-97-99

    First editions of the complete set of Lord Monboddo's Antient Metaphysics, a critique of the philosophical implications of Newtonian science in the light of Greek philosophy, a vast philosophical project two decades in the completion.

    The volumes are uncommon on the market, particularly so as a complete set, and it is very unusual to encounter... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146841

  15. The Game of Chesse.
    CAXTON, William. The Game of Chesse.

    [London : 1855]

    First edition of Vincent Figgins's facsimile edition of the 1482 Westminster Caxton edition, in the attractive original calf binding.

    Caxton's Game of Chess was first printed in 1474, and reprinted with the woodcuts added (as here) in 1482. Following the facsimile are Figgins's remarks on Caxton's typographical productions, lists relating to... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145731

  16. Lithographe.
    CHAGALL, Marc. Lithographe.

    Paris : 1960-86

    First editions in French, first printings, of the catalogue raisonné of Chagall's lithographic work, a monumental feat of publishing which took more than two decades to complete. The series was also published in English the same years. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145471

  17. India.
    CHURCHILL, Winston S. India.

    London : 1931

    First edition, first impression, the rare case-bound "library" issue, of this collection of Churchill's speeches on India, its place within the British Empire, and its potential self-governance.

    The book was issued in both wrappers at one shilling and the present cloth in two shillings, although the latter was intended primarily for libraries.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145704

  18. London.
    COBURN, Alvin Langdon. London.

    London & New York : [1909]

    First edition, first impression, of this masterpiece of early twentieth-century photography.

    Boston-born Coburn based himself in London from around 1906, learning how to make photogravures at the London County Council School of Photo-engraving, and establishing a studio with two copperplate printing presses at the home he shared with his mother... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142935

  19. Statistiko-ekonomicheskiy atlas Kryma [Statistical and Economic Atlas of Crimea].
    CRIMEA. Statistiko-ekonomicheskiy atlas Kryma [Statistical and Economic Atlas of Crimea].

    Simferopol : 1922

    First and only edition of this scarce informational atlas compiled and published by the regional statistical department for the Crimea, and consisting of arresting visual representations: thematic maps, line and bar graphs, pie charts, and a number of hybrids thereof. The text unusually given in both Russian and Arabic.

    An attractive, but intrinsically... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145519

  20. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    DAHL, Roald. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    New York : 1964

    First edition, first printing with six-line colophon on the final page which was cut to five in subsequent printings. Correct first printing jacket without ISBN number to lower rear panel. A very attractive copy of this beloved children's tale. Learn More

    Stock Code: 148449

  21. The Twits.
    DAHL, Roald. The Twits.

    London : 1980

    First edition, first impression. Signed by Quentin Blake on the title page. Learn More

    Stock Code: 148401

  22. Autograph letter signed to Henry Colburn.
    DARWIN, Charles. Autograph letter signed to Henry Colburn.

    [late October 1837]

    An unrecorded early letter from Charles Darwin to his publisher Henry Colburn, regarding the proofing of his upcoming first book, the Journal of Researches (now known as Voyage of the Beagle), the seminal account of probably the most important voyage in the history of science.

    Darwin completed the first draft of the book in June 1837, and in... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142676

  23. Dresses from the Collection of Diana, Princess of Wales.
    DIANA, Princess of Wales. Dresses from the Collection of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    New York : 1997

    Signed limited edition, number 181 of 250 copies signed by Princess Diana, a few months before her death. This luxury signed auction catalogue was produced by Christie's to illustrate the 80 dresses which were sold on 25 June 1997, and which raised over 3.6 million dollars for the AIDS Crisis Trust and The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund.

    The... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147119

  24. The Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club.
    DICKENS, Charles. The Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club.

    London : 1837

    First edition, bound from the original monthly parts, in a very handsome binding by the leading British bookbinders Bayntun-Riviere, and delightfully extra-illustrated with the full suite of Frederick Pailthorpe's 24 additional illustrations which were issued in 1882, retaining the front wrapper of that publication with the publisher's presentation... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145656

  25. The Nonesuch Dickens.
    DICKENS, Charles. The Nonesuch Dickens.

    London : 1937-39

    First Nonesuch edition, number 9 of 877 sets, here with the original steel plate "The Boarding House" etched by George Cruikshank for Sketches by Boz, with a proof pull and letter of authentication from Chapman and Hall signed by Deputy Chairman Arthur Waugh.

    The peculiar limitation is due to the inclusion, enclosed in the 24th volume of each... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145586

  26. Production cel for 101 Dalmatians featuring Colonel & Sgt. Tibbs.
    DISNEY, Walt. Production cel for 101 Dalmatians featuring Colonel & Sgt. Tibbs.

    Burbank, CA : 1961

    An original production cel for Disney's 101 Dalmatians. Featuring Colonel & Sgt. Tibbs. Cels were trimmed and applied to backgrounds by the studio to be sold through various Disney galleries. With the Disney gold label certificate on the back stating this is an original hand painted celluloid used in the Walt Disney Production. Learn More

    Stock Code: 148818

  27. The Works.
    DOYLE, Arthur Conan. The Works.

    New York : 1930

    First complete collected edition, number 268 of 760 numbered sets signed by the author in volume I, very handsomely bound.

    The Crowborough Edition - named after the Sussex town where Doyle's home, Windlesham, was located - has double the number of volumes of the Author's Edition of 1903. Doyle had already signed sheets for it but his illness... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146414

  28. Stories from Hans Andersen.
    DULAC, Edmund (illus.); ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. Stories from Hans Andersen.

    London : 1911

    First Dulac edition, handsomely bound by Bayntun, with an accompanying typed letter dated July 1986 addressed to Birmingham lawyer Gordon William Quance (the initial purchaser), introducing the book, and signed by each of the four craftsmen involved in the designing, sewing, binding, and tooling of the volume. Learn More

    Stock Code: 148410

  29. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.
    DULAC, Edmund (illus.); FITZGERALD, Edward. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    London : [1909]

    First Dulac trade edition, first impression, in an elegant Bayntun binding. Edmund Dulac's illustrations for the Rubáiyát helped to confirm his position as "a direct challenger in the illustrated gift book market to the work of Arthur Rackham" (ODNB). Learn More

    Stock Code: 148253

  30. Book Auction Dinner.
    EINSTEIN, Albert; Thomas Mann; A. S. W. Rosenbach. Book Auction Dinner.

    New York : 1938

    First edition, signed by Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, and Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach under their respective forewords and prefaces; the catalogue for a charity rare book auction for the benefit of German refugees, held on December 8, 1938.

    The sale was arranged by legendary American rare book dealer A. S. W. Rosenbach, who for decades supplied the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146456

  31. Crusade in Europe.
    EISENHOWER, Dwight D. Crusade in Europe.

    Garden City, NY : 1948

    First edition, the handsomely produced signed limited issue, number 211 of 1,426 copies signed by Eisenhower on the leaf that prints his D-Day message to the troops. Copies in the original acetate jacket are certainly uncommon.

    Crusade in Europe made Eisenhower a rich man, "becoming one of the most widely translated and sold books of all time.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145034

  32. The Waste Land.
    ELIOT, T. S. The Waste Land.

    New York : 1922

    First edition in book form, first printing, first issue with all the points, number 325 of 1,000 copies. The Waste Land - arguably the most significant poem of the 20th century - was first published in The Criterion magazine earlier that year; this marks its first separate publication.

    With all of Gallup's three requisite points indicative of... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145211

  33. Mr. Knife Miss Fork.
    ERNST, Max - CREVEL, René. Mr. Knife Miss Fork.

    Paris : 1931

    First edition, sole printing, number 27 of 50 copies signed by Crevel on the half-title and Ernst on the frontispiece and printed on Hollande paper, from a total edition of 255 copies. This is one of the most celebrated books of the Black Sun Press and a cornerstone of Surrealist literature. This work is a fragment from Crevel's novel Babylone (1927),... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146428

  34. [Four papers on thermometry.]
    FAHRENHEIT, Daniel Gabriel. [Four papers on thermometry.]

    London : 1726

    First edition of four important papers on thermometry by Fahrenheit, in Latin, contributed to volume 33 of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. The entirety of Fahrenheit's published writings comprises five papers; apart from a description of one of his early thermometers published by Christian Wolff in Acta Eruditorum (1714), these... Learn More

    Stock Code: 142741

  35. Stable Money.
    FISHER, Irving. Stable Money.

    New York : 1934

    First edition, first printing. The aim of the work is to provide a complete history of early attempts towards inaugurating a stable currency, in order to prevent the extremes of inflation and deflation. It also covers the status of the stable money movement throughout the world, and discusses recent experiences with a "Managed Currency" abroad. Learn More

    Stock Code: 147725

  36. Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyám.
    FITZGERALD, Edward. Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyám.

    London : 1899

    An attractive early edition of Fitzgerald's translation of the Rubáiyát, in an exquisite Zaehnsdorf exhibition binding (rather than necessitating it was actually exhibited, means that it was bound to "exhibition standard", that is, applying the highest quality standards in the choice of materials, and execution of the forwarding and finishing).

    Fitzgerald's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148266

  37. Live and Let Die.
    FLEMING, Ian. Live and Let Die.

    London : 1954

    First edition, first impression, in the first issue jacket without the design credit slug to the front flap.

    The earliest dust jackets issued made no mention of Kenneth Lewis and at some point the need was recognised to credit his work. A stamp was made and as a stopgap existing jackets were overstamped beneath the blurb on the front flap. This... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147010

  38. The Spy Who Loved Me.
    FLEMING, Ian. The Spy Who Loved Me.

    London : 1962

    First edition, first impression. The Spy Who Loved Me is the tenth Bond book, and the only one to be written in the first person, presented as the testimony of a 23-year-old Canadian woman with whom Bond has an ill-fated affair. In furtherance of this pretence, Vivienne Michel gets a spurious credit on the title page as co-author. A film adaptation... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146993

  39. Moonraker.
    FLEMING, Ian. Moonraker.

    London : 1955

    First edition, first impression. The third book in the James Bond series, Moonraker was adapted into a film of the same name in 1979, starring Roger Moore. The first impression had two variant states, this on thinner paper and reading "shoo"; the other state on slightly thicker paper with the word "shoot" on page 10 correctly printed. Both states were... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146962

  40. Goldeneye.
    GARDNER, John. Goldeneye.

    London : 1996

    First Hodder edition, first impression, signed by the author on the title page.

    Goldeneye, Gardner's adaptation of the 1995 film, is the rarest of the Gardner Bond books and among the most difficult Bond titles to acquire signed, with Gardner signing few copies, and the book having a small print run chiefly aimed at the library market (preceded... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147180

  41. The Balcony.
    GENET, Jean. The Balcony.

    New York : 1958

    First edition in English, signed limited issue, copy I of 26 lettered copies, specially bound and signed by Genet in turquoise ink. The Balcony was first published in French in 1956. Copies in such superb condition are notably uncommon. Learn More

    Stock Code: 145257

  42. Biblia Sacra [facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible].
    GUTENBERG, Johann. Biblia Sacra [facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible].

    New York : 1961

    Number 6 of 1,000 copies, the first American facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible, in the deluxe binding of full morocco (copies were also issued in half morocco or red cloth).

    The Gutenberg Bible was the first complete book printed from moveable type, published in Mainz in 1455. This facsimile was derived from the German Insel Verlgag facsimile... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146771

  43. Fifty Years Adrift.
    HARRISON, George (ed.); TAYLOR, Derek. Fifty Years Adrift.

    Guildford : 1984

    Signed limited edition, number 558 of 2,000 copies signed by George Harrison, Derek Taylor, and the illustrator Larry Smith. Taylor was the Beatles's publicist; the present book is his autobiography, with Harrison's additions, and is "the companion volume to I ME MINE" (prospectus).

    Learn More

    Stock Code: 144958

  44. Food in England.
    HARTLEY, Dorothy. Food in England.

    London : 1954

    First edition, first impression. Food in England, "a treasury of information on the gathering, storing, and cooking of food from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries" is widely regarded as the definitive history of English food and cooking techniques (ODNB).

    Dorothy Hartley (1893-1985) travelled the country writing a weekly column on English... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146496

  45. The Souls I-IV.
    HIRST, Damien. The Souls I-IV.

    London : 2011

    First edition, first printing. The Souls ran as a solo exhibition at the Paul Stolper gallery from 7 October to 13 November 2010. Hirst took four butterfly designs and reproduced each in 80 different colourways, with the present book reproducing these artworks and the colours used. The lavish illustrations offer an excellent example of how the deluxe... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147008

  46. Hockney's Alphabet.
    HOCKNEY, David; Stephen Spender (ed.) Hockney's Alphabet.

    London : 1991

    First edition, deluxe signed limited issue, number 101 of 300 copies bound in quarter vellum and signed by Spender, Hockney, and 22 of the 27 contributors: Doris Lessing, William Boyd, Margaret Drabble, Martin Amis, William Golding, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Nigel Nicolson, Seamus Heaney, Douglas Adams, Julian Barnes, Craig Raine, Kazuo Ishiguro, Iris Murdoch,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145560

  47. Über die menschliche Natur
    HUME, David. Über die menschliche Natur

    Halle : 1790-92

    Very scarce first edition in German of A Treatise of Human Nature, the first translation into any language of Hume's greatest (and rarest) work; it is issued here with a commentary by Ludwig Heinrich von Jakob (17591827), professor of philosophy at Halle who helped greatly to popularize Hume's work in Germany. Although the translation seems late fifty... Learn More

    Stock Code: 147041

  48. Geographia Nubiensis,
    IDRĪSĪ, al-. Geographia Nubiensis,

    Paris : 1619

    First Latin edition of the Kitab nuzhat al-mushtaq, which had been published in Arabic in Rome in 1592. An attractive copy, unrestored in contemporary condition, of "the most important geographical work of the Middle Ages" (Brill's First Encyclopaedia of Islam). While well-represented institutionally, there have been just six copies noted at auction;... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145431

  49. A Mind to Murder.
    JAMES, P. D. A Mind to Murder.

    London : 1963

    First edition, first impression, inscribed by the author to Otto Penzler on the front free endpaper, "P. D. James / To Otto / with affectionate & admiration", over the book label of Elaine Greene, her literary agent. This is a superb literary association: Penzler is an American author, editor, and owner of The Mysterious Bookshop in New York, and the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144605

  50. Der Kreislauf des Geldes und Mechanismus des Sozial-Lebens.
    JOHANNSEN, Nicolas August Ludwig Jacob. J. J. O. Lahn, pseud. Der Kreislauf des Geldes und Mechanismus des Sozial-Lebens.

    Berlin : 1903

    First edition, published five years later in English as A Neglected Point in Connection with Crises (the edition read by Keynes), of "Johannsen's earliest outline of his monetary theory of production, one of the most important preludes to the General Theory, and the earliest analysis of what became the core of Schumpeter's theory of economic development:... Learn More

    Stock Code: 148670

  51. A Dictionary of the English Language.
    JOHNSON, Samuel. A Dictionary of the English Language.

    London : 1765

    Third edition of the most famous of all dictionaries, following the first edition of 1755, in the same imposing double-folio format as its predecessor.

    The creation of the dictionary was Johnson's greatest literary labour. Helped by a succession of needy amanuenses who worked in the surprisingly spacious garret of his house in Gough Square, he... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144646

  52. Das Leben des Menschen.
    KAHN, Fritz. Das Leben des Menschen.

    Stuttgart : 1926-31

    An exceptional set of Fritz Kahn's modernist magnum opus, very rare in the dust jackets, with a fine example of the iconic poster "Der Mensch als Industriepalast". Also present are the poster "Stammbaum des Menschen", the eight-page explanatory text, the publisher's prospectus, and 3D glasses for viewing some of the illustrations.

    The dust jackets... Learn More

    Stock Code: 144917

  53. The History of Reynard the Foxe.
    KELMSCOTT PRESS: CAXTON, William (trans). The History of Reynard the Foxe.

    Hammersmith : 1892 [1893]

    Limited edition, one of 300 copies on paper, from a total edition of 310 copies. In his note requested by Quaritch as a puff, Morris commented: "this translation of Caxton's is one of the very best of his works as to style; and being translated from a kindred tongue is delightful as mere language. In its rude joviality, and simple and direct delineation... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145992

  54. Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States
    KENNEDY, John F. Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States

    Washington, D.C. : 1964

    First edition, first printing, signed by both Robert F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy on the front free endpaper. Robert Kennedy inscriptions are uncommon, and this is a superb association copy of this monumental volume.

    "With few exceptions the flood of print that followed the assassination of Kennedy may be ignored by those interested chiefly... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146271

  55. Rudyard Kipling's Verse.
    KIPLING, Rudyard. Rudyard Kipling's Verse.

    London : 1919

    First UK edition, first impression, deluxe limited issue, number 3 of 100 sets numbered and signed by Kipling.

    "This edition was brought together at the publisher, Frank N. Doubleday's suggestion after much talk. It was to be tried out in the USA and if successful republished in England... The idea of the book was born at Brown's Hotel in February... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146209

  56. Systême d'un nouveau gouvernement en France. Tome I [-IV].
    LA JONCHERE, Étienne Lécuyer de. Systême d'un nouveau gouvernement en France. Tome I [-IV].

    Amsterdam : 1720

    First edition, first issue of a very rare work by La Jonchère, one of the most original works of political economy of the 18th century. In the second issue, the title is extended to read "Le Prix des quatre Volumes est de cent livres en Argent, & de quatre cent livres en Billets de Banque."

    Writing after the death of Louis XIV in 1715, La Jonchère... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145697

  57. 143038comp
    LAVEY, Anton Szandor. The Compleat Witch, or What To Do When Virtue Fails.

    New York : 1971

    First edition, first printing, inscribed by the author on the title page to the historian Gottfried Kerscher, "To Gottfried Kerscher, and a bright future - Rege Satanas, Anton Szandor LaVey", the tip of the y stylised with a forked tail. Works signed by LaVey are notably uncommon in the market.

    Anton LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan... Learn More

    Stock Code: 143038

  58. Elgin Marbles.
    LAWRENCE, Richard. Elgin Marbles.

    London : 1818

    First edition of this representation of the famous Elgin collection of Greek sculptures, controversially removed from the Parthenon at the beginning of the 19th century. This is uncommonly found in the original boards.

    While he was British ambassador at Constantinople from 1801 to 1803, Thomas Bruce, the Earl of Elgin, had received permission... Learn More

    Stock Code: 146344

  59. Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
    LAWRENCE, T. E. Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

    London : 1935

    First trade issue, limited edition, number 81 of 750 copies issued in this quarter pigskin binding, alongside a cheaper issue bound in cloth; scarce in the plain paper dust jacket. This first trade edition was preceded only by the unprocurable Oxford Times edition of 1922 (of which there were just eight copies printed), and the sumptuous 1926 Cranwell... Learn More

    Stock Code: 127774

  60. Revolt in the Desert.
    LAWRENCE, T. E. Revolt in the Desert.

    London : 1927

    First edition, large paper issue, number 281 of 315 numbered copies, of which 300 were for sale.

    The costs for production of the 1926 Seven Pillars of Wisdom had ballooned to such an extent that Lawrence was contemplating selling either his library or some of his property to clear the debt. Eventually he settled on the publication of an abridgement,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 145706

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