Salon International du Livre Rare - Paris 2020

Salon International du Livre Rare - Paris 2020

The Salon International du Livre Rare is being held from the 18th - 20th September at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Unfortunately, Peter Harrington is unable to attend this year, but we are delighted that the event is going ahead, with new safety measures in place, and wish all our colleagues a successful fair. We hope to see everyone next year. We are, however, pleased to share the books we would have been exhibiting at the fair. 
If you have any questions about any items here, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Fair opening times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 18th, 19th and 20th September, 11 am - 8 pm

Preview evening: Thursday 17th September, 5 pm - 10 pm

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  1. Apollinaire filmé en 1914.
    (APOLLINAIRE.) ROUVEYRE, André. Apollinaire filmé en 1914.

    Lanzac : 1944

    First and only edition, number 93 of 115 copies on papier Vélin Madagascar. The short film, or succession of photographs, were taken on 2 August 1914 as Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) on the left, and his friend the artist André Rouveyre (1879-1962), had just returned to Paris and were on their way to the Comœdia's offices to deliver... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138667

  2. Les Yeux de L'Ame.
    (BIDERMANAS, Izis.) CHARLET, Gaston. G. Les Yeux de L'Ame.

    Paris : [1950]

    First and limited edition, number 289 of 300 copies issued. Presentation copy, inscribed by the photographer on the front cover of the title bifolium, "a Jeanine et Pierre, ces images de Paris et da Limousin, cordialement I. Bidermanas, 24-XII-1950". Les Yeux de L'Ame is Bidermanas's first published work. His popular Paris des rêves, which followed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 123836

  3. La Nuit et le Moment ou les Matinées de Cythere.
    (EROTICA.) CRÉBILLON, [Claude-Prosper-Jolyot de.] La Nuit et le Moment ou les Matinées de Cythere.

    Paris : 1924

    First edition thus, number 158 of 230 copies on vélin d'Arches (the first ten had an extra japon suite), of this libertine dialogue between "Cidalise" and "Clitandre" (first published in 1755) illustrated with erotic etchings by Félix Roy, termed the "Sylvain Sauvage". Learn More

    Stock Code: 122324

  4. Souvenir de Flore ou le Langage des Fleurs.
    (FLOWERS.) Souvenir de Flore ou le Langage des Fleurs.

    Paris : [c.1820]

    First edition of this attractive flower book, with 12 illustrations of bouquets, each with an imagined dialogue between the flowers. Incongruously, the latter section of the book is an account of the people and government of Turkey. No doubt produced as a ready-bound cheap gift book, the work is now a great rarity, with WorldCat listing only a single... Learn More

    Stock Code: 128878

  5. Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu.
    (PICASSO, Pablo.) BALZAC, Honoré de. Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu.

    Paris : 1931

    Limited edition, number 171 of 240 copies printed on Rives paper, from a total edition of 340 copies (of which 65 were printed on imperial japon and signed, and 35 for private distribution and numbered using roman numerals).

    In 1926 Picasso was commissioned by the publisher Ambroise Vollard to do a series of illustrations for Balzac's novella... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136550

  6. Hommage A Rimbaud.
    (RIMBAUD, Arthur.) VIEILLARD, Roger. Hommage A Rimbaud.

    Paris : 1945

    First edition, first printing, inscribed in pencil "à Ralph Kirkpatrick pour 'les possibilités harmoniques' Roger Vieillard amicalement" inside the first blank, including two musical drawings, further drawings on the title page with the caption "pour Ralph Kirkparick" signed with Vieillard's "RV" monogram and dated "1942-1971-1982". This copy number... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135463

  7. Recueil de plusieurs Plans des Ports et Rades et de quelques Cartes particulières de la Mer Méditerranée,
    AYROUARD, Jacques. Recueil de plusieurs Plans des Ports et Rades et de quelques Cartes particulières de la Mer Méditerranée,

    [Paris or Marseille?] : 1732-46

    First and only edition of this uncommon collection of charts, including the first printed chart of Monaco, a large folding map of Marseilles, and accurate charts of most of the ports, harbours and bays of the region.

    Ayrouard's work forms a working waggoner for the coast, recording soundings, anchorages, and pilotage notes on rocks and reefs,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 66701

  8. Le Feu. (Journal d'une Escouade).
    BARBUSSE, Henri. Le Feu. (Journal d'une Escouade).

    Paris : 1916

    First edition, number I of XX special copies printed on papier vélin de cuve des Usine d'Arches in large paper format and signed by Barbusse for the bibliophiles of Les XX, this copy presented to the society's president Henri Lenseigne, with an autograph letter from Barbusse dated 6 October 1917, and the hand-addressed envelope, here bound in. In the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 124386

  9. Fin de partie
    BECKETT, Samuel. Fin de partie

    Paris : 1957

    First trade edition, first impression. With the author's signed presentation inscription, "Pour Georges ? en hommage et reconnaissance Sam Beckett Paris, fevrier 1957". One of Beckett's finest plays, uncommon with a contemporary presentation inscription. Learn More

    Stock Code: 34122

  10. Le Rire.
    BERGSON, Henri. Le Rire.

    Paris : 1900

    First edition in book form, inscribed by Bergson to the French writer and scholar Gaston Paris, "a Monsieur Gaston Paris, Administrateur du Collège de France, hommage respectueux, H. Bergson" on the half-title.

    This is Bergson's classic philosophical investigation, the best and most influential social theory of comedy, which originally appeared... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133195

  11. De l'esprit du gouvernement économique.
    BOESNIER DE L'ORME, Paul. De l'esprit du gouvernement économique.

    Paris : 1775

    First edition of the principal work of the French economist Paul Boesnier de l'Orme (1724-1793), "one of the most systematic and comprehensive expositions of economics of its period" (Higgs). This copy has the imprint of Debure, as do the Mattioli and Sraffa copies, but some have the imprint of Delalaine (no priority established). It is both institutionally... Learn More

    Stock Code: 120540

  12. Dessins Pour la Bible.
    CHAGALL, Marc. Dessins Pour la Bible.

    Paris : 1960

    First edition, first printing, of this lavish collection of Chagall's artwork inspired by the Old Testament. In 1930 Chagall set out to produce etchings to illustrate the Bible, at the request of the avant-garde art book publisher Ambroise Vollard. Chagall worked on the project for many years even after Vollard's death in 1939, eventually publishing... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139176

  13. Cyrus et Milto ou La République.
    CLAVEL D'USSIERES, Henri de. Cyrus et Milto ou La République.

    Geneva : 1796

    First edition of Clavel d'Ussieres's political fable. Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, was metamorphosed into a philosopher king by Xenophon in his Cyropaedia of the fourth century BCE. Xenophon's Cyrus was a favourite of the mirror for princes genre, from the medieval period through to the Renaissance and Enlightenment. Clavel d'Ussieres's... Learn More

    Stock Code: 130606

  14. Le Coq et l'Arlequin.
    COCTEAU, Jean. Le Coq et l'Arlequin.

    Paris : 1918

    First edition, first impression. Presentation copy inscribed by Jean Cocteau to Gaston Picard, recipient of the Prix Calmann-Lévy in 1943 for his novel Le plus bel amour de Stendhal, "à Gaston Picard, souvenir amical de Jean Cocteau, Mars 1919". From a limited edition of 50 copies printed on Hollande, not numbered but reserved for the author and justified... Learn More

    Stock Code: 124369

  15. Nudité.
    COLETTE, [Sidonie-Gabrielle]. Nudité.

    [Brussels & Paris] : 1943

    First edition, number 24 of 49 copies on Japon Nacré, from an edition of 485 copies; rare on the market, particularly in such an excellent binding and condition. Charles Émile Egli, known as Carlègle (1877-1937) was a Swiss-born illustrator and painter who spent most of his life in Paris. Carlègle excelled in wood engraving. His illustrations for... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132149

  16. Cours de philosophie positive.
    COMTE, Auguste. Cours de philosophie positive.

    Paris : 1830-42

    First edition of Comte's canonical statement of positivism, one of the major philosophical texts of the 19th century; this copy carrying detailed annotations by a leading contemporary French zoologist. "The remarkable achievement of Comte, all arguments about the validity of his theories aside, is the construction of a system which embraces all human... Learn More

    Stock Code: 110733

  17. Les lauriers sont coupés.
    DUJARDIN, Edouard. Les lauriers sont coupés.

    Paris : 1888

    First edition, limited issue. Number 156 of 420 copies, of which 400 were printed on vélin anglais mécanique, and 20 on grand vélin français. The story was first published the preceding year in the magazine Revue Indépendante. An influential work, exemplifying the proto-stream-of-consciousness narrative; James Joyce mentioned in 1922 to Valery... Learn More

    Stock Code: 103535

  18. Les Règles de la méthode sociologique.
    DURKHEIM, Emile. Les Règles de la méthode sociologique.

    Paris : 1895

    First edition of the founding manifesto of sociology, which laid the ground-rules establishing it as a true science more akin to chemistry and biology than psychology or ethnography. Learn More

    Stock Code: 123785

  19. Four Quartets.
    ELIOT, T. S. Four Quartets.

    London : 1960

    First Bodoni edition, number 250 of 290 copies signed by the poet. A magnificent piece of book production executed in Verona under the direction of Giovanni Mardersteig, the greatest printer of the 20th century. Learn More

    Stock Code: 137131

  20. Pylone (Pylon). Roman.
    FAULKNER, William. Pylone (Pylon). Roman.

    Paris : 1946

    First French language edition, first impression, originally published in the US in 1935. One of 50 hors commerce copies signed by the author on the title page, out of a total limitation of 1,040 copies. Learn More

    Stock Code: 68139

  21. Chansonnier dédié aux Demoiselles.
    FRENCH GLASS BINDING. Chansonnier dédié aux Demoiselles.

    Paris : [c.1828-30]

    A beautifully preserved, finely bound French songbook from the Janet workshop.

    The British Library's Database of Bookbindings notes that the Janets (both father, Pierre-Étienne, and son, Louis) were well-known engravers and publishers of ephemera in deluxe and gift bindings, particularly women's almanacs; Louis moved to rue St Jacques 59 - the... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133875

  22. Le Balcon.
    GENET, Jean. Le Balcon.

    Paris : 1956

    First edition, first impression. Number 18 of a limited edition of 3000 copies printed on Japon nacre imperial and numbered in roman. Learn More

    Stock Code: 88864

  23. Lettres à l'Amazone.
    GOURMONT, Remy de. Lettres à l'Amazone.

    Paris : 30 March 1914

    First edition, first printing, copy 112 of 112 copies on papier vergé chartreuse, from an edition of 1,075 copies in total. This copy, with the original chartreuse wrappers bound in, has been handsomely bound by Cochard. Gourmont's "Letters to the Amazon" are the result of the symbolist poet, who had been stricken and disfigured by lupus vulgaris,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 117966

  24. Essai analytique sur la richesse et sur l'impôt,
    GRASLIN, Jean. Essai analytique sur la richesse et sur l'impôt,

    London [but Paris? : 1767

    Rare first edition of one of the most important works written against the physiocrats, this copy from the library of Abbé André Morellet, with his engraved bookplate to the front pastedown.

    One of the few enlightenment writers to live into and beyond the years of the Revolution and Napoleon, André Morellet (1727-1819) wrote numerous treatises... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135091

  25. Recueil des ouvrages de M. de Haute-Feuille. Contenant plusieurs Decouvertes & Inventions nouvelles dans la Physique & dans les Mechaniques.
    HAUTEFEUILLE, Jean de. Recueil des ouvrages de M. de Haute-Feuille. Contenant plusieurs Decouvertes & Inventions nouvelles dans la Physique & dans les Mechaniques.

    Paris : 1694

    First collected edition of Hautefeuille's works, with some additional pamphlets bound in. The note at the front of the book reads as follows: "Mr Jean de Hautefeuille auteur de ce Recueil, ecclesiastique du Diocese d'Orleans, de l'Academie des Sciences, Belles Lettres, et arts de Bordeaux, Pensionnaire du Roy Louis XIV et Louis XV est mort le mercredi... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133476

  26. Les Amours de Theagene et Chariclee.
    HELIODORUS of Emesa. Les Amours de Theagene et Chariclee.

    Paris : 1623

    A fine volume with the suite of engravings from the first Thiboust edition of the popular ancient Greek romance, the Aethiopica of Heliodorus of Emesa. Jacques Amyot's translation of Heliodorus, first published in 1547, introduced the work to France, where it long retained its popularity. The iconography of the Aethiopica is of considerable interest.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 65944

  27. Méditations Cartésiennes. Introduction à la phénoménologie.
    HUSSERL, Edmund. Méditations Cartésiennes. Introduction à la phénoménologie.

    Paris : 1931

    First edition: the work first appeared in this French translation. It was based on two double lectures Husserl gave at the Sorbonne in 1929. The Méditations Cartésiennes constitutes Husserl's fullest treatment of a problem which came to concern him more and more, the problem of intersubjectivity. In this work, "he tried to show how the transcendental... Learn More

    Stock Code: 133939

  28. L'homme aux valises.
    IONESCO, Eugène. L'homme aux valises.

    Paris : 1975

    First edition thus, first impression. Out-of-series copy from an edition of 55, inscribed by the author "A H. Gene Blocker, avec toute ma sympathie, Eugène Ionesco" on the half-title. With two typed letters signed from Ionesco to Blocker, who was professor of philosopher at Ohio University; the letters discuss the possibility of a lecture series in... Learn More

    Stock Code: 107744

  29. Manchester Guardian Commercial. La Reconstruction de l'Europe.
    KEYNES, John Maynard (ed.) Manchester Guardian Commercial. La Reconstruction de l'Europe.

    Manchester : 20 April 20 1922 – 4 January 1923

    First edition in French of the scarce complete set of the Manchester Guardian Commercial, "a series of weighty supplements on European Reconstruction, with articles by the most distinguished authorities in each country" (Harrod), published under the general editorship of John Maynard Keynes, with contributions by other notable authorities including... Learn More

    Stock Code: 138597

  30. Fables choisies, mises en vers.
    LA FONTAINE, Jean de. Fables choisies, mises en vers.

    Paris : 1755-9

    First edition, large-paper issue, and one of a small number printed on thick holland paper, of "one of the most ambitious and successful of all illustrated books" (Ray). Jean-Baptiste Oudry's sketches for La Fontaine's Fables were executed for his own enjoyment between 1729 and 1735. They were purchased by the publisher Montenault, who asked the finest... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135957

  31. Le Théâtre et les Dieux.
    LAM, Wilfredo (illus.); ARTAUD, Antonin. Le Théâtre et les Dieux.

    Paris : 1966

    First edition, first printing. One of 115 numbered copies each signed by the artist, editor, and printer. Learn More

    Stock Code: 38117

  32. De l'administration provinciale, et de la réforme de l'impôt.
    LE TROSNE, Guillaume-Francois. De l'administration provinciale, et de la réforme de l'impôt.

    Basle : 1779

    First edition, very rare, especially complete with the additional 24 page note. A French lawyer and economist, Le Trosne studied natural law philosophy with Pothier, planning to become a magistrate. He joined the Physiocrats in 1764 by publishing a book defending the free trade in grain and articles in the Ephémérides du citoyen and other journals,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 83936

  33. Le Capital.
    MARX, Karl. Le Capital.

    Paris : [1872-5]

    First edition in French of the first volume of Das Kapital, the definitive text as authorized by Karl Marx, this being the first issue with Lachâtre's imprint. The book was published in parts from August 1872 to November 1875, here bound on completion. The first volume of Das Kapital was originally published in German in 1867. This French edition was... Learn More

    Stock Code: 135070

  34. Cien sonetos de amor.
    NERUDA, Pablo. Cien sonetos de amor.

    Santiago : 1959

    First edition, first printing, number 203 of a total edition of 300 copies signed by the author. This is one of the 250 printed on Ledger paper and accompanied by a lithograph by Antunez, signed in pencil by the artist. Of the remaining 50 copies, 20 were printed for the press, eight copies were reserved for collaborators, and 22 copies were printed... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139649

  35. Les hommes volans,
    PALTOCK, Robert. Les hommes volans,

    London : 1763

    First edition in French of this imaginary voyage, a significant and influential work of proto-science fiction. First published in English in December 1750, the story tells of a castaway in a fantastic land where men and women can fly. The debt to Robinson Crusoe is clear, also to the Arabian Nights and Gulliver's Travels,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 139043

  36. Code de Cythere,
    PROSTITUTION - [MOET, Jean-Pierre.] Code de Cythere,

    Erotopolis [i.e. Paris] : 7746 [i.e. 1746]

    First edition of this fully-costed Utopian scheme for the elaborate regulation of prostitution, delivered by Cupid himself.

    Published anonymously, it was attributed to Jean-Pierre Moet (1721-1806), a state minister and secretary to the Count of Saint-Florentin, who wrote a few books and translated several others from Latin and English into French,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 136941

  37. Œuvres.
    RACINE, Jean. Œuvres.

    Paris : 1805

    A highly attractive copy, specially bound for Charlotte de Talleyrand (1799-1873), the illegitimate daughter of the French statesmen and diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand and his mistress Catherine Noël Worlee. Later married to Charles's cousin Alexandre-Daniel de Talleyrand, Charlotte gained a legitimate Talleyrand name, and passed the books... Learn More

    Stock Code: 129728

  38. La Religion des Mahometans,
    REELAND, Adriaan. La Religion des Mahometans,

    The Hague : 1721

    First edition in French, first published in Latin in 1705, an English edition was published in 1712, and a German in 1715. "Edited by David Durand this important work by the Dutch orientalist Reeland sets out to correct misconceptions in the popular about Islam, and to bring a better understanding of it. The work was based on Reeland's own collection... Learn More

    Stock Code: 126891

  39. Bifur.
    RIBEMONT-DESSAIGNES, Georges (ed.) Bifur.

    Paris : 1929-31

    First editions, limited issue. A complete set of the Surrealist-inflected, avant-garde Parisian art and literary journal, issued between 25 May 1929 and 10 June 1931. Each volume is numbered: the first four volumes were printed in an edition of 3,000 copies, volumes 5 to 7 one of 2,000 copies, and volume 8 was one of 1,700 copies. Established by Pierre... Learn More

    Stock Code: 107785

  40. Problèmes géographiques.
    SCHLEGEL, Gustaaf. Problèmes géographiques.

    Leiden : 1892-95

    First edition under this title of a collection of offprints from T'oung-Pao, the oldest international journal of sinology; scarce: Library Hub gives just one location in British and Irish institutional libraries (Cambridge), WorldCat adds 16 worldwide. Gustaaf Schlegel (1840-1903), was one of the most distinguished sinologists of the 19th-century and... Learn More

    Stock Code: 110279

  41. De la richesse commerciale,
    SIMONDE DE SISMONDI, Jean Charles L. De la richesse commerciale,

    Geneva : 1803

    First edition of the first work on political economy by the Swiss historian and economist Sismondi (1773-1842), "the first critic of industrial capitalism" (Blaug). De la richesse commerciale "was intended as a systematic exposition of the ideas of Adam Smith. Yet in it Sismondi also pointed out that he was presenting 'an absolutely new' way... Learn More

    Stock Code: 134871

  42. Recherches sur la nature et les causes de la richesse des nations.
    SMITH, Adam. Recherches sur la nature et les causes de la richesse des nations.

    The Hague : 1778

    Very rare first edition in French of the Wealth of Nations. This is the first complete translation of the text; an extract, Fragment sur les colonies en général, et sur celles des anglois en particulier, translated by Reverdil, had been published in Lausanne and Basel earlier in 1778 to test public demand for the work. "This translation of the 1776... Learn More

    Stock Code: 94923

  43. Pèlerinage à la Mecque et à la Médine.
    SOUBHY, Saleh. Pèlerinage à la Mecque et à la Médine.

    Cairo : 1894

    First and only edition. Saleh Soubhi was an Egyptian public health official commissioned by Khedive 'Abbas II to write a report on the sanitary conditions experienced by pilgrims travelling to Mecca. He performed the hajj twice, in 1888 and 1891, producing this detailed account, to which are affixed a response to European criticisms of Islam and an... Learn More

    Stock Code: 99252

  44. Zéno.
    SVEVO, Italo. Zéno.

    Paris : 1927

    First edition in French (second overall), first printing, presentation copy of the service de presse issue, inscribed by the translator on the front free endpaper "à Giuseppe Ungaretti, ce livre dont il a été l'un des premiers confidents. Avec toute mon amitié, Paul Henri Michel". The recipient Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970) was an Italian poet... Learn More

    Stock Code: 132462

  45. La bonne chanson.
    VERLAINE, Paul. La bonne chanson.

    Paris : 1870

    First edition, one of 590 copies printed at the author's own expense, of his third collection of poetry, very scarce, and here bound in an attractive near-contemporary French binding, barely trimmed and preserving the first and final blank and the half-title.

    Verlaine's first six collections of verse had "very limited distribution" and were still... Learn More

    Stock Code: 122795

  46. Les suffrages unanimes sur les moyens de rétablir une contrée inculte.
    [BERTOLINI, Stefano.] Les suffrages unanimes sur les moyens de rétablir une contrée inculte.

    [Florence] : 1764

    First edition of the Italian lawyer, senator, and scholar's anthology of mercantilist writings, published anonymously. Bertolini (1711-1782) studied at the university in Pisa and trained at the Pisa Law School where he graduated in 1734. He set up a legal practice in Florence before beginning his career as an official of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in... Learn More

    Stock Code: 118046

  47. Mémoires et avantures de Madlle. Moll Flanders, écrits par elle-même.
    [DEFOE, Daniel.] Mémoires et avantures de Madlle. Moll Flanders, écrits par elle-même.

    London : 1761

    First French edition. Defoe's classic novel was originally published in London in 1722 under the title The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, &c. Who was born in Newgate, and during a Life of continu'd Variety for threescore Years, besides her Childhood, was Twelve Year a Whore, five Time a Wife (whereof once to her own Brother) Twelve... Learn More

    Stock Code: 92147

  48. Traité de la circulation et du crédit.
    [PINTO, Isaac de.] Traité de la circulation et du crédit.

    Amsterdam : 1771

    First edition of this "sound and ingenious" (McCulloch) work on revenue and stock exchange transactions. The main premise of Pinto's argument is that the national debt, instead of being a burden, has been the principal source of the wealth and power of England. The work excited much controversy on publication: it was translated into English by Rev.... Learn More

    Stock Code: 111967

  49. La Bruyère et La Rochefoucauld,
    [SAINTE-BEUVE, Charles Augustin.] La Bruyère et La Rochefoucauld,

    Paris : 1842

    First collected edition, first impression, presentation binding. Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve published his biographical portraits anonymously and for private circulation among his circle of friends. For rather obscure reasons he had second thoughts and destroyed most copies. It is said that he did not keep a copy for himself and that his bibliographer,... Learn More

    Stock Code: 90713

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